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Ballmer’s Greatest Hits

September 6th, 2013 - 12:08 pm

As Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer takes his time exiting his job, let us pause for a moment so that the door may hit him on the bottom again.

With that in mind, here’s a timeless classic from 2010, when the iPad had become the most rapidly-adopted device in consumer electronics history.

Here’s a rough transcript:

“I think people are going to be using PCs in greater and greater numbers for many years to come. PCs will look different next year…they will get smaller and lighter.” Some will have a keyboard, some won’t. Some remote control, some touch powered.

PC sales went stagnant when the iPad was released. Since Android tablets became competitive, PC sales have actually declined.

Now when Ballmer spoke those edible words, he’d seen the iPad. He’d witnessed the reaction to it. He’d read the news reports that no other CE device had ever sold one million units so quickly. And yet he decided that what people really wanted was a full PC squished down into something like a fat tablet — and it still took him 30 months to bring them to market.

A market which immediately rejected them.

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Another forward-looking, brilliant comment from Microsoft's former leader: "640k is all anybody really needs".

On the other side of the aisle, it took a lot of effort to convince Jobs that there was any need for color on a computer screen. They're still not convinced that anyone could possibly use any more than one button on a mouse.
50 weeks ago
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I wonder what MS would look like if you spun off X-Box and its profits) into its own company?
51 weeks ago
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A friend asked me to fix his netbook, which had Win7 Starter Edition. Utter, utter piece of crap. You're limited by the OS to running 3 apps at once. Arbitrary and stupid. The truest form of 'crippleware' available to humanity.

"Yes, you just plunked down a few hundred for a new netbook. If you actually want to use it, you'll only have to kick in another $80."

And they wonder why nobody is interested in Windows ReTard. Does it have the same limitiations? I couldn't care less. I have no desire to buy an RT tablet and find out what new blackmail awaits.

Fool me once...
51 weeks ago
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The iPad is a squashed down PC.

He was right about that. Where he face planted was in trying to make a closed off system. Closed system fans have a no-brainer choice between iPad and Surface.

A real, genuinely open PC in a tablet factor would probably sell. Ubuntu is certainly going to give it a whirl. If you doubt me, look at the Nook.

Barnes and Noble's Nook went into the tablet market trying to compete with Amazon's Kindle. It didn't sell anything worthwile, and they decided to scrap the project. As incentive to get rid of their stock, they slashed prices and opened it up, prominently adding Google Play™.

With the ability to load anything you want, the Nook started selling well enough that B&N decided to keep the Nook line after all. On their selling page, right under the Nook's picture is:

NEW! 700,000 Android Apps

Obviously they know what made the difference. MS should learn.
51 weeks ago
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The ™ landed as a copy/paste thing. I kept it because it looked funny. :)

Lordy, but I love my Nook HD+
51 weeks ago
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So, then:

- Completely tone deaf to the market.
- Pompous egotist.
- Surrounds himself with mindless yesmen.
- Almost entirely ruined one of the largest tech companies in the world.

Clearly the man has a future in politics.
51 weeks ago
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Yep, him responds, of course a tablet is a PC, pretty well explains why the Surface needs a keyboard.


51 weeks ago
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*sigh* proof reading is my friend. Why, oh why, do I never call him?!
51 weeks ago
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