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the only gubberment ee's in wash. who have earned their paycheck in recent years are the ones who are tasked w/ coming up w/ excuse after excuse after excuse for the Kenyan's long list of disasters. you can see their counterparts daily (like juan and fat bill) on fox, msnbc, cbs, etc. parroting the insanity. of course having a constituency w/ an avg. i.q. mirroring its age doesn't hurt a bit.

it was a video that caused the attacks?
if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor?
not one smidgen of i.r.s. funny business going on?
fast n furious was all about trying to catch drug dealers?
the n.s.a. is not really listening to everything everybody says...?
global warming, anyone?

just to mention a few.

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It looks like Aetna Insurance may be one of the first to quit because of Obamacare.
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