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Bryan Preston


November 5, 2013 - 9:57 am

So, this happened during today’s Obamacare hearing.

Obamacare forces young men and old people to pay for maternity coverage in their health insurance. It’s a ludicrous requirement that makes everyone’s health insurance cost more.

But to rich, old leftist Sen. Tom Harkin, that’s not a bug in Obamacare. It’s a feature, because it imposes his values on everyone else.

Harkin began his sermon: “I must say that there was a story the other day in the paper about somebody who said, ‘well gee, now I’ve got — I have to take this policy that covers maternity care. My wife and I aren’t having any more children.’ I don’t know, they were older or something like that. ‘Why should I have to have a policy that covers maternity care?’ I got to thinking about that. I thought well, you know what? Maybe because my wife and I don’t have any more children, and they’re grown up, maybe I should not have to pay property taxes to pay for my local schools, huh? Not my kids there anymore, why should I worry about it? Maybe only the people who have kids going to the public school ought to pay for it.”

Good question, actually. Property taxes mean that Americans never truly own our own homes. We can pay off the bank, but the government is still going to come around to take your money as the price of existing. If you fail to pay, the government can do nasty things to you. Harkin isn’t really interested in addressing that, though.

He continued: “No, we’re better than that in this country. We’re talking about being a part of our society. It is to our benefit. My wife and I could pay our property taxes to support our local schools, because that’s our next generation, we want them well taught, we want good paid teachers, well paid teachers. Same with health care. It’s a values system.”

Remember when Democrats claimed that you can’t legislate morality? Well, forget about it. Obamacare is leftists legislating their morality on everyone else. Whatever the price. Whoever gets hurt.

Harkin concludes with a leftist’s version of the altar call: “That is the new value system. And we’re not turning back. Fix the problems, move ahead, but let’s aggressively get people enrolled in this system, and have a new value system of health care in America.”

That’s how a tyrant sells his schemes.

Bryan Preston has been a leading conservative blogger and opinionator since founding his first blog in 2001. Bryan is a military veteran, worked for NASA, was a founding blogger and producer at Hot Air, was producer of the Laura Ingraham Show and, most recently before joining PJM, was Communications Director of the Republican Party of Texas.

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I have a message for Senator Harkin, but to print it here would break PJ Media's comment guidelines.
1 year ago
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When will the realization dawn that all this talk, debate, politicing, electing is for naught. How can I make such a brazen comment? The left is carbide hard in their position. There's neither turning nor defeating them in the civic square.
1 year ago
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Maybe Harkiin and his buddies would like to pay my airfare to, and hotel bills for, distant racetracks that I like to visit? I know he probably doesn't have the same interests as I do, but hey.
1 year ago
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Communist social engineering brought to you by people who are not qualified to social engineer.
1 year ago
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Yes, the public schools are socialism. And people with "expensive" children are subsidized by people with "inexpensive" children, and the childless, and those who put their children in private schools.

All this talk about men paying a little more so women can pay a little less... well, because women's medical care costs more. Because (newsflash!) medical care costs more, and we benefit.

Nobody says you have to have "maternity care". Women didn't "cost more" a couple hundred years ago. Either the baby got born alive, or not.

1 year ago
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Good Idea. We pay property tax only while we have children enrolled in public schools. I like it.
1 year ago
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marxists commies they are to me. don't know if m.c's and the actual word 'progressive' really have that much in common. progressive means one who goes forward or advances something - from the word progress.

well, if moving forward or advancing ever gets to mean to fail at everything ever attempted, or ever tried, in gigantic proportions, causing misery, bloodshed and eventually collapse bringing decades of more misery and poverty for everybody under it, then yeah, I could see this bunch being progressive, in an alinski kind of way. right now the only progress I see them making is to progress us all to the failure line where commies always (every time) migrate. that dog not only won't hunt, he sucks eggs and kills chickens too.

is there anyone w/ any brain cells still working still believing this bunch of con artists? 'socialist' congresscritters not included, of course. 'what a bunch of maroons'.
1 year ago
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P.S. Sorry for my grammatical snafus. Fat fingers on my phone!
1 year ago
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Dave, just yesterday an Illiberal over middle aged woman spprosched me with a clipboard.

She talked of needing signatures for a particular 'progressive' City Council prospect she and like minded troglodytes adore.

Tell you what, I can't stand hippies. Even worse is old, hypocritical people living in their White, mostly gentrified upper-Middle class yuppie neighborhoods preaching to me about 'progressivism'.

I come across this dingbats constantly for I too live in the same neighborhood. The difference being I'm honest as to why I live there. Whereas they lie to themselves and my face why we share the same zip code.

My PJM pic is ~ a year and a 1/2 old whereas my hair's past the middle of my back now.

Any who this 'maroon' probably thought she'd had a younger ally in me.

Until I started asking what her definition of progress, economic stability viable and economically sound policy, liberalism and it's supposed respect toward differing opinion etc.,

Yes she did become erratic, using emotive-led idiocy and thee as expected vitriol. Freakin' fool.

What I become to sadly realize is Illiberal pols and their useful idiots have NO desire whatsoever for amiability, coming to an accord, balancing a budget, respecting my and like minded people's views whom have differing perspectives albeit sound solutions than theirs. In which they KNOW it's futile and destined to fail.

No, their beginning, middle and end game is POWER. Whether it's possessing that power when times are good, bad it doesn't matter.

They are absolutely not interested nor respect science and the scientific method. They don't respect painfully obvious methods to get our economy on sound, viable footing again.

Even after all is said and done they really don't care about theirs, yours and mine health care going in the crapper.

As long as some dipchit pol from their moronic, go nowhere but down group think is at the helm they'll gladly follow that fool(s) to a moronic end.

I can't call em enemies of the state because they're so ensconced in their ideological idiocy.

Thus woman is ~ 20 years my senior, obviously college educated though so frighteningly ignorant with her pie in the sky nonsense that's failed every time in other civilizations throughout history.

Flippin bananas I tell ya.
1 year ago
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the old people in the old soviet union countries show their fear on their faces. example: watched some u-tube 'whackiston' former soviet country's 'whackiston has talent' show the other day. they had a really talented beautiful young girl really belting out the notes. her singing was heavenly. after it was over, instead of everybody jumping up and clapping wildly like in the west, the audience was looking at one another wondering if it was o.k. to clap. the fear was still in their eyes, just like I remember seeing as a kid when the old iron curtain still existed.

the young among us are sorely lacking in a knowledge of history and i'm afraid we are all going to pay a terrible price for them not being able to tell a commie from a kenyan. hint: in our case, there is no diff., just a more polished liar successfully selling poop in a bag.
1 year ago
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What still astounds me is the enthusiasm tweeners-30 something's have for Uhbama pre-'08 - present day.

I'm 38 and when in school 15-18 years ago and like most kids at that, like nearly EVERY similarly aged kid we'd had a sardonic though as equally cynical stance on politicians and their glib campaign 'promises'.

That went for student body politics, messaging as well.

So to see the euphoric-like responses to a then-47 year old guy with a weak chin speaking of 'Hope and Change' and reading, READING such juvenile, idiotic gibberish which SHOULD have pinged these tweeners B S meters to the maximum.

For I've always found my illiberal friends, classmates and colleagues to be more jaded on empty rhetoric.

As we know it was quite the contrary.

I was working in Bamako, Mali when first learning of Uhbama in the '08 primaries.

I'd read a great deal of him online. I'd returned home, at that time Unalaska/Dutch Harbor, AK and learned our modest library possessed his 2 AUTObio's and author's Corsi and Fredosso's (sp?) books refuting those ridiculous autobio's.

And after reading these books and the election still ~ 1 month away I'd thought the young and old would see through this phony's facade.

Quite the contrary.

Uhbama's false praises and glaringly obvious idiocy is so evident I'm ashamed in even typing it..

It's interesting you'd mentioned 1 of those '..stan..' countries.

I'd recently skyped a Russian colleague, from the Caucus region to be specific and he is astounded, appalled politicians like Obama are considered let alone govern in the U.S.

He'd said, 'Didn't your country learn anything from the USSR'?

He'd been to the U.S., Canada recently as well and was equally disgusted by our airports TSA operations. He'd said it is so much like Russia's airport security it's frightening.

Viktor, that's his name - both during then-USSR and present day Russia he has often been taken for further questioning when going through the Moscow airport.

He believes it's in great part to do with his appearance.

Unlike the typical Russian man and that build, his being from the Caucus region he looks more 'robust' or oafish.

It's a shame their and our airports, security don't look more closely at those whom terrorized, killed innocent children and adults in the '04 school slayings in the Caucus region.

Or act prior to the Ft. Hood, '96 WTC, '98 US Embassies in Africa, Boston Marathon, 9/11 and the tens of thousands of worldwide terrorist attacks worldwide that have taken place in the last decade alone.

As for these election results.. a flawed ideological 'romance' with some fantasy-ridden 'utopia' trumps reality, facts.

McAuliffe, Uhbama, Pelosi aren't judged on what they did, are doing or will do. Though ONLY on what they say.

And though it's a devolving and dangerously stupid modus operandi - it's become apparent the dum dums, the takers, the economically/ scientifically/ socially void are the majority.

Tbh it disgusts, disappoints and scares the living shite outta me.
1 year ago
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All liberals/progressives are fact I prefer to call them Progressive Fascists.
1 year ago
1 year ago Link To Comment
What a maroon.

And just how "aggressive" is the Obama Administration willing to get Senator Harkin?
1 year ago
1 year ago Link To Comment
Two guesses and the first doesn't count.

"You have until December 15th 2013 to comply or you will be considered in violation."

Thus I suppose we will see something like --
OBEY, peasant ! Or face the consequences.
(And We, your helpful government, get to decide what those consequences will be.)
1 year ago
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Mr. Harkin, that is a tax, and sold as a tax. Remember when every democrat in the house and senate swore ObamaCare was not a tax?

If it is a tax, give up on this mandate nonsense and see how well it is received as a tax. There was a reason it was not sold as a tax. That was because they knew their constituents would not accept a tax. That is why this whole diatribe is inappropriate on it face.
1 year ago
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Stupidity compounded by idiocy equals bureaucracy. Our government defined in a nutshell, and what's more amazing is we keep reelecting them.
1 year ago
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