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Wargaming the Senate

June 5th, 2014 - 7:09 am

It’s that time of election year again, so here’s my latest vodka-fueled prognostication up on the PJM home page.

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Putting aside for now that the GOP was primed to take the senate two years ago and actually LOST seats, this doesn't even matter. Ending the philibuster of judge nominees will allow Obama to pack the court with judicial activists who will rewrite any laws from the bench that need re-writing. Plus, they've packed the agencies with career bureaucrats who can do anything with regulation that they can't do with Congress anymore (and that will be the new home of any dem senators forced to make votes that will hurt their electoral chances), plus Obama will have another two more years to exec order anything else they need and veto any good the GOP senate tries to do. They're letting the Senate go because they don't need it anymore.
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