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The Wandering Jew

August 15th, 2014 - 1:23 pm

Time magazine has a touching piece by longtime blogging favorite Karol Markowicz on how growing antisemitism is causing her world to shrink:

I wore a Star of David around my neck the entire time I lived in Scotland. I think I’d be uncomfortable doing the same now. The rage emanating from Europe toward Jews is white hot. A synagogue in Surrey was defaced. Another synagogue was vandalized in Miami of all places. But what’s lacking when it happens in Europe is any sense of outrage from the Europeans. In Miami the atmosphere was “how could this happen here?” In Europe there is no such question. Of course it happens there. In France, when synagogues get firebombed, as they do with alarming frequency, there isn’t a national movement to say they won’t stand for it. They very much stand for it. French Jews are the scapegoats for the real problems in France, between the French and those the French call “the Arabs,” even though “the Arabs” have lived there for decades and should just be French by now. Forget Turkey, a country I once enjoyed visiting. They went off the rails years ago. It’s an election year in Turkey now, so obviously Israel is the top issue in a country with 9% unemployment.

The tragic irony is that one of the world’s most cosmopolitan peoples is increasingly isolated to just two countries.

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The bad news is that Jews are being forced to leave Europe, but the Good news is
That the Euro-peons will be Dhimmi slaves living under
Sharia law in the near future, their splendid Notre Dame
And Westminster Abbey converted into mega mosques and
All their fair haired daughters groveling in burkas.
Divine retribution for the Holocaust. How Sweet it is !
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