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Another iPad Victim

November 6th, 2013 - 2:09 pm


Asus CEO J.T. Wang has been shown the door after his company lost nearly half a billion US dollars just last quarter.

He’d tied the company’s fortunes to building netbooks — the same cheap, flimsy laptop computers some smart critics were insisting a few years Apple just had to build if the company was to survive.

They made iPads instead.

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Er, um, no. You are confusing Asus with Acer. Asus has been doing fine, and their latest tabtop(laplet, tabnote, whatever), is pretty slick and is actually selling very well. Frustratingly, above msrp in a a lot of places.
41 weeks ago
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Yeah, that had me going for a minute until I read the article.

Acer still makes nice monitors. At least the one I bought a couple years ago is.
40 weeks ago
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Mistakes happen. What makes vvang's fate much deserved is he let it keep happening through five generations of iPad.

(And.. "-ang" is a banned word? Seriously?)
41 weeks ago
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