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Bridget Johnson


April 26, 2013 - 7:45 am

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) said on the Senate floor that if people have issues with his compromise immigration reform bill, just change it.

“If you believe that what we have today is broken, if you believe that the status quo on immigration is chaos and a disaster. If that’s what you believe, as I do, then let’s solve it. And the way you solve it is by working together. In essence, don’t just be against it, offer ideas to change it,” he said.

Some conservatives have taken issue with the main crux of the bill, though, calling it amnesty to legalize illegal immigrants already in the country.

“If you believe our laws are not being enforced and we need to pass laws that force the administration – this one and a future one – to enforce our laws, let’s change it. I’m all ears. I’m all open-minded about that and so are my colleagues. But let’s not leave it the way it is, because the way it is chaos. It’s bad for our country,” Rubio said.

The senator chided his colleagues that their job “is not just to come here and criticize.”

“Our job is not just to come to the floor and make speeches, or go back home and give speeches, or do television interviews. Our job’s not just to poke holes, our job is to plug holes too. Our job here is not just to criticize, but to make better,” he said.

Rubio said the legislation “is not an effort to force anything down anyone’s throat.”

“This bill that we’ve worked on is a starting point. It’s not a take it or leave it proposition. It never has been,” he added.

“Let’s come up with a solution that modernizes our legal immigration system so it’s good for our economy, that once and for all forces the administration – this one and future ones – to enforce our immigration laws, and that once and for all deals with the 11 million people that are here illegally in a way that’s fair and compassionate. But also fair to the people that did it right, and also a way that ensures that this never ever happens again,” Rubio said. “And I hope when we come back here in a few days we’ll begin to work on that together, for the good of our country and the future of our great nation.”

Bridget Johnson is a veteran journalist whose news articles and opinion columns have run in dozens of news outlets across the globe. Bridget first came to Washington to be online editor at The Hill, where she wrote The World from The Hill column on foreign policy. Previously she was an opinion writer and editorial board member at the Rocky Mountain News and nation/world news columnist at the Los Angeles Daily News. She is an NPR contributor and has contributed to USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, National Review Online, Politico and more, and has myriad television and radio credits as a commentator. Bridget is Washington Editor for PJ Media.

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Rubio: Don’t Gripe About My Immigration Bill, Just Change It If You Want

If our poor country were not so close to the tipping point [if not already past it], I would be polite and say that Senator Rubio was being disingenuous. But after seeing our country stabbed in the back so many times by both "parties" of the governing class, I'll just say that he is a lying sack of excrement.

The Senate has its own rules. This bill, like pretty much everything for the last 5 years, is not coming through the normal bill submission, committee hearings, debate, amend, debate again, and vote up or down process that was the norm for over two centuries.

This is coming up under the Senate's "Unanimous Consent" rule. And like most political things, the title does not reflect the reality. Senate Majority Leader Reid puts the bill on the floor. THE ONLY CHANGES AND AMENDMENTS THAT CAN BE VOTED ON ARE THOSE THAT HARRY REID APPROVES OF AHEAD OF TIME.

Rubio is lying because there is no way to change the bill. There is very little debate allowed, and then a vote. It does have to have 60 votes instead of 51, but it is a take it or leave it proposition. The only way to have the debate and "offer ideas" is to kill Rubio's monstrosity dead in its cradle.

We now know the worth of Marco Rubio's word.

Subotai Bahadur
1 year ago
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How do "I" change it-because I would dearly love to. But, I shouldn't have to because we already have immigration laws and all we need to do is put a mechanism in place to enforce our current laws. For instance, any member of the federal, state or local who does not enforce current law would immediately lose their job, benefits and any accrued pension. Apply it to the president on down and see if our border situation doesn't improve greatly.
1 year ago
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Ok Mr. Rubio, let's start with No Right To Vote for those immigrating here illegally, or their family and children either.
If you want to create a new citizen class that would include citizenship without the Right to Vote, I'm good with that. But DO NOT reward lawbreakers with the Right to Vote.
In your compromise I humbly request that you show respect for those who have immigrated here within the constraints of current law, obtained a Visa, and properly maintained that Visa often at great cost to themselves. These people have worked for and invested in the right to become citizens alongside the rest of us, including your parents I might add. They have done it right and deserve the Right to Vote.
Scofflaws do not.

1 year ago
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