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Bryan Preston


June 11, 2014 - 12:11 pm

Sen. John Cornyn says that Americans have an obligation to “take care” of the tens of thousands of illegal aliens who are now massing up on the Texas-Mexico border. The illegal aliens have brought contagious diseases including staph and scabies with them. Why the American taxpayer is obligated to take care of them is not clear. If someone breaks into my house, am I obligated to help them raid my fridge?

The fact is, we already are taking care of them. We have already turned three military bases over to hold them. We will spend in excess of $2 billion this year on them.

The Obama administration is lying about what is causing the sudden influx of mostly juvenile border crossers. The administration is blaming it on a spike in violence in their home countries. The drug war continues in Mexico, but about 70% of the current crossers are not from Mexico. They are from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. The crossers are crossing through Mexico’s drug war to get here, often getting attacked, robbed and raped by the cartels and coyotes along the way.

A Border Patrol memo lays out the cause clearly — all the talk of amnesty is prompting people to risk their lives to cross Mexico and get to the United States before any new laws are passed. It’s not about violence back home, but about exploiting US law here.

The surge in illegal immigrants jumping the U.S. border in recent weeks is almost entirely due to U.S. policy, according to an internal Border Patrol intelligence memo that says the immigrants are taking advantage of the catch-and-release system of enforcement.

The immigrants come seeking “permisos,” which apparently are the “Notices to appear” or NTAs, the legal documents given to non-Mexicans caught at the border that officially put them in deportation proceedings — but that also grant them at least a temporary entry to the interior of the U.S.

The “permisos” are being reported in Central American media. According to the Border Patrol, that’s why these people are all coming now. The question is, why now? The Senate bill has not been on the House agenda for months. What sparked all of this, now?

The Obama administration, already lying about the cause of the influx, suggests a fix which is not actually a fix at all. It would turn the magnet up a notch.

[Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson] said, though, that some of the border jumpers may be motivated by what he called “uncertainty” stemming from U.S. policy and the bill that passed the Senate last year granting legal status to most illegal immigrants in the U.S. — though not to recent arrivals such as the children.

Mr. Johnson said the solution is to go ahead and have the House pass the bill, which he said would remove the uncertainty raised by the Senate’s action.

Basically, do what Chuck Schumer wants, or else. This is not a policy debate. It’s extortion.

Meanwhile, the Border Patrol in Texas is overrun. The massive influx of illegal aliens at the border is soaking up 40% of the Border Patrol’s forces, just to process all the people.

[Rep. Henry] Cuellar says the major influx of illegal immigrants is also putting a major strain on the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. “Almost 40 percent of the Border Patrol Agents are not at the border they’re actually filling out paperwork, transporting, feeding, moving these folks around. “

Which means, more illegal aliens will get through the border.

The magnet is turned on. Eric Cantor’s defeat last night will do nothing to slow President Obama’s immigration push down. If anything he will be bolder. He will use the crisis on the border to grant as sweeping a set of changes to the law as he believes he can get away with.

Bryan Preston has been a leading conservative blogger and opinionator since founding his first blog in 2001. Bryan is a military veteran, worked for NASA, was a founding blogger and producer at Hot Air, was producer of the Laura Ingraham Show and, most recently before joining PJM, was Communications Director of the Republican Party of Texas.

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Cantor Loss Signals Huge Change Coming in November.

Condemn Washington: If you are frustrated of Obama running the country on his own terms then do something about it. Unite with the national Tea Party in your area—the one group of hardworking Americans who love this nation and will do anything to save it. We have the ability to put intense pressure on Congress and our politicians and turn their opinion... but only with your help. Let's flood them with letters, faxes, emails and phone calls and protests. We can create a landslide of support with your help and strategically by placing our people in Washington to fight for our cause: FREE AMERICA! GET RID OF OBAMA! Join the TEA PARTY ARMY!


“LA PRENSA”, a South American newspaper is printing propaganda and lies about the thousands of children pressed by their parents to travel to the United States. The media south of the border is broadcasting headlines that their children are being fed, schooled and given financial assistance with other different programs to assimilate into the American way of life. KING OBAMA CAUSED THIS MAJOR MESS BY SPREADING THIS INFORMATION THAT CHILDREN WILL NOT BE TURNED AWAY OR DEPORTED It’s only big, stinking lie that our country is welcoming them. 60.000 women with babies, infants and older children with expectations of 160.000 more on the way; a very underhand dangerous way for the children whose parents hope they will be given haven under Obamas Amnesty order. The parents to follow through the open-arms of the Liberal open border zealots, to join their progeny in a Chain Migration.

CALLING ALL PATRIOTS: SET THE PINK SLIP CAMPAIGN ON FIRE! Dear lawmaker, we have watched you day in and day out fail the American people. You had opportunity after opportunity to dismantle Obamacare, to prevent millions of illegal aliens sucking the financial teat of state and federal treasuries and other Americans who want to live of the rest of us. We must stop the incomprehensible spending and even to stand up and defy the gun grab—tell the president NO! But you didn't so today I am sending you a warning: “WE THE PEOPLE ARE DONE WITH YOU AND THE INCESSANT CORRUPTION, TREACHERY YOU HAVE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE! UNLESS YOU FOLLOW OUR CONSTITUTION YOU ARE FINISHED AS A CAREER POLITICAN" Use the power of the PINK SLIP to send your message!

The question to ask is why did Republican Eric Cantor GET HIS PINK SLIP? Try this theory? King Obama knew that the people in the Cantor congressional district did not like Immigration Reform or amnesty along with a Path to Citizenship. Any Foreigner will take that as a signal to illegally relocate here, collect public benefits at the same time work under the table. Steal our social security numbers and collect child tax reimbursements fraudulently, in this country or another land. Lib-Democrats were aware that Cantor was consulting with them to press amnesty on Congress and the gullible people of the United States. Although he was working with the other side, they really wanted to generate bedlam. So why not create a predicament with illegal aliens just before the election? Use American taxpayers to reallocate young illegal aliens around the country instead of deporting them—shouting out to the world that Obama gave amnesty to 36,000 convicted illegal alien criminals and children from the South of the crippled border. Then to Create a humanitarian disaster and then on election morning get a Senate committee to vote $1.9 billion to pay for the illegal aliens given amnesty by Obama. THIS MEANS THAT TAXPAYERS ARE GOING TO FOOT THE BILLION DOLLAR BILL, BECAUSE KING OBAMA REFUSES TO ENFORCE THE RULE OF LAW. THOSE IN CONGRESS ARE A BUNCH OF WIMPS AND ARE IGNORING THE FACT, THAT THIS KIND OF OFFENCE SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE, ALONG WITH MANY UNANSWERED ISSUED AS BENGHAZI, THE IRS, SPYING, GUN RUNNING, FRAUDULENT TAX REBATES FOR CHILDREN, THE VA ADMINISTRATION DEBACLE, THE BOWE BERGDAHI TRIBULATION AND NOW ILLEGAL ALIENS SPILLING ACROSS THE BORDER. HE BROACHED THE RULE OF LAW AND HE SHOULD BE IMPEACHED.

This Administration is by far the worst in contemporary history for lying, betraying and covering up those lies. This infuriates the voters, especially Cantors Virginians where their retribution was to kick him out. Obama never wanted reform—he wants power from votes given to him by citizens who want a wealth of freebies, regular Democrats and illegal aliens. Remember “BLUE” state require no identification to vote. “All those cohorts of immigration reform may be in for a rude awakening. The recent invasion of unaccompanied minors crossing the Mexican border into this country is creating major problems not only for the Obama government but also for many of the relatives of these children … and for the instigators of immigration reform and open borders.”

37 weeks ago
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If there really were such problems in Central America, the UN could be prodded to build refugee camps there to hold the civilians caught in the cross-fire.

I realize the UN is otherwise a complete joke, but by the lights of the Left Wing which insists that it is viable, what argument could be made against the idea?

37 weeks ago
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So, Chamber of Commerce, can't you get 40 million over from India?
37 weeks ago
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I have no doubt that the tipping point in Prof. Brat's victory over Eric Cantor was Obama's cynical "Children's Crusade". How low can a president sink in scruples? But, thank God, the tide is turning--The "bitter clingers" are staging a counterattack at the polls.
37 weeks ago
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