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Howard Nemerov


March 10, 2011 - 9:27 am

Some people continue to hide their heads in the sand and pretend that Wisconsin’s repeal of most collective bargaining by public employee unions is about poor people being oppressed by rich, white, fat cat Republicans whoring for their business puppet masters.

Let’s ignore that at the federal level, a majority of business contributions went to Democrats in the 2008 and 2010 election cycles.

Let’s ignore the fact that Obamacare and the 2008 “Bailout” were financially lucrative for Democrats.

Let’s forget that McCain-Feingold campaign finance “reform” resulted in more business and special interest campaign money flowing into Democratic coffers.

Let’s forget that public employee unions are decidedly anti-Democratic and anti-Liberty, treating law-abiding citizens as an impediment to their power grab.

But what about death threats? Now we finally see the truth about their intentions: Give in or die.

Former civilian disarmament supporter and medical researcher Howard Nemerov investigates the civil liberty of self-defense and examines the issue of gun control, resulting in his book Four Hundred Years of Gun Control: Why Isn’t It Working? He appears frequently on NRA News as their “unofficial” analyst and was published in the Texas Review of Law and Politics with David Kopel and Carlisle Moody.
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