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You Too Can Learn to Fire a Russian SAM

July 22nd, 2014 - 8:17 am

2K11 Krug

There’s an app for various Russian surface-to-air missile launchers:

After the collapse of the Warsaw Pact, the Hungarian amateur surface-to-air missile community—yes, there is a community for this—got access to detailed documentation on how to operate the country’s various, decommissioned Soviet-made SAMs. The sleuths also got into contact with some of the out-of-work operators and came close enough to photograph the instrument panels.

Put it all together, the result is a free simulator—known as SAM Simulator—that is a close approximation of the real thing. There’s no Buk missile launcher. But the 2K11 Krug is available. Both the Buk and the Krug use semi-active radar homing missiles.

These things were designed to be used by young conscripts, straight off the collective farm.

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"What it’s like to be sitting behind a radar screen of an SA-11 Buk SAM system"
31 weeks ago
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Cute that they're simulating lobbing SAMs at a SR-71. Yeah, good luck with that.
31 weeks ago
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