At the August 8, 2012 rally in Denver featuring Sandra Fluke and President Obama, many women came out to hear Obama’s support for government-mandated birth control coverage.

Caleb Bonham interviewed a few attendees, asking the question: “Why should government pay for what goes on inside the bedroom?”

Some of the answers are shocking and hilarious.

Here’s one typical exchange (starting at 0:33):

Woman: I’m, like, all for abortion and I’m all for birth control.

Bonham: So you don’t think the government should be involved in what goes on inside the bedroom, correct?

Woman: Oh, exactly.  Not even close.

Bonham: So then why do you expect the government to pay for what goes on inside the bedroom?

Woman: [Long pause] Uh, because….

Welcome to Flukonomics!

(Note: Even though I support abortion rights, I oppose government funding of birth control or abortion.)

H/T: Ari Armstrong.