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Susan L.M. Goldberg


July 14, 2014 - 5:39 pm
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After an unprecedented day of attacks from 4 fronts, Sinai, Lebanon, Syria and Gaza, reports indicate that the Israeli government has agreed to an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire.

The Jewish Week reports:

Israeli media is now reporting that Israel has agreed to an Egyptian draft ceasefire proposal. Hamas has not yet replied, but there are hints it may agree.

According to the proposal: There were would be de-escalation of the fighting beginning at 9 a.m. Israel time that would last for 12 hours. That would be followed by a ceasefire for 48 hours. Then delegations from Israel and Hamas would travel to Cairo for peace talks.

Israel has not rejected it, according to the media reports, because this war is seen as an achievement for Israel because it will have ended without Israel suffering any serious damage.

If Hamas were to reject it, Israel then would have international legitimacy to widen the war, according to analysts quoted in the Israeli press.

Early analysis published at the Times of Israel indicates that a deal is unfavorable to Hamas:

…there is some language providing for the opening of the border crossings, and an  easing of movement of people and goods via those crossings as permitted by the  security situation. But that language is almost a direct repetition of the  November 2012 ceasefire terms that brought Operation Pillar of Defense to a  close. Time and again, Hamas’s leaders have been stressing in recent days that “there will be no return to the 2012 ceasefire terms.”

However, Israel’s willingness to accept the ceasefire pins the terrorist organization into a tight corner in the international scene:

Hamas’s problem is that if it rejects the Egyptian proposal it will find itself  unprecedentedly isolated in the international community and the Arab world.  Cairo will accuse it of torpedoing the opportunity for calm, and Jerusalem  will have the legitimacy to mount a ground offensive into Gaza.

…And what of the Netanyahu government? It would seem that most members of the  security cabinet recognize that the Egyptian proposal represents a fair  achievement for Israel, and a significant failure for Hamas.

Will Israel only be pushing off the inevitable, or worse in seeking to negotiate with Hamas? Or is this merely a move by Netanyahu’s government to increase international support for a full-fledged military operation? With an unwilling partner in the White House, and an unlikely negotiating partner in Egypt, only time – or terrorists – will tell.

Update: 6 hours into the unilateral ceasefire, during which time Hamas fired 50 rockets into Israel, Israel has resumed strikes on Gaza. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has condemned Hamas for not accepting the ceasefire. Has Bibi called Hamas’ bluff?

Susan L.M. Goldberg is a writer with a Master's in Radio, Television & Film. Preferred bar mates include Ann Coulter, Camille Paglia and Dorothy Parker. Her writing tends towards the intersection of culture, politics and faith with the interest in starting, not stopping the discussion. Follow her on Twitter @SLMGoldberg.

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Saying it "does not deserve the ink it was written with", Hamas' Izzedine al-Qassam has rejected the proposal. Right after that, Eilat was slammed with rockets.
33 weeks ago
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The Evil genie is out of the Bottle. It all began in 1967 when the Israeli Forces reclaimed all of Jerusalem but in a moment of weakness and misguided secular-Jewish largesse decided to allow the Muslim's Al Aksa Mosque to remain undisturbed on Temple Mount. Temple Mount is a Spiritual Vortex, given to the Jewish Nation to safeguard by the Holy ONE, the Omnipotent Force of all Forces in the Universe, with strict instructions as to what is allowed and forbidden on this most Awesome and powerful Spiritual Powerplant on planet earth.
The Jewish People have no Spiritual claim to the Holy Land when they do not fulfill their 'part of the bargain', that is, their G-d given responsibility under the Covenant to serve as
Custodians of the Mount. In effect, fulfilling that singular responsibility, more than any historical claims or 'legal' titles of ownership is what gives legitimacy to the Jewish possession of Jerusalem and the Holy Land.
On a deep and subconscious spiritual level this truth is felt if not understood not only by the European Union and United Nations but particularly by our half brothers in the Muslim world who have rightfully concluded the weakness and spiritual faithlessness of the Jewish Nation in spurning G-d's Will. Their fraudulent possession of Temple Mount and the Israeli Government's complicity in reinforcing of this fraud by officially forbidding any Jewish prayer or even for Jews to set foot there has caused a world-shattering metaphysical imbalance, a short-circuit so to speak.
Since 1967 the cancer of Radical Islam has metastasized world-wide, threatening every civilization with physical and spiritual destruction. The 9-11 attacks, Violent terror attacks on non-Muslims, Islamic unrest and Sharia in Europe, everywhere Islam has a presence, the dread and unspeakable menace of two nuclear armed Islamic States, Pakistan and soon Iran, just to name a very few nightmares.
Is all this a coincidence? Is it a coincidence that all three major religions hold Jerusalem as sacred ground to be fought and died for? A coincidence that Jerusalem is never mentioned in Islam's holiest book, Koran, yet thousands of times in Jewish Scripture!
The truth is that nothing can stop this Cancer from spreading. Not Armed forces, Drone assassinations, Civil laws or security checkpoints. Not even the false panacea of a 'successful' political settlement with Arab Palestinians in Judea/Samaria for 'Palestinian' Statehood there will turn the tide and return the 'Genie' to the 'bottle'. Those are nothing but band-aids on soon-to-be terminal cancer. And more and more as the nations of the world, including formerly friendly ones in European Capitols and Washington D.C. Quietly have begun to openly question the merits, even the 'legitimacy' of the Jewish State, the situation facing Israel has become dire. Far worse than Iranian nukes is this other threat. Sadly, more and more American Jews have come to question Israeli status in that region. The BDS movement grows on American University campuses, most troubling as it now includes growing numbers of young liberal Jewish students, men and women.
Militarily, politically, philosophically, morally ...Israel is becoming weakened on many fronts. It is not certain the Jewish State can survive much longer under the expanded and multifaceted front.
Unless...The Jewish Nation will do what should have been done in 1967. Remove the Al Aksa from Temple Mount. We need not destroy it, for we Jews do not destroy. We are not a vindictive people even towards our enemies. This golden-domed edifice can be disassembled brick by brick, placed on flat bed trucks, hauled overland and presented as a gift to the Hashemite King as a goodwill gesture.
We must Restore balance to the spiritual vortex of this Awesome Temple Mount as was intended by the Holy ONE. There Is No Other Way. Yes, it will be painful. The region and world will bleed with Muslim fury and world-violence. For a while. And then, the cancer will die as the Genie of Spiritual imbalance is returned to the Bottle. There Is No Other Way. And Time Is Running Out.
33 weeks ago
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It is absolutely essential that Hamas emerge from this latest conflict with NOTHING to show for their efforts. No achievements, nothing they can term a victory. That means Israel must accede to none of their demands - no release of recently captured Hamas militants, no easing of the blockade. If Egypt wants to ease restrictions on THEIR border, that's a separate matter.

And outsiders, the US especially, must not involve itself in any donor conferences to "help Gaza rebuild". The fact that after each of the last two engagements outsiders provided billions in aid to rebuild removed any disincentive to a future round of aggression. After all, if after they do the worst to Israel they can the world's suckers will help make them whole, what's to discourage them from starting another shooting war when they feel strong enough?
33 weeks ago
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The Lubavitcher Rebbe put it this way in 1982 - and what he said applies equally now:

It's like a team of surgeons operating on a patient to remove a dangerous growth. Into the operating room comes a squeamish person who sees the blood and starts screaming: "What do you mean you're curing this person? Can't you see blood all over the place?! Let the wound heal, then continue the operation!"

So it seems to be every time Israel is in a position to eliminate a terrorist threat - the PLO then, Hezbollah later, Hamas now. Every time, the usual suspects start bleating about the need for a ceasefire; all that ends up doing is giving the enemy time to rearm and re-strengthen, so that the next time the "surgery" ends up having to be bloodier than before.
33 weeks ago
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So far Israel has lost nothing apart from some Iron Dome interceptors. Hamas has lost hundreds of rockets and dozens of fighters to zero effect. No matter what Hamas chooses, Israel comes out on top.

If they reject the cease-fire, Israel continues the fighting and kills more Hamas militants. Maybe Hamas gets lucky and a rocket slips through and kills some Israelis. They'll play it up as a big deal, but everyone will know the truth.

If they accept the cease-fire, Israel will be able to replenish their Iron Dome inventory and deploy new batteries. Hamas will also replenish their stocks, under the watchful eye of the Mossad, who will also be collecting SIGINT on the Hamas leadership structure during the talks. When Hamas starts things again, Israel will have a better target list and more robust defenses.
33 weeks ago
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Why the sudden turnaround from Egypt?

Their news has been all over Hammas.

Even CNN has been forced into truthful coverage.

If, IF this is accurate (as of 1925 Pacific)...

I don't think Hamas will be able to replenish their stocks. Egypt will not allow more tunnels to be dug and will keep up their pressure on Hammas from their side. There is *no* way more rockets are going to make their way in through the sea.
33 weeks ago
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"Why the sudden turnaround from Egypt?"

Egypt needs the money from a pending deal that will route natural gas from Israel's offshore field through its ports, and it needs some of that gas for its own consumption.
33 weeks ago
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Hudna. Hamas feels the need to recuperate, so naturally, Israel is expected to oblige.

Haven't we seen this movie before?
33 weeks ago
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