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Bryan Preston


January 3, 2014 - 8:42 am

You can’t make this stuff up. The LA Times reports on a court decision that forces the state of California to grant Sergio C. Garcia a licence to practice law. Lawyers are supposed to uphold the law they practice, which is a problem for Mr. Garcia, as he is in the United States illegally. Now 36 years old, Mr. Garcia snuck into the US at the age of 17. It wasn’t his first time to cross the border illegally — his family brought him across when he was an infant, but he returned to his native Mexico at nine, spent eight years there, and then returned at 17. At that time, he broke the law again — he provided a false alien registration number to a grocery store where he worked, and lied about being a lawful permanent resident.

There is a mitigating circumstance in this case. Garcia’s father has become a US citizen (despite illegally crossing the border during the younger Garcia’s infancy) and has applied for a green card for his son. That petition was accepted years ago but is stuck in the backlog of Mexican applicants. None of that justifies crossing the border illegally, using false papers or lying, but it’s worth noting.

So the California Supreme Court has ruled that despite being in the United States illegally, and despite having committed at least a couple of minor crimes (including driving a car without a license or insurance), Garcia can practice law in California. That’s one thing. How the LA Times chooses to report all this is another.

The fourth estate’s job is supposed to be to report facts. While detailing the circumstances of Garcia’s case, the paper dances all around describing his status with regard to the very law he is being authorized to practice. He is, in the eyes of the law, an illegal alien. That’s not an insult, as it has become fashionable to state, it’s the legal description of someone who enters the country illegally, as Garcia did.

Here’s how the Times’ Maura Dolan leads off her piece about him.

SAN FRANCISCO — A Mexican immigrant without a green card on Thursday won the right to practice law in California, an unprecedented ruling that will permit others in similar circumstances to become lawyers.

The state Supreme Court agreed unanimously that Sergio C. Garcia — who passed the bar examination four years ago — should receive a law license while awaiting federal approval of his green card application. The court, which has the final word on licensing lawyers, said it was able to approve Garcia’s admission to the State Bar because the Legislature had passed a law last year that cleared the way.

“The fact that an undocumented immigrant’s presence in this country violates federal statutes is not itself a sufficient or persuasive basis for denying undocumented immigrants, as a class, admission to the State Bar,” Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye wrote for the court.

The ruling was the first of its kind in the country. Decisions in similar cases are pending in New York and Florida, and immigrant-rights advocates predicted the California ruling would ease the way for others seeking a law career.

Read on, read the whole thing. Despite the fact that the story is about an illegal alien who has broken several laws, not just immigration law, and may not be morally fit to practice law because of his transgressions, not once does the Times describe Garcia accurately. He and similarly positioned folks are described as “immigrants who lack legal status,” “undocumented immigrants,” “immigrants without green cards,” etc.

Bryan Preston has been a leading conservative blogger and opinionator since founding his first blog in 2001. Bryan is a military veteran, worked for NASA, was a founding blogger and producer at Hot Air, was producer of the Laura Ingraham Show and, most recently before joining PJM, was Communications Director of the Republican Party of Texas.

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Here is yet another reason why this immigration Senate Reform bill MUST be stopped. Here are some facts in the bill you will never hear from the Leftist media. According to the Immigration Senate bill—Amnesty, it represents another fraudulent Amnesty played upon the American people as in the 1986 Reform and Control Act. The Simpson-Mazzoli bill was stringent on enforcement, but in truth nothing was done. No employer enforcement as corruption was rampant, just as it is today. The worst case Scenario is California, which has been become a sickening joke, beginning enacting a law on January 1st allowing illegal aliens to practice law? WHAT CRAP IS THAT?
1. They are not required to learn English; they only have to bring a receipt for a class they paid? Not prove they passed or attended the classes.

2. Unbelievably it’s permissible to have criminal records. Up to 3 misdemeanors and 1 "light" felony; which including drug possession and sexual assault. That means those criminals who stole a citizen or legal residents Social Security Number is forgiven, even they caused tremendous anxiety and limitless frustration trying to proof to financial entities and the government, that they were the PREY?

3. They will allow gang members if they sign a piece of paper that says they promise to stay away from gang activities and leave the gang. No gang member should be exempt from prosecution and deportation.

4. They WILL be entitled to welfare programs if they are pregnant, disabled, mentally ill, elderly, single mothers, getting a GED, learning a skill or trade, etc. That means they can apply for Food Stamps, citizen benefits including access to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Already many laws have been slyly crafted so pregnant illegal aliens and overstays, once their visa expired can apply for every citizen entitlement for their child-children, is the most expensive program costing hundreds of billions of dollars. THIS SUPPLEMENTS THE INCOME OF LOW INCOME FAMILIES, BY CONCEIVING AS MANY CHILDREN AS ACHIEVABLE.

5. The most disgusting to comprehend about the gang of eight 2013 Senate bill: All the additional funding for border control can be waived by the next director of Homeland Security, the second he/she feels the border is secure enough. This bill does nothing to stop overstayed visas which are 40% of all illegal aliens today.

6. They will not have to pay any back taxes or fines if they can't prove their income falls below the poverty line.

2014: Immigration Reform Without Compassion and Common Sense is Un-American –So Is Violating the Law.

By Stephen Frank on 12/31/2013

The Left has always seen criminals as romantic figures. The rich of New York held a fund raiser at the home of Leonard Bernstein for the Black Panthers. The elite of D.C. had little trouble with Che Guevara. Drug dealers and users are seen as victims of society and union goon are looked at as freedom fighters.
Illegal aliens are criminals. They stole ID’s, use phony ID’s, and steal health care, education and jobs. They lie on government forms and job applications. All of this would put us in jail—the Left prefers giving s a reward, citizenship, for criminal activity. They you have parents abandoning their children—and instead of demanding the parents take the children back to their native land, the Left wants the criminals to be rewarded with staying in this country AND have their children with them. So much so, that the Obama Administration has been caught using the Border Patrol to smuggle criminals, illegal aliens INTO the United States. Why should Americans obey the laws, when government protects law breakers from other nations? The ONLY solution to the corruption maintained in both political parties, is electing more TEA PARTY politicians who follow stringently the “RULE of LAW and the dictates of the U.S. Constitution.

1 year ago
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The LATimes has a disappointingly inward focus on itself.
1 year ago
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Posted this before but-

I'm in CA and if called to jury duty will tell the judge I can not be impartial. I will not convict anyone of any crime in CA when the government itself- state and local, actively aid and abet criminals. Criminals who could have been deported and avoided the deaths of citizens either via gang activity, repeat DUI offenses, or terrorism.

If the government of CA wants anarchy, wants complete loss of trust in the judicial system they're going the right way. And I for one will not hold anyone accountable to a lawless government.
1 year ago
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Of course they don't use the term 'illegal'. Because they do not want to acknowledge that is the issue- the fact these folks have violated the law. It's not about race, its not class warfare or anything other than the injustice, lack of security, and descent into anarchy being brought about by aiding and abetting criminality.

It is a deliberate choice to avoid the actual issue, to accurately frame what illegal immigration opponents are concerned with and try to portray it as being about something else.
1 year ago
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He'll be the perfect criminal defense lawyer. For any case that he loses, the client will be able to appeal (and get a second shot at acquittal) based on 'incompetent representation' (how could a criminal be a competent lawyer?).

Which brings up the question, in any of these 'incompetent representation' cases, does the original lawyer get disbarred for incompetence?
1 year ago
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Obama let him practice because he thought he was a fellow golfer.

Hey, if the government isn't going to follow the law, why should the lawyers?

A border crasher can get a job as a lawyer, coverage under Obamacare and student loans to pay for the degree.

A citizen can get groped at the airport, cancellation of his insurance and be spied on for meeting with small government types and an audit from the IRS.

Anomie. It's faaaaaaantastic!
1 year ago
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