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Ed Driscoll


January 10, 2012 - 12:35 am

Rick Santorum: If Obama Isn’t Defeated, then the America We Know Will Be Gone, by Bryan Preston. Retail politics the day before reckoning. (Also read “Breaking: Deadlock in Dixville Notch!” — and check PJ Media throughout the day for on-the-ground coverage from New Hampshire.)

How the LAPD Caught the Hollywood Arsonist, by Jack Dunphy. With the exception of some serial-killer investigations, I’ve never in my long career seen as much investigative weight thrown into a case.

Our Masters in Washington, by Roger Kimball.  Why is it that congressmen are allowed to invest on the basis of insider knowledge when the same behavior would bring down the scrutiny of the SEC on us plebs?

How To Deal With a Powerful Family Secret: Should An Adopted Daughter Tell Her Adopted Brother What She Knows of His Origins? By Belladonna Rogers. PJ Advice Columnist Belladonna Rogers on the predicament of revealing concealed information.

Selling Reagan: The Unconscionable Hypocrisy of Ron Paul, by Jeanette Pryor. What does the congressman really think of the 40th president?

The Lunar Yellow Peril, by Rand Simberg. No need to panic over Chinese space plans.

How The Media Makes Us Stupid, by Andrew Klavan. Asshats.

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