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Bryan Preston


June 26, 2013 - 4:26 pm

No one really covered themselves in glory in Texas’ capitol Tuesday night. The Senate’s leadership bungled its handling of Senate Bill 5. The Democrats filibustered the bill, and then a gallery mob packed with Democrat supporters shouted down the process long enough to temporarily kill the bill.

SB 5 itself is modest. It bans late-term abortions after 20 weeks, not “all abortions” as some of its opponents dishonestly claimed. It also improved standards in women’s health clinics in Texas. It would stop a Kermit Gosnell from materializing, killing babies just after birth, and killing mothers with unsafe and unsanitary conditions and procedures.

Planned Parenthood demonstrated its power, but it also demonstrated its depravity, Tuesday. Planned Parenthood distanced itself from Gosnell once he was caught and on trial, but for years its clinics referred patients to him despite his reputation for unsanitary conditions and untrained staff. The state of Pennsylvania turned a blind eye to Gosnell for years, no doubt due to political pressure exerted on it by Planned Parenthood and its allies. In Texas, Planned Parenthood fought a bill that enjoys majority support and would improve women’s safety. A hard question must be asked of Planned Parenthood: Is the money you earn from the services you render really so much more important to you than both women’s health and the basic rule of law? A harder question must be asked of Democrats who support Planned Parenthood: Is there any place you won’t go and any tactic to which you won’t resort to support your benefactors? To both: Do you want more Kermit Gosnells and more dead and mutilated women?

A mob shut the process down last night. Some say that the mob was merely citizens making their voices heard. Citizens make our voices heard in who we elect and what laws our representatives pass. Anybody can import a bunch of people who will make enough noise to wrench the legislative process. It takes a bit more to get elected, get a bill on the calendar, and get it passed. The latter is the rule of law. The former is anarchy. A majority of Texans support what SB 5 would do. Do those citizens not have the right to be heard in having the legislation that they favor pass?

The answer would seem obvious, but it isn’t. Today the US Supreme Court issued a strange ruling on California’s Prop 8 that may be relevant. The court ruled that the citizens who supported and passed that constitutional amendment by a large majority had no standing to defend it against a lawsuit. The decision granted a district court unchecked power to overrule the express will of the people. The Supremes in effect said that the people’s will is reviewable, but a court’s will is not. At least, on some subjects.

The rub here is that the court ruled that citizens using the legal process had no standing to defend a law that they had already passed. But in Texas, the mob in effect grabbed standing not granted to it in law to stop a bill that the majority favors. In both cases, ordinary citizens in the majority lost in what is supposed to be a representative republic.

Bryan Preston has been a leading conservative blogger and opinionator since founding his first blog in 2001. Bryan is a military veteran, worked for NASA, was a founding blogger and producer at Hot Air, was producer of the Laura Ingraham Show and, most recently before joining PJM, was Communications Director of the Republican Party of Texas.

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Oh. And of course. That the Republican Party was blind sided to such tomfoolery and skullduggery is of no surprise. They act as if the loyal opposition is loyal opposition.

They're punks, dumbasses. Punks.

Prepare yourselves accordingly.
1 year ago
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Funny thing about 'mobs'. They come in all sizes. Texas' mob last night was comprised of what, 30-50 people? The mob at the Supreme Court consisted of 5. The mob at our Ken Cuccinelli for Governor fundraiser the other night was 3, but they had amplification in the form of a bullhorn. They beclowned themselves, but they were an angry mob just the same.

But in all cases, the mobs were Obama inspired intimidation forces.

And we conservatives eschew such thuggery. And we lose everytime to these kinds of mobs.

In the case of the Cuccinelli mobs we've been implored to not engage them.

I don't believe that is wise. How long are we supposed to cower to these little punks, exactly?

It's the same group. They kill children by the millions and then seize the moral high ground because we're afraid that we'll come off as the extremists.

It's really, really, really time to rethink that strategy.

What would Breitbart do?

1 year ago
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"Texas' mob last night was comprised of what, 30-50 people? "

No, it was much larger than that. It consisted of people who were bused in, from God knows where, to lob an organized protest. Most were braless, ring in nose, Occupy types that seem to support the slaughter of babies at any stage of pregnancy but have an aversion to soap and water.

Never mind that Obama, who seems oblivious to the nation as a whole, managed to tweet out support for a Texas Senator that he probably have never heard of before, along with Twitter support from Nancy Pelosi. Yeah, those two have such little to do that they are following state politics.

The protest in Austin last night was large, organized and had the DNC all over it. It was pure Saul Alinsky. When the pro-slaughter crowd thought they were going to lose, at the signals from Kirk Watson and Randy Ellis, they started shouting and were so loud that the Senators could not hear the roll call, even in the well.

If you want to see what anarchy looks like, view the video from Austin last night.

But it ain't gonna happen again. Governor Perry has recalled the Senate for another special session, and S. 5 will be passed, although there is no doubt that Eric Holder is already preparing to sue over the legislation. You see, Democrats don't care if women die from septicemia, just as long as the abortion slaughter can continue. No other creature on Earth kills its young while still in the womb. Even guppies don't eat their young until they are born.

But we, that is the Texas DPS, and the Capitol police will be ready for them this time. And Travis County has TWO very large jails.
1 year ago
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