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October 15, 2013 - 2:14 pm
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A Central California Republican slammed the defund-Obamacare caucus in the House as lacking the math skills to be true conservatives.

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), who represents an agricultural swathe of the San Joaquin Valley and is close to House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), told CNN this afternoon that he felt “pretty strongly” that a bill to end the shutdown and address the debt ceiling would pass through the Rules Committee today and make it to the floor for a vote tonight.

The Rules Committee announced a 5:40 p.m. meeting on the emergency measure, an amendment version of the continuing resolution.

“Essentially what it is, it’s a clean debt limit increase until, I believe, into the new year,” Nunes said. “And I think a clean debt limit — CR funding the government until probably December. And then with the medical device tax, making sure that — that there is all members of Congress and staff and White House are on ObamaCare. And then making sure that there’s an income verification in ObamaCare. So a couple of small changes to ObamaCare, but all changes that the Senate actually agrees with. And I think this — this would be a strong bipartisan compromise with the Senate.”

The fifth-term congressman said he didn’t know how much of the Republican conference would get behind the bill.

“It would really show those who are Republicans and those across the country, those that came here to actually govern and make law and actually do something with their voting card versus people who just want to vote no,” Nunes said.

He’d previously called the Tea Party group aligned with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) the “lemming caucus” and accused them of pushing a “moronic” strategy.

“These are not conservatives that do this. To be a conservative, you have to know how to count. And we started off in this without even counting the votes. Clearly, we didn’t have the votes. And so now we’ve been through this for two weeks. It’s exactly — it’s playing out exactly as we knew it would. It was not going to get rid of ObamaCare. But there are times when we work closely using our majority, like we’ll try to do tonight. If we can use our majority tonight to give us leverage, then I think Harry Reid will have to take this, or something that looks awfully — an awful lot like it,” Nunes said today.

“When you go out and tell your constituents that we are going to just shut the government down until we get rid of ObamaCare, it’s just lunacy, plain and simple. So this allows us tonight to get 218 Republicans to pass something that would then be — go over to the Senate, that would make some small changes to ObamaCare that need to be made.”

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You don't often run into people as clueless as Nunes and artghost.

This was of enormous benefit to the Republicans, and the better sort of Republicans at that. It hasn't helped the Democrats at all.

The Obamacare rollout wasn't made any better by the timing for this which the CR calendar required--it was now or never for the GOP by any reasonable measure--and the Obamacare rollout will almost certainly still be an actual fiasco in the weeks to come. We can still try to take advantage of that.

Note I said try. The same home court advantage that permits the Dems to tread water during the shutdown would also prevent the GOP from being seen--or being admitted by the MSM to be seen--to be making any headway in explicating how bad the Obamacare trainwreck is, that same advantage lets them get away with nonsense like this:

I'm quite sure you're indulging in confirmation bias, artghost. Claiming that absent the shutdown, that the GOP could have showcased Obamacare's failures seem pretty precious of you, since the MSM owns the show for a still constant fraction of those we need to reach.

If the GOP hadn't nominated a RINO for 2012, then at least as many people as voted for McCain might have voted for that non-RINO candidate...
...and then we'd be having a much different conversation, wouldn't we?*

You aren't a realist at all.

220 trillion in unfunded liabilities, that's real. I think that's what this is really about, the opening moves in the re-alignment to deal with the problems 80 years of the GOP accepting the DEM ground rules has led to.

If it takes a 3rd party fine. If it takes a civil war, fine--although that's way more easily avoided if the GOP fights now, as opposed to the RINO preference of fighting no time in particular.

And why, praytell, do you think Reid is so insistent that no House measure even be voted on? It's because he knows it will pass.

Not even the MSM can sell the idea that Obama alone isn't responsible entire for the consequences of a veto, and the bad taste of the Park Service's thuggery and the Spitehouse's shutdown theater ensure any consequences are already given a biased eye by the people who count.

None of whom are Democrats. They shouldn't count in the GOP's calculations, neither should the electoral votes the DEMs have a lock on.

We need 51~55% of the population, properly distributed geographically, and we win the whole ball of wax.

*Not voting for McCain and Romney is quite reasonable. The 220 trillion whether leading to abject default or inflation to nominal meaninglessness, is impending societal collapse. McCains and Romneys who will not deal with it as constructively as possible, are reasonably not worth the effort of electing them, and I can see a decision they aren't even worth the effort of showing up for at the ballot box--if their failure is taken as instruction by the GOP to nominate people who will deal with the 220 trillion apocalypse which looms, or if the repeated failures of the RINOs leads to a 3rd party which will deal with that 220 trillion. The effort to elect a useless GOP RINO can instead go to preparations towards facing societal collapse.

If you contribute a RINO and vote for them, you've got a receipt, an "I voted!" sticker, and the same endpoint we've had since Taft surrendered to FDR. If you buy gold, lead, and whiskey, you've still got gold, lead, and whiskey.
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40 weeks ago
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According to the 'conservatives' Nunes/artghost we are supposed to roll over one more time. Personally I'm tired of rolling over.

40 weeks ago
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Nothing is worse than having to listen to a California 'conservative' blather on about being conservative. Boner's friend is as RINO as Boner. Next thing you know he'll be learning to bray - just to keep his 'job'.

40 weeks ago
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All Comments   (36)
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Nunes is definitely a dope. He sounds like he's been dumbed down - he definitely can't count. His mentality is one of the reasons I left California 16 years ago. And, Damn, I found myself moving to a city that's called MissoulaSSR. It gets hard to live with the uninformed. If I ever move again, it will not be into a college town!
39 weeks ago
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40 weeks ago
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Some conservative. More like progressive.
40 weeks ago
40 weeks ago Link To Comment
What the hell is Devin Nunes talking about? If he knew math he would know that the budget is a mess, that the national debt is killing our future and that Obamacare will be an economic disaster for the country.

He doesn't even know who shut down the government.

What a clueless jackass.
40 weeks ago
40 weeks ago Link To Comment
I'm really getting sick of the media preaching about how this is all because of the defund vote. That was one of now 11 resolutions sent to the Senate, that the Senate shot down.

See see?

The Senate has utterly refused to compromise on *anything* and they are blaming it on the Republicans, and they will get away with it unless we tell people what the hell is really going on in Washington.
40 weeks ago
40 weeks ago Link To Comment
I have no problem with people leaving and forming a third party as a matter of conscience. I disagree, but can fully respect the decision.

What bugs the heck outta me is those who continually grouse, complain, and threaten to leave, but never actually do it, preferring to stay nominally "in" the GOP while constantly disparaging our freely chosen leadership and abandoning us whenever things don't go their way, only to return and resume their griping.

If you're going, quit the big talk and just do it.
40 weeks ago
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It is high time the GOP adopt the ever useful KISS principal. The House should pass a continuing resolution directing and authorizing the Executive and the President to ensure that all principal and interest payments on US Federal debt instruments are paid in full. PERIOD. The House does not need to say anything about Obamacare, raising the debt ceiling, nothing, no questions. Simple statement: "With the passage of this Continuing Resolution the House directs and authorizes the President and the US Treasury to pay the principal all maturing US Treasury debt instruments and make all interest payments on outstanding US Federal debt with current government funds." Or whatever, but KISS. We have the funds. The government is already shut down (but it seems everyone is still getting paid).

There are solutions here, even if the MSM does not want to cover them...

I am sure there are others out there with other easy solutions, but Rep. Schweikert will do for now. I think the Obama Admin and the Dems are bluffing a very bad hand. The GOP legislators are patsies, have been since FDR. Obamacare is a disaster - find any Dem who will stand up, defend and promote its continued "success." The government shutdown is a joke.

The GOP is caught up in the MSM/Obama narrative and cannot get out. See what happens to the Dems and Obama if they want to bluff this debt ceiling issue out to the end.

Funny how all the pressure is on the GOP. Come on people! Get with the program! We are on good defensible ground. They have no chance unless we lose our will.
40 weeks ago
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Regarding the aforementioned Bloomberg column, here it is. Disgusting stuff.

I'd have the same sentiment if a Conservative writer/ website juxtaposed the same fiction.
40 weeks ago
40 weeks ago Link To Comment
'The fifth-term congressman..' That in of itself tells us EVERYTHING regarding this RINO turd.

With inept, self-serving grifters giving this kind of lip service to the very people whom are overwhelmingly responsible for GIVING his party the House 3 years ago and this is the 'Thanks' we Conservatives get?

On top of this ahem 'representation' spouting this vitriol there's a disgustingly fictional op-ed at Bloomberg pertaining many falsehoods supposedly dealt by the 2010-present Tea Party.

Though the fact of the matter is MSM, Illiberals, RINO's and the lethargic masses are cheering.. cheering for serfdom.

These legends in their own minds, these smartest person in the room types ONLY 'answer' or 'solution' is 'humane/ needed totalitarianism'.

The MANY kingdoms, empires, republics etc whom have incorporated this idiocy have fallen. Mightily.

Whereas there's NEVER been a 'success story' for 1 party rule. For draconian government and their handing out though often times removing the meager crumbs they dole out.

It's thee epitome of devolving.

40 weeks ago
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Regarding the third party "is doomed" talk, and the "why bother with a battle you can't win... because we don't have the numbers", please do a modicum or research into the history of the Republican party itself. There used to be a party called the Whigs. They were okay with going along with the Democrats on slavery as it avoided a civil war. Then some folks actually grew a spine, some testicles, and a conscience and decided that slavery was such an abomination on the human soul that they could not go along any more, even if it meant tearing the country apart and having to rebuild it. Communism (or socialism, fascism, or whatever else you want to call it) is just slavery by another name. Perhaps it's about time that we realized it, called it what it is, and grew a spine, some testicles, and a conscience of our own.

Doubt that it's the same of slavery? Go ahead and don't pay your taxes. Our system is "voluntary" remember? And since you don't agree with the direction of the country it's only "fair" (to quote our president) that you shouldn't pay for what you don't agree with. I'm sure you'll love the accommodations provided to you. But hey, at least you're free... to watch TV, talk about sports, or address your betters with your eyes downcast.
40 weeks ago
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