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Bryan Preston


December 18, 2013 - 11:07 am

Ethan Couch escaped jail time for getting deeply drunk, getting behind the wheel and killing four people in Tarrant County, Texas. His trial ended shockingly, with the presiding judge giving Couch no prison time because the 16-year-old supposedly has “affluenza.” His indulgent parents never set boundaries for him, and gave him everything he ever wanted, leading him to grow up with a sense of entitlement and a breezy disregard for others.

Based on the evidence, he does have “affluenza,” even though that’s not a real thing, thanks to his criminal parents. The best cure for that would have been to jail him for a very long time. The judge gave him probation instead.

Couch has not been tried over the injuries sustained by the two friends who were riding with him. One of those friends has massive internal injuries, while the other is paralyzed for life.

The Tarrant Couty DA is looking to charge Couch for their injuries.

“During his recent trial, the 16-year-old admitted his guilt in four cases of intoxication manslaughter and two cases of intoxication assault. There has been no verdict formally entered in the two intoxication assault cases. Every case deserves a verdict,” Shannon said. “The District Attorney’s Office is asking the court to incarcerate the teen on the two intoxication assault cases.”

The maximum sentence Couch faces on those charges is three years behind bars.

That’s literally the least that he deserves.

Oh, and Judge Jean Boyd should be tossed from the bench for being such a fool.

Bryan Preston has been a leading conservative blogger and opinionator since founding his first blog in 2001. Bryan is a military veteran, worked for NASA, was a founding blogger and producer at Hot Air, was producer of the Laura Ingraham Show and, most recently before joining PJM, was Communications Director of the Republican Party of Texas.

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Purportedly, the term "Affluenza" was branded a psych. disorder as early as 1997 in a book by Dr. Jessie O'Neill titled : "The Golden Ghetto : The Psychology of Affluence" She is interviewed in today's Detroit News by Marney Rich Keenan.
{Pg. 3-A, above the fold]
Dr. O'Neill never meant for this malady to be any kind of cover for vehicular murder, or to absolve spoiled drunked-up minors of a Citizen's basic responsibilities.
Hit the Det. News website and take a look for yourselves.
Interesting,... to say the least.....
1 year ago
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Affluenza is no excuse...if anything, its an aggravating issue, not a mittigation one.

Because there are certain things that are your MINIMUM requirement as a human being in this society, no matter WHAT circumstances you were brought up under, and I will accept NO SOB STORY either way, if you are indeed physically guilty of commiting certain acts...

Like Rape. Murder. Robbery. or DUI deaths.

Under age drinking?
You know its illegal. I dont care HOW easy it is, you KNOW youre not supposed to.

Drinking AND driving...who alive today doesnt KNOW thats a crime...I dont care how you "feel" about it, I only care what you KNOW its against the law.

Killing people WITH your car, WHILE you're drunk?

And its not YOUR fault?

Oh wait, and you have the NERVE to use 'affluenza" as an EXCUSE?

I'd throw your ass in jail for an extra year just for THAT.

And you f*cking LAWYER too.
1 year ago
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You know, lawyers can come up with some really interesting defenses, but that doesn't mean a judge has to accept said defense nor should he. This is completely unacceptable and this young man should get 10 years, minimum, as a juvenile offender. That way he'll still get the benefit of jail time in a youthful offender facility and be eligible for parole/probation after serving a suitable amount of time. Assuming he gets his sh*t together.

Probation alone is not acceptable.
1 year ago
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Hey Preston, waddaya mean Affluenza aint real?

It strikes particularly hard in Public Service Sectors, Schools, Universities and Government.

The Judge realizes this kid is just as affluent, spoiled, politically connected and ENTITLED TO SPECIAL TREATMENT as any of his his own children would be in similar circumstances.

He's just doing what any "good liberal" Judge would do under these the child of one of his well-connected bretheren an unncesarry trip to the slammer, for the mere crime of causing the death of a few ordinary people.

"There but for the grace of The Democratic Party, go I"

I mean fer Chrissake, havent you ever HEARD of the Kennedy Rule?

Yeah bro, Affluenza is REAL...'cept most of us consider it an AGGRAVATING circumstance in cases like this...

It takes a truly Special Snowflake Liberal to harvest the notion its a MITIGATING one...

So, just look for this Judge to be a Supreme Court Nominee someday, mark my words.
1 year ago
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I agree with the DA to say the least.

There is something - something very small - to the "affluenza" defense. If a kid was raised badly, he'll turn out badly. His parents bear much of the responsibility, and should make restitution to the kid's victims at the very least. Maybe even lose custody.

As to the kid himself, putting him in "rehab" and paying off his victims for him isn't going to solve his problems. This is what liberals like to call "a teaching moment." First lesson: take responsibility for your actions. Sure, extenuating circumstances, bad parents, whatever. But he MUST NOT get off with a slap on the wrist and probation. He MUST learn that actions have consequences. Most of all, I think he needs to learn about something we grownups call "mortality." Maybe put him to work mopping floors at the county morgue...

And he needs to be taken out of the permissive environment his parents have kept him in. He needs to be placed in an environment where discipline is essential for survival. That might be jail. Military service might do it, too. Remember when punks like him were given a choice between jail time and joining, say, the Marines? Maybe he should do his "rehab" stint at Parris Island or Camp Pendleton.

But before anybody sends him off to defend his country, he should have a thorough psychiatric evaluation. That's in case he's not a misguided youth but a psychopath. If that's what he is...well, I don't know what anybody can do other than lock him up for good.
1 year ago
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The military branches absolutely do not want and will not accept people who join the military in lieu of a jail or prison sentence. Here are details:

Maybe it was common 60 years ago, but not now. The military wants and deserves the best, the cream of the crop, not some little dumbarse with an entitlement mentality who has killed others with his own stupidity.

Several years ago a story in a Pennsylvania newspaper described how an idiot judge in a rural area told a young guy convicted of theft that he had to choose either to join the military or go to trial for a felony, so the perp enlisted. The Army found this out while the kid was in boot camp and discharged him immediately, with a spokesman saying, "The Army is not a substitute for the criminal justice system."

Because the Army threw him out, felony charges were pending against the kid when the story appeared. Can't find the article online and have wondered what happened in that case. Not hard to guess...
1 year ago
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Maybe he should do his "rehab" stint at Parris Island or Camp Pendleton"

No "military service" option for sh*theads like this...

Were YOU a Marine?

Would YOU want an arrogant, entitlement minded assh*ole like HIM in your squad? Covering YOUR ass?

If your KID was in the Marines, would you feel safe with their life resting in this jerks hands? A punk who's only IN the Corps against his will, as a PUNISHMENT?

Miltary Service is the Highest Form of Citizenship...We need the best, brightest and bravest with the highest character....

This pig needs to be a college professor...I hear Columbia likes Domestic Left Wing Terrorists and Cop Killers on their staff, maybe they'll offer him a tenured position because of his "unique perspective" as a spoiled douche-bag.

Keep him out of the Armed Services, they deserve better
1 year ago
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I suspect his parents will be bankrupted by the inevitable civil suits, which is probably the punishment that will resonate with them the most. And then their little darling will probably bear the brunt of their resentment. Only when they lose their money and status in the community will he somehow be deemed responsible for something.
1 year ago
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Okay fine. The kid has "Affluenza." So he gets off. No problem.

If the kid has Affluenza, then that is his PARENTS fault and THEY should pay for his crimes, and not by paying money. In my opinion, if they spoiled this kid so badly that he feels so entitled that he thinks it's okay for him to drink, drive and kill then the parents are guilty of child abuse. The boy should be stripped from his parent's custody, placed in a foster home, if he's underage and the parents should be tried for the child abuse charges and be held responsible for his actions... they should be charged with the deaths.
1 year ago
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