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Fill it to the RIM — With Fail

October 15th, 2013 - 8:34 am

BlackBerry has published an open letter to its customers:

To our valued customers, partners and fans,

You’ve no doubt seen the headlines about BlackBerry. You’re probably wondering what they mean for you as one of the tens of millions of users who count on BlackBerry every single day.

We have one important message for you:

You can continue to count on BlackBerry.

How do we know? We have substantial cash on hand and a balance sheet that is debt free.

We are restructuring with a goal to cut our expenses by 50 percent in order to run a very efficient, customer-oriented organization.

A business can’t cut its way to profitability over anything but the short term. Anything longer requires great products, and that’s where BlackBerry has failed to deliver.

There’s more to the letter, which consists of praising its current lineup of phones nobody is buying, but nothing about its future product plans.

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Old folks would rather have Blackberry's keyboard with little raised keys, easier to feel and tap. Unfortunately, the old folks market goes with the old folks.
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