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Scott Ott


July 18, 2014 - 5:21 am

The Australian Parliament yesterday repealed its punitive tax on carbon emissions, following through on a promise from Prime Minister Tony Abbott to get rid of the measure he said, back in 2009, was based on “absolute crap” climate science.

The unpopular job-killing levy has reportedly felled at least two prime ministers, and one of Abbott’s colleagues said the same fate awaits candidates who campaign to revive the carbon tax, including Labor Party leader Bill Shorten.

“I can tell Bill we will hang this around his neck like a rotten, stinking carcass, right through to election day at the end of 2016,’’ [Education Minister and Liberal Party leader Christopher] Pyne told Parliament…“Because we can now tell the Australian public, with great confidence, that if they vote Labor at the next election the carbon tax will be reintroduced – the job-destroying, price-rising carbon tax that cost Julia Gillard her prime ministership, Kevin Rudd his prime ministership the first time, and arguably the second time. And it is going to cost you the prime ministership of Australia,” Mr Pyne said.

All of this, on the eve of Australia’s hosting of the next G-20 summit of industrialized nations whose leaders hope to institute a global carbon tax, or at least a formal U.N. agreement among 190 nations by 2015. Prime Minister Abbott can look forward to a lot of finger wags and tongue clucks, not to mention vitriolic rants, from the defenders of the planet who will, doubtless, arrive at the G-20 summit this time by kayak and bicycle, rather than by charter jet and limo.

If nothing else, this episode proves that elections matter.

Abbott won a landslide election victory last year for his Liberal-National coalition that he said gave him a mandate to throw out the “toxic tax” on carbon, which was triple Europe’s carbon price. The government estimates the repeal will save the average family A$550 a year in lower electricity prices and make Australian companies more competitive.

Perhaps I should say “elections can matter,” if you elect candidates who do what they say they will.

Memo to GOP 2016 presidential hopefuls: Skip a trip to Iowa, and stop by Canberra for a weekend, if only to touch the hem of Abbott’s garment.

Scott Ott co-hosts a news, commentary and humor show called Trifecta on PJTV. He created and hosted the 20-part series on the Constitution titled Freedom's Charter. His satire site, ScrappleFace, spawned three books and praise from Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin and many others.

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Obama has done everything he said he will.
32 weeks ago
32 weeks ago Link To Comment
"I will fundamentally change this country."
32 weeks ago
32 weeks ago Link To Comment
" if you elect candidates who do what they say they will."

Aye, there's the rub.

First, you have to find candidates who are saying the right things, and then, you have to winnow that group down to those who provide some credible reason to believe they mean what they say.

The worst part of this?

Democrats are much more reliable at doing what they say they will do.

Obama told us what he intended, and he has followed through. Clinton told us what he intended, and, as much as Congress would allow, he followed through.

Then there's Bush "Read My Lips" I, and Bush "Compassionate Conservative" II.

We would not have fared any better with Dole, McCain, or Romney.

It's the values, stupid.

32 weeks ago
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You said it, Mark v. Romney is Obama-lite. Slightly less radical, but just as Progressive.
32 weeks ago
32 weeks ago Link To Comment
But honest.
32 weeks ago
32 weeks ago Link To Comment
Mr. "I appointed extreme liberals pro-aborts to office every chance I got as governor but I'm really a great pro-life conservative!" is honest?

Mr. "I single-handedly created homosexual "marriage" in Mass but I'm a devout Mormon with great family values!" is honest?

I could go on like this, but perhaps you get the point.

Is there any position he hasn't waffled on?

Scratch that.

Is there any position he hasn't lied about?

32 weeks ago
32 weeks ago Link To Comment
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