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Executive Lawlessness

January 29th, 2014 - 8:05 am

Bill Whittle has the three-parter this week and here’s part one.

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I do not mean to detract from anything said in this segment. However, an article today about one of the new E.Os (the myRA savings plan) said "there's a limit to the help he can give low-wage workers without congressional action." Yes, the President is acting dictatorial by relying so heavily on EOs. However, these actions can only take place within the rubric of existing laws. The EPA example you cite is a case of existing law being pressed into political service and is more a testimony to our legal bloat than an imperious President (in those 100,000+ pages of laws and regulations there is something for everybody).

Whenever anyone asks me what Constitutional amendments I would propose I always say I want a "sunsets" amendment which nullifies all laws 20 years after enactment. I include all regulatory actions promulgated under the law's authority and all offices, agencies and associated personnel. This, more than anything else, will curtail executive power as the Founders envisioned.
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