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Good Company

September 26th, 2013 - 4:29 pm

George Will:

The government should not be closed; the debt ceiling will be raised. Republicans should, however, take to heart the last words of H.L. Mencken’s summation of Theodore Roosevelt: “Well, one does what one can.” Republicans can give Democrats a ruinous opportunity to insist upon unpopular things. House Republicans can attach to the continuing resolution that funds the government, and then to the increase in the debt ceiling, two provisions: Preservation of the ACA requirement — lawlessly disregarded by the administration — that members of Congress and their staffs must experience the full enjoyment of the ACA without special, ameliorating subsidies. And a one-year delay of the ACA’s individual mandate.

By vetoing legislation because of these provisions, and by having his vetoes sustained by congressional Democrats, Obama will underscore Democrats’ devotion: Devotion to self-dealing by the political class, and to the principle that only powerful interests (businesses), not mere citizens, can delay the privilege of complying with the ACA.

In other words: Let. It. Burn.

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Almost every comment this week indicates that each writer opposes one or more features within the 2,200+ pages of Obamacare.

May I suggest that Obamacare is actually NOT the problem, but an unfortunately over-sized symptom of the real problem all citizens face from their currently elected representatives?

Some writers are more astute to the real problem, i.e. carve-outs, exemptions, partial delays and other preferential treatment for SOME (but not all) citizens is an odd way to garner political support for the otherwise withering public support for Obamacare.

However, even those objections are only sniffing up the skirt of what we have done to ourselves by accepting the notion that legislators, the president and even the courts can LEGALLY take any federal law and apply it, or not, to specific groups, individuals, associations, corporations from whom they then, in turn, garner favor.

Ever wonder why a candidate for U.S. Senate would collect and spend tens of millions of dollars to take a six-year job that pays around $200,000 annually? Or maybe it should be rephrased as to why would individual voters, unions, companies, PACs and associations PAY a candidate those same millions?

Answer- we have allowed the entire federal government to bestow and enforce rights, taxes, benefits, regulations, exemptions, and even laws that do not apply equally to all citizens.

There can be, and there is no equal protection under the law when the law, its application or its interpretation, favors some over others. Obamacare is only the latest over-sized example of how modern government has transformed into a self-impowering growth industry at the expense of less individual freedom for the citizens.What does happen in that beggar-thy-neighbor environment is that special interests fester and grow and wrangle special treatment to benefit their own narrow interests. At this stage, human nature takes over and all bets are off... as Pogo once famously declared, "We has met the enemy, and they are us!"

Only by retrenchment in federal powers as assumed, though constitutionally-enforced language declaring any feature of any federal law, regulation, tax, benefit, exemption that does not apply equally to each and every U.S. citizen as null and void can we even begin to think about reversing the trend to more government, more federal debt and less individual freedom. Pray, please, for this great country!
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