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August 9, 2013 - 7:08 am
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Earlier this week I had the opportunity to interview Texas Lt. Gov. David H. Dewhurst on camera. There were no rules. No pre-approved questions. Nothing was out of bounds.

Lt. Gov. Dewhurst has retooled his campaign after a run for U.S. Senate that, it’s fair to say, didn’t go as planned. He came to our conversation straight from a lengthy conference with the Texas Education Agency commissioner and members of the Texas State Board of Education regarding CSCOPE, the controversial educational curriculum used in a majority of school districts across the state. So I led off with a question about CSCOPE’s current state of play, but we also covered the “Texas Miracle” economy; the 2013 state legislative sessions (there were four of them) that saw a landmark pro-life bill pass; the rise of state Sen. Wendy Davis as a potential Democratic candidate for governor; the Fort Hood trial of Nidal Hasan; Benghazi (Dewhurst was a CIA officer earlier in his career), and more.

We’ve covered Dewhurst’s answers concerning CSCOPE and the Fort Hood trial in previous articles, so we’ll focus on other issues here.

On the “Texas Miracle” –

DHD: People call it the “Texas Miracle,” and I suppose in a way you could. But it’s really the Texas hard work story. One of the reasons I ran for lieutenant governor was because I’m a lifelong businessman. I’m the only traditional businessperson elected statewide, out of 29 elected statewide officials. I still find that amazing, just amazing. Anyway. When I came in 10 years ago, I thought our economy in Texas was good. But I knew we could do better. And we’ve done better. And again, I give the credit to the people of Texas. But the policies that I have helped lead, and I’ve been a leader in this…in getting government out of the way, keeping our spending low, below inflation and population growth over the last 10 years. I’ve been a leader in cutting taxes, I’ve cut taxes so many times I’ve lost count, 53, 54 times. Almost $16 billion. And keeping a light regulatory hand, because a heavy regulatory hand kills jobs. So, I wanted to make Texas irresistible for businesses to come in and create jobs. And that’s exactly what’s happened.

On keeping Texas’ economy strong in the face of massive new regulations coming at the state from the Obama administration –

DHD: The heavy regulatory hand is just not Obamacare. It’s partly Obamacare, but it’s all these other regulations coming down from Washington. So we’re fighting them. Whether it was the oil spill and no more activity in the Gulf of Mexico, which we fought all the way to the Fifth Circuit and won. Whether it was the cross-state emissions, in other words, counting the coal-fired emissions from Illinois in our Texas numbers, meaning we can’t do as much. We fought that all the way to the Washington courts and won on that. So, we’re gonna fight, we’re gonna fight for our rights to run our state the way we believe is best — we and the majority of our voters.

Obamacare — disaster. Disaster! We consciously this year passed Senate Bill 7. A very important bill, where we’re not gonna expand Medicaid, we’re not gonna expand Obamacare. We’re fighting to keep our health care system, to keep our safety net, so that it doesn’t bankrupt not just Texas but every state. But that’s where we’re going. That’s where this evil intent of Obamacare is to put everybody, every state in a real financial bind and make them dependent on the federal government. Over my dead, cold political body.

Dewhurst added that if he wins a fourth term, he will fight to make sure that Texas doesn’t “slide” and remains the number one state in which to do business. “I believe that we can make Texas stronger,” he said, “I know that we can make more opportunities for Texans. I know we can continue to improve our workforce, our public education.” He added that his own life experience — Dewhurst lost his father to a drunk driver at the age of three — has taught him that opportunity means everything, and that “you can’t have opportunity without freedom.”

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In good times when everything is peaceful, a D. Dewhurst wouldn't be a bad candidate. We don't live in those times. We need warriors. We need statesmen. We need patriots. We need leaders who will die before giving ground or compromising sacred values. Today we need Washington, Mason, Jefferson and Adams, not Dewhurst.
1 year ago
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Quick, find a RINO. Some non-RINO might be in the news soon and we need to have a name people are familiar with so we can promote him as 'reasonable'.
1 year ago
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Dewhurst is a Marco Rubio variety RINO.
1 year ago
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OMG, Mr. Preston, could your interview get any more soft ball?

How about asking Dewhurst about his symbiotic relationship with Joe Strauss who is the state's biggest RINO? Or about his blockade of the anti-TSA bill when he caved to the threat from a U.S. attorney? Or maybe how he didn't back Governor Perry on reducing the percentage CADs could increase property values in one year?

"I know how to create jobs. I've done it all my life."

Lt. Gov. Dewhurst seems to be confused. Politicians don't create jobs. They create rules and regulations, and in Texas, that falls under the purview of the legislature, not the Lt. Gov.

Yeah, he got blindsided by the paid mob supporting Wendy Davis. It didn't need to happen. Everyone knew that Planned Parenthood was paying people to go to Austin to protest. Everyone except David Dewhurst, it seems. So while Senator Donna Campbell, M.D., put an end to Davis' filibuster, Dewhurst was clearly out of his league.

Fighting for our voter I.D. laws, David? Well, last time I checked, that issue is out of YOUR hands and now the fight is left up to Attorney General Greg Abbott, not you.

And oh, my, color me impressed that he speaks Spanish. Golly gee, he can talk to all those Democrats in the State House in their native language. I'm supposed to be impressed?

Maybe next time, Bryan, you can ask him about our out of control educational debt that is dumped on local taxpayers. And why we are being forced, by stupid school boards, to pay for foot ball fields that resemble the Arlington Stadium while teachers whine how they need all those aids.
1 year ago
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