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September 13th, 2013 - 8:41 am


Putin doesn’t care one way or the other about chemical weapons. Nor about dead Syrian children. Nor about international norms, parchment treaties and the other niceties of the liberal imagination.

He cares about power and he cares about keeping Bashar al-Assad in power. Assad is the key link in the anti-Western Shiite crescent stretching from Tehran through Damascus and Beirut to the Mediterranean — on which sits Tartus, Russia’s only military base outside the former Soviet Union. This axis frontally challenges the pro-American Sunni Arab Middle East (Jordan, Yemen, the Gulf Arabs, even the North African states), already terrified at the imminent emergence of a nuclear Iran.

At which point the Iran axis and its Russian patron would achieve dominance over the moderate Arab states, allowing Russia to supplant America as regional hegemon for the first time since Egypt switched to our side in the Cold War in 1972.

The Administration either doesn’t understand the stakes, or doesn’t care about the stakes, or has no clue how to achieve them. Or all three. Or pick two. It’s impossible to tell, based on conflicting statements and multiple threats to take immediate inaction.

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Krauthhammer: " the moderate Arab states

Moderate Arab States? Moderate Arab States?

Someone tell me. What's "moderate" about any Arab state?

Don't these "moderate" Arab states richly fund all over the world the madrassas that are spreading the jihadist ideas?

Hey, while we're at it, let us fear Russians encroaching domination over the Magic Rainbow Unicorns and the Smurfs, because they are at the same level of Reality as "Moderate" Arab States.
1 year ago
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Whatdya mean this Administration doesn't understand the stakes? Why, Obama paid $100 bucks a pound for some a few years ago. Geez.
1 year ago
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I love Putin. I really do.

I mean, he's old KGB and all that and he's probably got more personal control over the state levers of power than anyone since Stalin, but he's always acting in the Russian national interest.

Which is better than we can say for our guy.

I'd love to hear an argument that there's a larger national interest hiding behind Samantha Power's fatuous 'responsibility to protect' doctrine, that this is all a wink-wink-nudge-nudge means of destabilizing Assad and gambling that what comes out of it - be it a failed state and a decade of civil war, or a rebel victory - is better for the US than the status quo ante. That would at least give me some confidence that this administration has its eye on the main chance, even if I didn't necessarily agree with their conclusions.

But...I've seen no indication that the Obama administration has any desire or ability to think in those terms.
1 year ago
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