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If You Like the Law You Have…

May 1st, 2013 - 6:45 am

If 42% of Americans don’t know ObamaCare is (still) the law of the land, and even fewer actually approve of it, wait until next year when people can’t help but find out O-Care is why suddenly everything takes longer and costs more.

It’ll get real popular then.

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A lot of folks all across the country are already finding out, and they're not at all happy.

You might have heard this by now, but all the restaurant chains are cutting all their hourlys to under 30 hours/week. Management hates it, but it costs the company too damn much money.

The pathetic irony of Obamacare is that it delivers a double-whammy to these workers. The bill guarantees the company won't offer them healthcare benefits, and at 30 hours/week, they can't afford to get it on their own.

Genius move, Obama, you SCOAMF.
1 year ago
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NYT Headline: “Stealth repeal of Affordable Health Care raises prices, slows care”

“You may not have heard, but Republican attempts to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act…”
1 year ago
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