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A Big Gulp for Liberty

July 30th, 2013 - 10:20 am

It’s not a huge deal, but a win is a win:

An appeals court today dealt another blow to Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposed soda ban, calling the controversial regulation “invalid” because it violates “the principle of separation of powers.”

Writing for the Appellate Division, Justice Renwick also criticized Bloomberg and the Health Department for proposing a ban with giant loopholes, which would exclude colas and energy drinks but allow milkshakes and fruit juices. Similarly businesses like delis and restaurants were prevented from hawking sugary beverages but 7-Elevean [sic] could still sell its signature Big Gulp.

The judicial panel said those inconsistencies go “beyond health concerns, in that it manipulates choices to try to change consumer norms.”

What the court failed to address is Bloomberg’s growing and incurable dumbassery, and the general anti-Americaness of trying to boss around soda sizes.

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And here's a perspective from someone who lived in Spanish Harlem for two years. Bloomberg can't say it, but the Caribbean population of NYC lives on a diet of diet of sugar and lard. Their medical bills are killing the city budget. These nanny laws were an attempt at some much-needed behavior modification, but it's yet another case of making everyone suffer because you won't profile the offenders. (What's that, you say? Roll back entitlements? Haha, let's move on.)
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Sure they did, they just did it in a very courtlike way. It's not as much fun as a blogger's fisking, but it does better work for society in the end.
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