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Howard Nemerov


May 27, 2011 - 10:42 am

Are these indications of cover-up, or just poor reporting?

Earlier this week, Pima County Sheriff’s Department acknowledgeda SWAT raid where Tucson resident Jose Guerena was shot and killed during a multi-residence search warrant executed for an alleged home invasion ring.

Sergeant Bob Krygier, SWAT supervisor, said no SWAT entered the house, but that shooting commenced “about two or three seconds” after breaching the front door. [Page 3, line 39 of PDF document] Officers didn’t enter Guerena’s house until after sending in a robot to determine he was dead.

Reportedly, “about $100,000 in cash, marijuana and firearms were seized that morning from the four homes that were searched” that day.

However, in Guerena’s house, they recovered “a Colt .38-caliber handgun, paperwork, tax returns, insurance papers, bank statements and a bank card.” There’s no indication if these documents were Guerena’s or a robbery victim’s.

Krygier says they also found body armor [page 9, line 4] and “an AR15 type rifle.” [Page 8, line 32] Owning body armor is legal in Arizona.

When asked what Guerena was wearing when SWAT fired “80 to 100 rounds” [page 4, line 6] into the house, Krygier said: “he basically had a pair of boxer briefs on and that was it.” [Page 9, line 13]

Earlier, the Sheriff’s Department claimed to have found “a portion of a law-enforcement uniform inside the house.”

Krygier testified there was “a US Border Patrol hat in the garage.” [Page 9, line 8]

You can buy Border Patrol hats at Amazon.

The Sheriff’s Department “determined that Guerena did not fire at officers.”

Former civilian disarmament supporter and medical researcher Howard Nemerov investigates the civil liberty of self-defense and examines the issue of gun control, resulting in his book Four Hundred Years of Gun Control: Why Isn’t It Working? He appears frequently on NRA News as their “unofficial” analyst and was published in the Texas Review of Law and Politics with David Kopel and Carlisle Moody.
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