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Bryan Preston


July 28, 2011 - 12:10 pm

The Tatler has obtained a preliminary law enforcement report written late Wednesday regarding the arrest of Army Pfc Nasser Abdo in connection with a plot to attack Fort Hood, Texas. It’s eye-popping. According to the report, Abdo was arrested with ammunition, weapons and a bomb inside a backpack. He has confessed to plotting an attack on Ft. Hood.

The report states that the Killeen Police Department received a tip from a local gun store owner about a “suspicious male” who asked about smokeless gun powder and then bought three boxes of 12 gauge shotgun ammunition, smokeless gun powder and a magazine for a Springfield 9mm. He paid in cash and left in a taxicab.

KPD learned that the cab picked Abdo up at a local low-cost motel and that he had also paid cash for an Army uniform and Ft. Hood unit patches at a local military surplus store. The gun store, Guns Galore, is the same one at which Maj. Nidal Hasan bought the weapon he used in the 2009 terrorist attack on Ft. Hood.

KPD arrested Abdo soon after learning about his movements and purchases. Fox reports that he had enough material to make two bombs. Abdo had gone AWOL from Ft. Campbell, KY on July 4 and was being investigated for child pornography that was found on his government-issued computer.

This looks like a case of good police detective work acting to stop an attack in motion. Two others are in custody as well, and KPD is said to be assessing their connections to Abdo.

PJM’s Patrick Poole originally broke the story of Abdo’s conscientious objector request.

Local authorities will hold a press conference on the plot later today.

Update: KPD is giving their press conference now and confirmed many of the details in the report.

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