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It Was(n’t) a Very Good Year

April 22nd, 2013 - 3:45 pm

Speaking of the ’70s, here’s the awful year that gave them birth.

I remember ages ago somebody wrote something like, “The ’70s were when every bad idea from the ’60s became a commercial venture.” I’m not sure there’s any more succinct way to damn an entire decade. But for a fuller treatment, you’ll have to follow the link.

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All Comments   (2)
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Every news agency across the globe is showing the pic(s) of a sick murderer and all of the “wackos” and “nutjobs” who might be “on the fence” of doing, or not doing, something terrible are being encouraged into doing it for the FAME and NOTORIETY given by the Media. (AARRGGHH).
Show me pictures of the little boy this piece of dirt murdered in cold blood. I want to remember the joyful face of a bright-eyed young man living life to the fullest. Not some twisted killer. Show me the two women killed in the blast. Tell me stories of their lives, not the killers. I couldn’t care less about the slime that cowardly murdered innocents. Show me the runners in the Marathon – I have no idea what they look like. (But thanks to supreme stupidity by the media, I will never be able to forget the pics of a teenage killer.)
Show me the eight year-old boy – I want to identify with him, not the killer. Show me pics of the heroes – the law enforcement personnel who risked their lives to catch these butchers. Show me the guy with the boat who called it in! Show me the MIT Cop who was killed. Tell me about him, his life, his values, his experiences, not the killers.
Our collective Media is making a butcher of innocent children into a “relatable guy.” They are personalizing him. Please, please stop. I challenge you to a paradigm shift starting now. No longer does the media broadcast images of the criminal 24/7 and tell us all, all about his entire life and the lives of his relatives and friends. But rather, investigate, personalize and broadcast images of the innocent victims, the hard working law enforcement and/or military personnel. Tell us stories of their lives, their hopes, their dreams, their reality. Dig deep and deeper still, not into the killer, but in to the victims and heroes.
I won’t be holding my breath. littlegecko
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There is no picture on this post. Chill.
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