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Bryan Preston


March 12, 2014 - 2:49 pm

A new Gallup poll finds that “climate change” or whatever disguise that movement is hiding in lately just is not a top concern for American voters.

On a list of 15 national issues, climate change ranks near the bottom with only 24 percent worrying about it “a great deal.”

About half, or 51 percent, said they only worry about climate change a little or not at all.

The poll comes just a day after Senate Democrats wrapped up an all-night talk-a-thon in which they pushed for Congress to tackle climate change.

The Democrats who organized that talk-a-thon were misguided in thinking that merely talking about something for a long time makes it go viral. They were trying to emulate previously successful talk-a-thons by Sens. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. But those talk-fests were not creatures of their party; both grew up organically out of the senators’ real concerns over the issues they addressed. The Democrats tried manufacturing a similar event and just ended up wasting their time. No one paid them any attention at all, not even their slavish media allies.

For the Democrats and the climate change panic brigades, their moment may be ending. Concern over the environment peaked in 2007, and Democrats took total control with Obama’s election in 2008. Obama came in pledging to lower the seas and reverse the warming (which wasn’t really happening, according to the data that came out during 2009′s Climategate and afterward). Obama and his cohort had full control of Washington for the next two years yet accomplished little on climate beyond pushing some seriously misguided regulations through the EPA. Now they have lost the House, Obama is discredited and unpopular, and the Democrats are poised to lose the Senate as well. This week’s talk-a-thon, as pathetic as it was, may be turn out to be the high-water mark for “climate change” politics for a generation.

Bryan Preston has been a leading conservative blogger and opinionator since founding his first blog in 2001. Bryan is a military veteran, worked for NASA, was a founding blogger and producer at Hot Air, was producer of the Laura Ingraham Show and, most recently before joining PJM, was Communications Director of the Republican Party of Texas.

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This had nada to do with the environment and everything to do with big government and media Liberal paybacks to rich "global warming" activists.
36 weeks ago
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for it to be 'settled science' then the results must be predictable. of the many, many predictions these (mostly) government funded scientists have made about the climate, almost all have been wrong. so, do they now plan on doing their 'settled science' and get their answer, then picking the opposite climate reaction? that has to be how they have it all under control. for my 2 cents worth, I would prefer they make 90%+ right predictions as opposed to 90%+ wrong predictions before they start saying it is 'settled science'.

just as an fyi for those 90%+ climate scientists who may believe this reverse method might be a good method of predicting man made global warming, I have tried this method of reverse picking at casinos, and it didn't work any better than my other hair-brained attempts to guess at an outcome.

think about it this way:
lead engineer: sir, I believe we have now conquered the problems with personal rocket packs and now believe we have it whipped.
boss: but you have failed in almost every test you have made.
lead eng: yes, but that rate of failure is proof that we have addressed all the problems.

what's that called when you repeat the same failures over and over and over again, all the while expecting to get different results? hint: rhymes with stupidity.

what should we call those who look at this administration's many, many failures and expect to get something diff every time?
36 weeks ago
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The 90% figure, is that the percentage agreeing that there is global warming or an attempt to imply that 90% agree global warming is caused by humanity?
36 weeks ago
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Universal health care was a 'fringe issue' too - and the lunatic party (DEM's) managed to shove that crap sandwich down our throats. So now they are using bureaucratic fiat to feed us another crap sandwich. I expect another of those sandwiches soon - in the form of immigration. And what are the GOP elite doing about any of it? Nothing. Which is what I expect if/when they take the senate and manage to hold the house - nothing. The GOP elite are as big a fan as the lunatic party of more money and more big government. And they expect We The People to pay for it.

36 weeks ago
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This comment illustrates the main difference between liberal and conservatives. Liberals want someone else to pay for their ideas (its only fair), conservatives expect to pay the price themselves.
36 weeks ago
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And just two places up sits "illegal immigration" in a miserable 12th place...but that probably makes me a nativist to point that out that immigration reform isn't a priority...
37 weeks ago
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