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Bryan Preston


September 4, 2012 - 11:10 am

Check out these tweets from BuzzFeed’s Zeke Miller. Miller was listening to Gene Sperling, head of President Obama’s National Economic Council. Sperling is in a position to know whether the jobs council is still part of Obama’s plans and agenda, and he may have admitted more than he intended.

@ZekeJMiller: Sperling started out saying “jobs council is” now “jobs council was”

@ZekeJMiller: Sperling says Obama’s least favorite chart is one showing public sector job losses during the recovery.

@ZekeJMiller: “The president had a jobs council.”#pasttense

@ZekeJMiller: Forgot to note Sperling said this: “The president had a jobs council.” #pasttense

It sounds like the jobs council is doing even less fine than the private sector it was supposed to help out.

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