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Small Apples

August 25th, 2014 - 8:33 pm

Perhaps it is only syntactic sugar, but this statement advocating eventual co-existence with Israel from the Saudi Foreign Minister is worth noting.

Speaking on the sidelines of the world assembly of Islamic scholars in Jeddh, Saud bin Faisal Al Saud said that the Middle-East needs peace and co-existence more than ever and Saudi Arabia as a leading Islamic country is ready to make sacrifices in peace negations and encourages President Abbas to follow the same policy.

Referring to the ongoing war in Gaza strip, the Saudi foreign Minster stressed that Hamas authority is the sole responsible for Palestinian calamity and they must brought before the law.

The Saudi official further added that Arab World Increasingly Frustrated With Hamas which is seeking more wars.

Perhaps Israel has won, or is starting to win, though that would be to put it too dramatically. But there is something in this.

The Muslim world has for decades tried to destroy the Jews and in its desperation raised up one tyrant or mad fanatical movement after the other to carry out the program. And now these monsters are starting to turn on them. Syria is ruined; the ‘Arab Spring’ has burned out much of the region. Generations of young men have been brought up with no marketable skills; only a desire for suicide, an aptitude for destruction and an unquenchable hate. Perhaps the Saudis and the Gulf States are wondering if their creations will gobble them up.

There are priorities in life, even when it comes to enemies. The New York Times provides the first concrete evidence that Arab regimes now recognize a danger greater than Israel. The mysterious “air forces” bombing Islamist rebels in Libya turn out to be — Egypt and the UAE.  If the sudden Saudi openness to Israel seemed at first perplexing, the identity of the secret air force makes it a little less mysterious now.

CAIRO — Twice in the last seven days, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates have secretly launched airstrikes against Islamist-allied militias battling for control of Tripoli, Libya, four senior American officials said, in a major escalation of a regional power struggle set off by Arab Spring revolts.

The United States, the officials said, was caught by surprise: Egypt and the Emirates, both close allies and military partners, acted without informing Washington, leaving the Obama administration on the sidelines. Egyptian officials explicitly denied to American diplomats that their military played any role in the operation, the officials said, in what appeared a new blow to already strained relations between Washington and Cairo. …

Since the military ouster of the Islamist president in Egypt last year, the new government and its backers in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have launched a campaign across the region — in the news media, in politics and diplomacy, and by arming local proxies — to roll back what they see as an existential threat to their authority posed by Islamist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood.

“We don’t see this as constructive at all,” said one senior American official quoted by the NYT. Obama has finally achieved his ambition to lead from behind. In this case from so far behind he’s almost out of the loop, if the stories are to be believed.  But the schisms between the funders of the various jihadi movements now bid fair to put the cat among the pigeons.

The reason the regional countries are fighting the Islamists is not hard to see.  The New York Times laments that the wild children of the Jihad are destroying even the ancient artifacts of civilization. The history, even of Islam itself, is being effaced.

Like many archaeologists of the Middle East, Mr. Schwartz, a professor at Johns Hopkins University, is watching the news from the region with deep concern and, he said, a feeling of impotence.

“It’s heartbreaking to see what’s happened in Syria in terms of cultural heritage and more so for the country at large,” he said.

The upheavals and conflicts sweeping the Middle East in recent years have caused untold human suffering, and they have resulted in deep losses to the heritage of the region.

Scholars can do little to stop the fighting and looting, but they have created blogs, websites, Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts to monitor the destruction and raise awareness about it. By sharing excavation records, scholars outside the Middle East have helped their counterparts in the Arab world to compile online lists of missing or stolen objects.

And yet in Israel the al-Aqsa mosque stands above the Western Wall, and it’s the oddest thing to hear the Muslim call to prayer sounding in early hours in the capital of Israel.


Golda Meir once said there would be peace when the Arab parents loved their children more than they hated the Jew. Or — she forgot to add — the fear of movements like al-Qaeda and ISIS grew greater than the odium for the Jewish state.  The attraction of radical Islam, especially for the rootless Muslims of the west is its promise of a life without restraint. An existence beyond the laws of men or decency and — it may prove — the control of their elders. But that lack of restraint is not real freedom, rather a chain by which they are bound to a life of utter destructiveness.

The unappreciated strength of freedom is that it raises no monsters. It conjures no writhing demons from the vasty deeps. ISIS thinks it is strong in its hate; and perhaps it thinks it is foolish that Israel permits a mosque to surmount its holiest site. But one is reminded of the dialog between King Alfred and Guthrum. (As you remember I was reading Chesterton’s Ballad of the White Horse last weekend).

Guthrum laughed at the folly of gentleness, but Alfred replied:

Therefore your end is on you,
Is on you and your kings,
Not for a fire in Ely fen,
Not that your gods are nine or ten,
But because it is only Christian men
Guard even heathen things.

The ordinary Muslim might hope to live with the Jew. But there is no hope of ever living with ISIS. The present conflict, will of course go on. But it’s nice to realize that evil, while feared, is never loved.  After all these years of being taught the worthlessness of our civilization we find it is the only thing that we — or even the Saudis — can rely on.  If the ‘custodians of civilization’ take a hike, then what have we left? EM Forster wrote: “if I had to choose between betraying my country and betraying my friend I hope I should have the guts to betray my country”. He neglected to add that after you have destroyed your country, you shall also have betrayed your friend. For without a civilization what else will protect him? Not his friend, for by then it will be too late. So here’s to freedom and here’s to civilization.

For our God hath blessed creation,
Calling it good. I know
What spirit with whom you blindly band
Hath blessed destruction with his hand;
Yet by God’s death the stars shall stand
And the small apples grow.

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The Saudi attitude is akin to the wiseguy who skims off the top from the mob and gets caught. Israel is their witness protection program.

The Saudis have been growing and feeding the beast as much as anyone. You teach hate, slander, lies, murder, rape, and when it gets out of its cage and is all feral, not domesticated, the hand that fed them will be bitten.

Leftists are on a parallel Siegfried and Roy path. You can pet and kiss the tiger all you want. If it turns on you, you are toast.

You build the fury, the fury will not be tamed. Leftism, by definition, is a hatefest. Islam is a hatefest. They BOTH try to hide that...but the core of the movement is all about brutal, soulless hate and the mountain of lies used to defraud and dupe the masses into sloth, apathy and acceptance.

The beast will turn on its masters. It always does. Try not to root for the beast when it does.

But don't believe the crocodile tears either of the master/victim.
27 weeks ago
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Subotai is probably right to say this statement is calculated. But hating the Jew is not inconsistent with fearing ISIS the more. Those cunning old geezers are doing this to survive. Maybe when the coast is clear they'll go back to plotting, but for the moment they have other camels to fry.

There is an almost zero probability that the IDF will conquer Saudi Arabia. If anyone shows up in the night to give the royals a close shave it won't be some Israeli captain but a British Jihadi rapper with a penchant for homicide.

It may be entirely cynical. In fact, cynicism is probably a more dependable motive than idealism.
27 weeks ago
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With all due respect, the Saudi statement is self-interested Taqqiya; the Islamic commandment to lie, cheat, and dissemble to infidels. ISIL [the formulation I think is more accurate in English] is now an open threat to the Magic Kingdom. And the US president at the very least does not care to get involved in fighting them. And may well be an active supporter of them.

The Saud family desperately needs someone to save their camel-humping tuchi. Putting out a fake hope of a tolerance of the existence of Israel, which would be taken by LIV's and our State Department as proof that they were right all along to screw Israel at every turn. So State and Teh Won would jump at the chance to send American troops to defend the Holy Places of Mecca and Medina.

Subotai Bahadur
27 weeks ago
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All Comments   (84)
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I've been looking at the UAE for the last couple of months and I'm impressed. They have more money than taste but that's trivial. Dubai and Abu Dhabi cities look like Los Vegas with a beach. The impressive part, at least for Abu Dhabi, is the sober thinking ahead, backed with a great cash flow.

Their air force is participating in the bombing of jahadis in Libya so they are exercising their military on a realistic target.

They are investing in a huge nuclear power complex, when completed it will be bigger than any equivalent US nuke site.

One worry is they seem to have an rival and opponent in Qatar.

Hate to admit it, but we in the US might be better off exchanging a president for an emir.
27 weeks ago
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The Rotherham incident is a perfect example of r behavior in action. Without reading Anonymous Conservative's theory on r/K strategies in humans, you really can't place individual incidents into the overall pattern.
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment
Forget "Small Apples" and go for the Big Apple in an example of the "Audacity of Hope".


Let Harry Reid chew on that for a while.

"Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.
The Congress shall have Power to declare the Punishment of Treason, but no Attainder of Treason shall work Corruption of Blood, or Forfeiture except during the Life of the Person attainted."

Given that the United States represents "We the People", then turning the IRS against The People is a form of "levying war" against them.

"Pour encourager les autres"

Let's slay Goliath!!!!
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment


The imaginary Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, created by western oil companies and nurtured by western governments, has finally come to an end, with a plea to the Jews to save them. Constructed of tinsel and burbling froth, Saudi Arabia has taken the first step in returning to the bare, lifeless burning sands from which it sprang. They will not be missed.

I do not trust thee, Mr. Saud
I do not trust your smile so broad
I do not trust red fingers clawed
I do not trust thee, Mr. Saud
I do not like your friends as well
Just why that is, why I shall tell
I long to taste their rotting smell
I do not like your friends as well
Oh yes you say you love the Jew
If so that makes you one of few
And we know that it isn’t true
Oh yes you say you love the Jew
You wonder why so lately how
Despite Obama’s stately bow
Your days grow down so greatly now
You wonder why so lately how
And now it’s over Mr. Saud
Your kingdom always was a fraud
And when you go we’ll all applaud
And now it’s over, Mr. Saud

27 weeks ago
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--great piece, Walt --you've seldom writ a bedouin!
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment
Aye, and it's so riff-filled it it could be harmoniously sung by quartets of Riffs in Berber shops.
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment
yukyuk --lessee, gotta be one Moor ...
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment
--yes, one Moor, even merrier, as seen commenting on Kabyle TV.
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment
I've just finished re-reading Moyar's Phoenix and the Birds of Prey (updated), because these ISIL fellows remind me of NLF. In any effort to rid the world of these vermin, there's one big thing missing, and it isn't USA.
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment
I've just finished re-reading Moyar's Phoenix and the Birds of Prey (updated), because these ISIL fellows remind me of NLF. In any effort to rid the world of these vermin, there's one big thing missing, and it isn't USA.
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment
Wretchard, again you've outdone yourself. Excellent column. Thank you.
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment
Now comes news from the village of Rotherham in Ol' Blighty of 1400 girls in this one town getting raped by vague "Asians" for many years with the knowledge of the local council (Labour, natch) because the Officials didn't want to confront the problem and be seen as "Islamophobic".

Leftism is quite literally killing Western civilization.

Things seemed to get a bit better for a while on the process-hogging PJM website, but then got completely unbearable in the last week. Just going to BC or Instapundit brought my PC to its knees. Admittedly, this is an older PC, but it browses pretty much every other site just fine and only goes Tango Uniform at the PJM sites.

Finally broke down and installed Ghostery and now I can once again enjoy BC. But really PJM...73 trackers? Big Brother ain't got s**t on you.

Sorry to have to use the nuclear option and deprive you all of ad revenue, but PJM decided on the MAD doctrine, not me.
27 weeks ago
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--without looking, i'll betcha a dollar the place is administered via a SERCO contract.

(not PJM, the orphanage. Well, why not PJM too, i suddenly wonder? :-\)
27 weeks ago
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I'd be curious what you Richard and some of your commenters think about Caroline Glicks analysis, here:
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment
Good article, I agree PLO is worthless, but Glick is non-specific about what *can* be done, if she thinks that even now Saudis nor Egyptians will stand with Israel *publicly*.

Teresita, interesting analysis you have there of Hezboolah, Hamas, Iran. They just want to use up Hamas, basically. Hmm.
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment
Glick: "Hamas is ideologically indistinguishable from Islamic State"

Sure, ideology, that explains why Hamas has lined up with Turkey, Qatar, Iran and Obamamerica against Israel, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. Oh wait, Iran and Obamamerica are attacking ISIS together these days, even if the two are not talking or coordinating strikes.

She's confusing ruthlessness with ideology, and goes on to say, "Iran has funded, trained and armed Hamas for the past decade. It views Hamas’s war with Israel in the same light as it viewed its Lebanese proxy Hezbollah’s war with Israel eight years ago." This is nuts. Hamas supports the rebels in Syria and so Iran has kicked Hamas to the curb. That's why there was no second front in this tussle. Iran told the Hezbos to sit tight this time.
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment
Its also the case that the Saudis and the gulf arabs are keeping pace with the Israelis in the ongoing worldwide technological revolution. It really is awe inspiring and a far greater revolution than the jihadis imagine because the end result will be a vast miracle for desert people and a new empire. Their deserts will all be turned green.

Just as the great goal of the USA is to be energy independent and even energy exporters--the great goal of the Gulf arabs is to be food independent and even food exporters.

The Israelis are already water independent and within a year or two of energy independence.

This stuff is just huge but utterly unremarked.

The thing about the jihadis is that they participate with Mohammed in his old empire ways. Mohammed is basically an old money guy. He made his money by marriage brigandry and pillage. That's old money. No new money is added. But the Israelis and even the Saudis to some extent are new money people and both see the still newer money and new empire/power over the horizon brought by the new technology.

Just as most people in the rest of the world do.
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment
The left is the biggest "old money" racket of all. They are essentially a one trick pony. "The answer to social problems," they cry, "is redistribution. And we will do the redistributing." Then when the stash runs out the left concludes, "we didn't redistribute hard enough."

But the answer is really creation. Full partnership is not thrusting your way to the front and saying, "I'm in charge". It's pitching in, in the ordinary work of life. And we create on an individual scale. CS Lewis once wrote, “I have received no assurance that anything we can do will eradicate suffering. I think the best results are obtained by people who work quietly away at limited objectives, such as the abolition of the slave trade, or prison reform, or factory acts, or tuberculosis, not by those who think they can achieve universal justice, or health, or peace. I think the art of life consists in tackling each immediate evil as well as we can.”

That requires an enormous amount of humility. But as Reagan once said, "it's amazing what you can accomplish when you don't care about the credit." And so the Israelis have made the deserts bloom while the Jihadi Rippers are still vainly trying to conjure up the big solution. One will succeed while the other ... well they'll try harder.

The hardest thing for the Great Man to accept is that the lady who takes her kids to school daily, or the scientist who invents a cure for Ebola or a vaccine for polio is a great as he his. Perhaps greater.
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment
But the answer is really creation. - Wretchard

Well, then THAT's the problem. Creating wealth through the sweat of one's brow, risking capital, deferral of pleasure for the immediate goal of accomplishment, is by and large foreign to Progressives.

How, there are PLENTY of wealthy Progressives out there. However, most of them either weren't all that Progressive when they started out, or greased the skids of their ramp upwards towards wealth through plain ol', ordinary graft and bribery, or by co-opting another's previously amassed wealth (e.g. a whole line of "Fords", John Kerry, Kennedy's, etc.).

Creation of wealth by the productivity of rank and file Progressives; not so much. I like to call 'em the "I gotta right ..." crowd.
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment
As I have said here before, I think what the most upset the Left about our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan is the sure and certain knowledge in the back of their heads that a US military guy carrying a gun would in the space of a single year do more to aid humanity than all the speechifying, marching, and yelling they would do in their whole lives.
27 weeks ago
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