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Good Morning, Good Evening and Good Night

June 18th, 2014 - 4:36 pm

NBC’s Chuck Todd looks at the president’s polling and concludes it is disastrous for Obama, though not necessarily for for the Democratic Party.  It is one of a series of messages disassociating the fortunes of the liberal enterprise from the collapsing presidency.  The new point of departure is cooperating with Iran. Hillary Clinton has expressed her reservations. Watch for more and more points of departure as Hillary and others prepare to bail from the SS Barack — just in case.

Everyone knows another disaster is looming on the horizon. They are, with the sure footedness of professional politicians, already talking down expectations and looking for a way out. David Cameron has warned that Jihadists were planning to attack Britain on its own soil, possibly through its own citizens. “Earlier Baroness Neville-Jones, the former security minister, warned that Britain was “exporting” more young jihadists to fight abroad than any other European country”. If the blowback is going to reach London, then why not New York?

Then Chuck Todd will really have something to grouse about. Naturally somebody’s going to have to take the fall. As the approaching storm shrieks ever louder through the rigging, the words of that hundred year old text that nobody reads any more come to mind. Who’s going to take the rap?

Then said they unto him, Tell us, we pray thee, for whose cause this evil is upon us; What is thine occupation? and whence comest thou? what is thy country? and of what people art thou? … Then said they unto him, What shall we do unto thee, that the sea may be calm unto us? for the sea wrought, and was tempestuous.

As noted in a previous post, while there may not be enough votes in a Democratic Senate to threaten the president with an impeachment conviction now — that can change in two months. For where there’s a storm in politics, there’s a Jonah. Everybody needs a Fall Guy. If Hillary’s sudden distancing signifies anything, if the previously unarticulated doubts of members of the liberal press mean anything it’s that they’re searching the bilges for someone to dump over the side.

But if the political system thinks it can rid itself of the high winds and mountainous waves by dumping Obama overboard it has another thing coming. While he may have always been an empty vessel, the ideas he bore, the policies that he was filled with came from the Left in whole cloth. He was just dumb enough to try them all at the same time.

Whether it was opening the borders to Mexico; regarding the Jihad as simple resistance to the White Man’s oppression; whether it was believing that surrender could solve everything; and even to the idea that the biggest problem in the world today is Global Warming — the cargo of poison carried by Barack Obama’s presidency came entirely from the warehouses of leftist thought.

That’s the alien nest. The egg hatchery. They can throw Obama overboard, but there’s lots more where that came from.

In a way Obama’s very race was focus-group tested for the part. He would succeed either as the Magical Negro of the liberal narrative or fail as the reluctantly accepted stereotype of African collapse. Obama was right in this. He would never be the normal man judged for himself.  The price of being the First African American president was the risk that he’d be the Last African-American president.

From the start he was the Truman Burbank of liberal politics, only vaguely born somewhere, sometime; existing in a script, a blank screen on which the directors projected their every fantasy. ” It was Dad. I swear! Dressed like a homeless man. And you know what else was strange? A business man and a woman with a little dog came out of nowhere and forced him onto a bus.” And there he is, like a deer in the headlights all set for the fall.

But were I a Republican senator at his hypothetical impeachment, I’d say.

“Not so fast, ladies and gentlemen. Not so fast.

“You’re thinking that based on my past opposition to the president’s policies and my political affiliation that I am certain to cast the convicting vote. But as I look at him now, shrunken, bewildered in the seat, I have to ask myself: who is really guilty of this crime?

“Is it him, or is it you guys watching this on TV? Who gave this guy Michael Jordan’s jersey, plotted the trajectory of his rise through has-beens and never-been opponents? Who fixed it so he had a book he didn’t write, got advances he didn’t deserve and Nobels he didn’t earn?

“Who is guilty? Maybe it is the same guys who are counting on me to ditch this man into the briny deep.

“Perhaps he deserves it. But so do the masterminds, the guys who set him up to take the bullet for the team. Wasn’t the unspoken price for the adulation, the Air Force One rides, the State Dinners the unspoken understanding that if the time came it could all be put on him? The Black Guy. Look into your leftist heart. You know it’s true. Wasn’t that the concession for allowing the rest of you to print the money, make the deals?  The fact that one day this moment might come and he’d agree to pay the price from gratitude?

“And after we get rid of him, after a decent interval, aren’t we’re going to do again?  This time with an historic Woman president, Asian president, Gay president? You really need never run out of Jonahs.

“But you see, I’m not going to vote for conviction. [murmur in the crowd]

“I vote to let him remain president. I’m going to stick him to you. Vote to let him remain in office knowing full well what a screw up he is. Knowing he’ll screw up again; sink your portfolios, bankrupt your industries, make such a mess of defending this country there’ll be blood in the streets and crowds are going to be looking for the guys who endorsed this man into office. He’s going to bring the whole thing down, and you with it.

“Because you see he was what he always was. That at least is his excuse. But you knew better, all you people. All you exquisitely educated, creased-pants people. You knew better and put this poor fool in office.

“I say let it burn.

“Because that’s the only way this time to bring it home. So that even if this age is ruined, at least succeeding generations of Americans will never forget that ‘If we don’t hang together, by Heavens we shall hang separately’.

“Ladies and gentleman. You’re not getting rid of Barack Obama that easily. This time there are consequences, not from me, not from the Tea Party but from reality. God exists ladies and gentleman. Or at least Murphy does. Consequences  are a b**ch.”

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The situation is looking stranger by the minute. Now the White House wants to replace Maliki. And they'll replace him with who?

Maliki is well and truly guilty of alienating the Shia, but I can't help but remember Ngo Dinh Diem and how the State Department had him shot.

The Iraqi leader is no prize, but this is like shooting the driver of a car racing down the highway at 80 miles an hour without any plan for taking over the wheel. What could go wrong?

Yet President Obama says does not accept he needs to ask Congress' permission to act in Iraq. Is he in or is he out? Who's side is he on? What authority is he operating under? What is his Plan A, B or C? Where did he come up with it? On the golf course?

Why can't they discuss this problem cards on the table instead of this hocus pocus stuff?
36 weeks ago
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Arrogant morons of a feather flock together. In a sense we are lucky. They played their hand with "fundamental transformation" way too soon before all the institutional power was set up to crush anyone who opposed them. And all along I don't really think they understood the opposition they would face if they really wanted to create the soft (at first) totalitarian government they wanted to have, where government would and could control any and every detail of life itself.

Some posters at Belmont Club have advanced the notion that Obama and his followers intend to grab power by fiat and establish a de facto dictatorship. I think this is unlikely, not because that's not what they would do if they thought they could, but because the American brand of the would be dictatorship of the proletariat would be too afraid of the consequences should they try and fail. To them the idea of even being placed in a prison without gourmet coffee and being able to vacation at Martha's Vineyard would be the equivalent of Hell itself. And as to the idea of being executed . . . to them that would be something out of a Steven King novel.

And as to the great armies of the urban parasites who would come to do their bidding? Sh*t, start shooting at them and hit two or three and they will start squealing and retreating in mass.

No. They're not totally stupid, not all of them anyway. And if they really want to try, Bill Ayers predictions about the number of Americans who may have to be exterminated for the common good may become true. It just won't be the ones he had in mind.
36 weeks ago
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Well I have never bought the idea that he's a mere incompetent. If that were the case, you might expect to see him back off and try something different at least once--even something just a LITTLE different--when what he's already trying doesn't work. He does not do that, though. He doubles down, charging ahead, full-tilt boogie. He is a destroyer. Everything he is doing is yielding destruction. Everything. And he laughs.

If he is, as some have suggested, a puppet, someone's pawn, then whoever is pulling the strings or pushing the pieces is a destroyer as well. There is no sign that anyone is trying to restrain him or change either his methods or their outcomes.

This mess at the border is about a lot more than just swelling Democrat voter rolls and ballot boxes. This mess is about destruction, plain and simple. This damned clown has effectively dissolved and eradicated our entire southern border: A person could argue that we are not even a country anymore.

I have a different idea about Hillary and the media seeming to pull back. I think the media is working to undermine Hillary--maybe at the destroyer's behest, because he has no intention of leaving. And if the media seems to pull back from supporting him a bit, he does not care. He does not give a tinker's damn. Because no one is going to stop him. No one with any official authority or power is even going to TRY to stop him. Wretchard may be correct that it's time to call in re-write, time to go back to the drawing board, because we're almost certainly at a point where it cannot be repaired. "Let it burn" may be the best approach for the long-term.

But while we are past the point where it could have been repaired, we may be a good ways short of the point where we can start to rebuild. Because there is a good deal of ruin in a nation, and we almost certainly ain't seen nuthin' yet.
36 weeks ago
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“Never apologize, never explain”: The IRS brazens it out

There are plenty of circumstances in which that pithy imperative —variously attributed to Disraeli, Queen VIctoria, and sundry other worthies — wins my admiration.

“Never apologize, never explain”: I like the blunt, no-nonsense aroma it exudes, the hinted-at announcement that there will be no wallowing in unproductive self-recriminations or manufactured displays of contrition. There is a reason, I think, that the motto seems traceable to Victorian times: an era when manly forthrightness still had a prominent place in the economy of public life.
But context is everything.

It is one thing to say “Never apologize, never explain” as an adjunct or symptom of cultural self-confidence, quite another in an atmosphere of duplicity, evasion, or brazen contempt.

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen presented a breathtaking example of the latter when he blithely admitted that the IRS had simply “recycled,” I.e., tossed out, physically destroyed, Lois Lerner’s malfunctioning hard drive that (he claimed) was unrecoverable. “I don’t think an apology is owed,” he told a stunned House Ways and Means Committee.

Of course he doesn’t. Why should the head of an increasingly politicized government agency apology for the mendacity and obstructive behavior of his subordinates? As Barack Obama promised his acolytes on the eve of the 2008 election, he was out to “fundamentally transform the United States of America.”
Remember that?

One of the things he has managed to transform is the machinery of government. People have always been wary of agencies like the IRS, with their vast, often unappealable powers. But more and more people now fear and loathe them as instruments of political conformity and — it is not too strong a word — tyranny.

David Camp, Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, spoke for many when he told the Commissioner, “You can blame it on a technical glitch, but it is not a technical glitch to mislead the American people. You say that you have ‘lost’ the emails, but what you have lost is all credibility.”
35 weeks ago
35 weeks ago Link To Comment
"But if the political system thinks it can rid itself of the high winds and mountainous waves by dumping Obama overboard it has another thing coming."

I believe that the original quote is "it has another THINK coming".

This coming from my father, who used this phrase, 50+ years ago.

Pretty much like "Think again"!
35 weeks ago
35 weeks ago Link To Comment
Shhh, it was a typo. If Wretchard's fingertips are anything like mine, they intrude on his typing and auto-fill "g" after "in" at the end of a word while his mind has moved on to what the next few words will be. And then it's hard to proof one's own writing infallibly, due to other mental factors. I figure that a correctly spelled word of puzzling literal meaning in the context of W's posts might be a mere typo, a bonus task to take in stride among the several provocative points he's challenging me with.
35 weeks ago
35 weeks ago Link To Comment
Alternatively, perhaps you and Wretch are both lactic acid freaks who must post at a rate that results in a "natural" high.
35 weeks ago
35 weeks ago Link To Comment
"Mr. Obama's reputation would be utterly destroyed and he would be a pariah for most of the world."

Just like Arafat, Che, and the rest thier ilk. Al Sharpton (sharptongue) was a rat and an IRS scofflaw. These are bonafides with kitch revolutionaries.
35 weeks ago
35 weeks ago Link To Comment
Nothing says "Pariah" like a public walk up a scaffold, and a gravity assisted trip down.

Subotai Bahadur
35 weeks ago
35 weeks ago Link To Comment
A thought experiment, if I may. What if . . .

. . . what if the next President, Democrat or Republican, granted Mr. Obama a pardon, as Jerry Ford did for Nixon, to spare the country from a massively disruptive trial and the prospect of a former President in prison.

. . . the congressional investigations continued through to the end, finding fault where they may. Mr. Obama's reputation would be utterly destroyed and he would be a pariah for most of the world.

Would that be possible? Would that be desirable? Could we recover from the evil he has done/will do?
36 weeks ago
36 weeks ago Link To Comment
Justice must be served, once this man leaves office. The precedents he has set must be struck down with all the ferocity our society can muster. To do less will invite future tyranny that will make Obama look like a piker.

There will be the usual Pubs (McCain), cautioning against giving the appearance of vendetta. They must be ignored. Posterity is owed thorough examination of the facts, trials, and harsh consequences. Lessons must be taught.
35 weeks ago
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36 weeks ago
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Funny how ISIS/L could find them lickety-split but the whole left-wing of the world couldn't see a thing.
36 weeks ago
36 weeks ago Link To Comment
Ya know this is the same CIA that said in 2007 that Iran was not building nuclear weapons, when everyone with half a brain knew they were. The CIA/ Iraq Survey Group/Whatever couldn't find the WMD because they didn't want to. It would have blown the Narrative. End of Story.

Just another rogue guvmint agency.
35 weeks ago
35 weeks ago Link To Comment
I also loved State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki's, lawyer-speak stating: "We do not believe that the complex contains CW materials of military value and it would be very difficult, if not impossible, to safely move the materials".

...Of course of terrorist value is entirely an different matter, and it was probably recently considered quite impossible that a few hundred lightly-armed headhunters in Toyota trucks could seize a third of Iraq and billions of dollars in loot and military hardware in a month.
36 weeks ago
36 weeks ago Link To Comment
Which raises the thought, Toyota... excellent ad placement. Ya know, "Toyota, 2 out of three insurgents agree, Toyota is Toyota tough!"
35 weeks ago
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36 weeks ago
36 weeks ago Link To Comment
rwe said: The main problem seems to be, given Maliki's heavy pro-Shia approach, Sunni members of the New Iraqi Army have a lot of trouble shooting at fellow Sunnis. I guess that is not surprising.

Bryan Suits on his morning radio show (he does a separate "Dark Secret Place" show on weekends that is nothing but mil oriented) pointed out that ISIS has had over $2,000,000,000 in funding from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, and Bahrain. They may not appreciate our shooting it up. This may explain Obambus' reticence more than his Nobel Peace Prize and anticolonialist jones. He's taking orders.
36 weeks ago
36 weeks ago Link To Comment
According to what I just saw today on FNC, the ISIS core force is basically acting as "special forces" to get the Sunni tribes on board. This means it is not merely a thousand or two ISIS fanatics that are the problem, but also many more Sunni tribesmen, who are p.O.ed at Maliki's govt. This makes a lot more sense than what I heard before.

So, the problem is, guess who, old Saddam's friends, neighbors and relatives, again. That is who lives in the captured area. The bad news is that there are a lot more of them than just the fanatics. The good news is that we need not be very squeemish about so called "collateral damage." There is no collateral there, just a bunch of people who need to end up wearing their arses up around their collarbones - again. Falluja and Tikrit can at last get to see what a MOAB does. Of course, that presupposes our current "leadership" is willing to do that, which is very unlikely.

The main problem seems to be, given Maliki's heavy pro-Shia approach, Sunni members of the New Iraqi Army have a lot of trouble shooting at fellow Sunnis. I guess that is not surprising.
36 weeks ago
36 weeks ago Link To Comment

Nice speech. Imagine what would have happened if some prominent liberal Democrat had made that exact speech opposing the impeachment and conviction of Richard Nixon. His message would have been, “A vast majority of Americans voted for Richard Nixon knowing exactly what kind of man he is. The Watergate scandal shows the character of the kind of man Americans want for their president. This scandal merely illustrates how the vast majority of Americans are intelligent enough to know this man is a tyrant and foolish enough to vote for him anyway. So, I vote against impeachment because the American people deserve this monster. You voted for him, so you're stuck with him...”

We need to admit that impeachment is an anti-democratic section of our Constitution. It exists in order to maintain a balance of power between the legislative and executive branches of government. It exists precisely in order to thwart the “will of the people” that elects the President. In theory, an elective monarchy that combines all branches of government could be democratic, but it would lack checks and balances to maintain freedom.
36 weeks ago
36 weeks ago Link To Comment
Impeachment exists to thwart executive overreach. Although I opposed impeachment of William J. Clinton on the basis of the Monica Lewinsky affair, but I supported his impeachment if it were on the basis of letting Loral send missile technology to China. I sadly and reluctantly proposed possible impeachment of George W. Bush on the basis of the proposed handover of American ports to Dubai Ports World. I also support impeachment proceedings against Barack H. Obama for similar executive overreach that undermines American national security.

The extreme partisanship of the present era tends to militate against impeachment rather than in favor of it, for the impeachment of Richard Nixon probably did more to revitalize the Republican Party than anything else. If Obama isn't impeached, future presidents will get more and more criminal until impeachment proceedings do commence.

Executive power expands until it is checked.
36 weeks ago
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My hostility toward Obama is basically personal. He is very similar to a number of members of my own family that I deeply distrust for cause. If anything, I am shocked that Obama is a less convincing liar than people that I know, and yet his followers keep falling for what he says. Obama is not a world class liar – he's actually third rate – but he has his followers hooked. This suggests that Obama's power comes not from who he actually is but rather from the projected illusions of his followers.

If Obama didn't exist, his followers would have found some other idol and followed him down a cliff.
36 weeks ago
36 weeks ago Link To Comment
Good point. I feel the same way about Pope Francis and his giddy enthusiasts. A sort of "You can't be serious!" attitude. This is really third rate stuff, shallow and puerile, yet people can't get enough of it. I guess this is the era we're cursed with; no towering geniuses, just little nobodies botching up everything they touch.
35 weeks ago
35 weeks ago Link To Comment
Um, did you guys know that we just completely removed MIRV from every one of our Minuteman III missiles? I had no idea we were doing this.
36 weeks ago
36 weeks ago Link To Comment
That's been planned for about 20 years, part of START II.

Back in the mid-90's we were even looking at alternate test sites to be able to test the MMIII longer range with just one RV instead of the MIRV package. Kwaj is too close to VAFB to do that.

36 weeks ago
36 weeks ago Link To Comment
Hey RW, could you comment on this:
From last month:

Congress Funds Army’s Hypersonic Missile After Chinese Strike Vehicle Test
Defense budget crisis limits U.S. role in hypersonic arms race underway by China and Russia
May 29, 2014 4:59 am

Congress approved funding last week for the Pentagon’s advanced hypersonic missile program and expressed concerns over China’s recent test of an ultra high-speed strike vehicle designed to deliver nuclear warheads through U.S. missile defenses.

The House fiscal year 2015 defense authorization bill approved $70.7 million for the Army’s hypersonic missile as part of the Pentagon’s conventional prompt strike program.

The Senate, in its version of the fiscal year 2015 defense bill, also authorized $70.7 million for hypersonic weapons.

The prompt strike program is a strategic weapons program aimed at building high-speed arms capable of attacking targets any place on earth within 30 minutes.

A House report on the defense bill provided new details on U.S. hypersonic weapons programs and also stated that the Pentagon appears to be spending too little on U.S. hypersonic weapons programs in light of China’s first hypersonic missile test Jan. 9.

The Chinese hypersonic strike vehicle test, which was first reported by the Washington Free Beacon and later confirmed by the Chinese Defense Ministry, marked a major leap in Beijing’s advanced arms program. U.S. officials said the strike vehicle test involved a maneuvering weapon that traveled at up to 10 times the speed of sound.

“The committee is concerned that the People’s Republic of China and other competitor nations pose an increasing challenge to the United States’ technology edge in such emerging areas as hypersonic weapons,” the report said. “On Jan. 9, China successfully conducted the first flight test of a hypersonic glide vehicle.” It also noted that Russia is working on hypersonic weapons, but that its program is said to be less advanced.

The January hypersonic test of what the Pentagon calls China’s WU-14 strike vehicle appears to have set off a hypersonic arms race, at least for Russia and China. The Pentagon’s severe budget crisis appears to be restricting investment in hypersonic weapons technology.

35 weeks ago
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What could go wrong?
36 weeks ago
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