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Stephen Kruiser


May 28, 2013 - 7:26 pm

Yeah, this is going to help

The new head of the IRS is moving quickly to reshape the scandal-plagued agency.

Acting IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel is creating a new position at the agency — chief risk officer — to improve internal controls. In a note to agency employees today, Werfel said he installed David Fisher in the role.

Fisher will be responsible for making the changes “necessary for restoring the integrity of IRS operations.”

All of that extra Obamacare expansion money and they didn’t think to have someone around to make sure they didn’t suck?

In the terminally diseased mind of a career bureaucrat, the only correct answer to any question is “MORE BUREAUCRACY!” So, even amidst a lot of caterwauling about the people in charge not knowing what was going on because the government has gotten too big to handle, the only conclusion any of them could come to in their bizarro world is: “So let’s make it bigger.”

Four more years.

Stephen Kruiser is a professional comedian and writer who has also been a conservative political activist for over two decades. A co-founder of the first Los Angeles Tea Party, Kruiser often speaks to grassroots groups around America and has had the great honor of traveling around the world entertaining U.S. troops.

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Let's not forget that the revelation of the IRS scandal was of the administration's making. I believe that in their hubris they believed that; a) no harm would come to the president or other elected officials as a result and, more importantly, b) it would cast as pall over conservative support for the 2014 elections. Lois may lose her job but not her pension and she won't go to prison.
1 year ago
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Why would the new guy deflect and make us... "look,.. over there,... quick,... see..." ??
Is it because a cursory exam showed him this is not going away anytime soon, and is turning into quicksand ?
Now, The Guy Who Runs The IRS has a whipping boy he can point-to and shove stuff off on. All his 'answers' in this regard are going to be sent to Fischer for retorts, and he's created an Impact Absorber.
I thought the guy in charge was supposed to be an example. Turns out he is, in-that he's a poster boy for How Not to be A Leader.
1 year ago
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"chief risk officer" exactly what risk? risk to whom?

at no point will the taxpayer benefit.
1 year ago
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Call a child by its right name. A spade a spade, a shovel a shovel.

The IRS is the American Secret Police. America's STASI - Ministry for Staat (State) Sicherheit ( Security); America's Gestapo - Geheim(secret), Staats (State), Polizei, ( police) and the KGB.

Should we be surprised the amployees, bureaucrats, agents of the US IRS act EXACTLY fitting for their functions? Especially when specifically encouraged by their overlords and chief executives?

In the Constitutional Republic of the United States that disallows in law actions as a secret or universal policing of the citizens by the government?

The Government is LIMITED in law from these sorts of intrusions into the private lives of citizens. THAT's the LAW in this America aka " A Country of Law, NOT of MEN" or lawyers, eg congressmen/women/senators etc. These people who are not princes of the blood, but Representatives of the citizens, the People.

Check out the Constitution of the United States of America, the FUNDAMENTAL LAW on which ALL other laws must be justified. Special attention to the Bill of Rights Amendments IX. And X.

Words so plain and direct a legally trained person, even a Congressman/woman or Senator (OR reputed Constitutional scholar/expert
Executive) can understand if they know English. Not nuanced but direct and straightforward.

And then check out the tweaks made to that Constitution and Bill of Rights
by the socalled democrats and friends beginning with the Guns of August in 20th century. Woodrow Wilson our first "intellectual" President who considered the Constitution a nonsense. And being an intellectual knew a thing or two of how to manipulate words "to mean what (he/they) choose (them) to mean, neither more nor less".

Follow with FD Roosevelt as favourite son of Father Wilson. Both using the
serviceable tactic "never let a crisis go to waste" of WAR to institutionalise ever greater government intrusions into and control over the lives of citizens. On the template used by Lenin/Stalin and then Hitler in their compassion and liberalism for their subjects/citizens.

WITHOUT bothering to AMEND the Constitution procedurally as laid down in that LEGAL document. Amendment requires direct application to and consent from the People.

Can you believe application to Ordinary, Common People. Those people who are NOT like us, with elite university credentials to stamp them as "the best and brightest". Those guns and religion, sexist, racist, xenophobic, patriotic, ordinary, Common people?

We the intellectuals must remain faithful to the platonic ideal that only the best and brightest may be allowed to be as it were philosopher Kings.

So we now have the platonic ideal in spades. BH Obama THE philosopher, or constitutional scholar what's the diff, king. With HIS IRS to keep the citizens of his choice pure.
1 year ago
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We haven't gotten to the bottom of the problem, yet we do have to hire more staff.
Mr. Fisher comes from - another government bureaucracy, the GAO.

No IRS staff have been fired or even indicted. The civil suits are coming - sworn depositions without being able to hide behind the Fifth amendment - time to make some popcorn.
1 year ago
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Government is like a, government IS a cancer!
1 year ago
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