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Starting the Insurgency

January 24th, 2014 - 2:34 pm

Conservative pundits have reacted to news that Dinesh D’Souza was arrested and James O’Keefe was subpoenaed with suggestions that the actions are politically motivated.  D’Souza is charged with  facilitating straw-man campaign contributions to a losing Republican candidate and O’Keefe whose infiltration of Democratic Party operations with secret cameras is the stuff of legend, is facing a routine subpoena from Andrew Cuomo.

In both cases the investigators just happened to stumble onto their suspect activities. “The Indictment [of D'Souza] is the result of a routine review by the FBI of campaign filings with the FEC by various candidates after the 2012 election for United States Senator in New York”.  The Daily Beast notes the similarly routine provenance of the inquiries into O’Keefe.

O’Keefe says that the state’s Department of Labor is now demanding two and a half years worth of financial and payroll documents and threatening them with a subpoena….

A spokesman for the state’s Department of Labor said that they are required by law to make sure that businesses pay into an unemployment insurance fund, and that whenever businesses use outside contractors the state requests routine information about those employees. When employers do not respond to multiple requests for information, they must as a matter of law face a subpoena for further information.

None of this is to say that D’Souza or O’Keefe are factually innocent or guilty of any putative irregularities.  Politics was never in the best of circumstances ever too clean. But even if the accused are hypothetically guilty of something it is hard to imagine that politics did not play a role in landing them in a pickle. Political considerations and factual innocence are not correlated. They operate independently of each other. Guilt is a circumstance while political considerations are the circumstance that gets things noticed.  For as the saying goes, “just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.”

Although fears that a witch-hunt is on will be dismissed as tin-foil hat conspiracy theory by the MSM, that is probably the intended effect of the administration.  They would love to send a chill down every conservative’s spine. It would be seemingly to their advantage for every conservative activist wake up in a sweat; to regard each delivery of mail, each peek into their email inbox with trepidation. Which administration hack would not enjoying watching their rivals react to each knock at the door like the summons of doom? “Thank God … I’m not James O’Keefe”. And as for the conservative activists, if they are not “moderate” already then many will hasten to be. The backtracking, the penances, the confessions of past immoderation are already being drafted. Which would be the point, wouldn’t it, to as Mao said, “kill the chicken to scare the monkey”?

But since the subject is hypotheticals, what should the hypothetical response of conservatives be to a hypothetical crackdown? Most people would advocate demonstrations and petitions and letters to the editor denouncing the administration. And that’s all fine, but there is one counterintuitive response: to redouble the grassroots revolt against the institutional Republican Party, a strategy that is not as crazy as it sounds.

Why respond to an administration crackdown with the rebellion against the RINOs?

One can imagine — hypothetically of course — that the attacks are a way of saving the RINOs from the ‘Tea Party’ threat. A kind of favor from a friend in power. The phrase ‘Tea Party’ is used in this context as a catch-all term to describe all conservative groups that are wroth with the institutional Republicans. If these pestilential provocateurs can be split off the Republican moderates, then the DC set can return to the good old days of the gentleman’s game. There might even be institutional Republicans muttering to themselves, “well I knew that those ill-mannered fellows would come to no good! They should have joined the Democratic Party! Not to get back to reaching across the aisle.”

At any rate little help can be expected from that quarter. The institutional Republicans would under no circumstances have marched to the aid of D’Souza or O’Keefe. It might have been improper in any case. Nor would they have counterattacked by launching similar investigations against the galaxy of Democratic fraudsters, which would have been proper at all events. Because that’s not what they do.

But in any case the actions against D’Souze and O’Keefe are an indirect attack on institutional Republicans by the administration in its very nature, for it conveys the impression that the institutional GOP is inutile.  If it can’t protect it’s side then what good is it?  It demonstrates to the world that if you want to rely on the RINOs — don’t. So it’s not such a favor from friends in power as it seems. The administration will unavoidably have diminished the RINOs, shown them to be midgets.

The Democrats at least, hound their political opponents and protect their friends, for that is the whole point of their organization. By contrast the institutional Republicans are much more likely to hound their friends and protect their opponents.

Sparing the institutional Republicans from attack brings no benefit to conservative activists. But what does attacking the RINOs buy?

First of all, what choice have they? The conservative activists have no direct power over the Democratic Party. Nor are they strong enough to guarantee a Republican win over the Democrats in a general election. But they are strong enough to guarantee a Republican loss in many cases because the Republican margins of victory in a general election are so small that without the conservative base the race becomes uncompetitive. The major source of conservative activists power is the power to damage the RINOs. That’s the weapon they have, and nearly all that they have. So how to use it?

The power of the conservative base is akin to the concept of a fleet in being; not strong enough to control the seas but strong enough to tie up major portions of the enemy fleet. In this case the Teas can’t beat the Democrats directly but they can tie up the RINOs. Or failing that, they can shift the balance of power from one set of Republican leaders to another.

In the last election a number of PACs pursued the strategy of primary-ing the incumbents based on an analogous line of reasoning. The major arena of political action is not usually the enemy camp but one’s own broad coalition. The road to influencing politics occurs not in the general election, but in the primary selection process.  It is the fulcrum that can move the earth. And thus, it is where conservative activists who fear they are being marked for slaughter can most effectively respond. They can inflict pain, if nothing else; they can tie down the RINO fleet and keep them from sailing.  Here is where they can hold the RINOs political hostage: defend or else you’ll never be elected in a general again. It is now acknowledged that the election of 2010 brought in a whole new set of Republican leaders, not by itself enough perhaps, but proof of concept.

There is no way to affect the machinery of the Department of Justice — no legal way at least — but there is a definite path to punishing institutional Republicans who won’t even put up a political fight. And it’s only a matter of time before conservative activists notice this club lying around. None of these musings are new. Every student of counterinsurgency knows the narrative by heart. Every time a regime in power begins to crack down hard it nearly always destroys the moderate opposition because the rank and file of the opposition see that their “moderate leaders” cannot protect them. And if they cannot protect them, then they will look for another set of leaders.

The Obama administration used to like to lecture the world about the dangers of radicalizing their foes. And yet they are unable to heed the lesson themselves, for if the Obama administration is engaged on a witch-hunt, it is doing exactly that: it is radicalizing those who might otherwise have followed the RINOs to an election.

It’s interesting that Obama most respects those who have the greatest contempt for him.  All of his “partner’s for peace” loathe him.  By contrast Israel, which tried to accommodate him at every turn, has only earned his contempt. That’s the clue. If the RINOs could see things aright, they’d see the Obama administration has no actual respect for anyone who does his bidding. The only entities he respects are those who put up a fight.

So if the administration is out to get conservative activists, then in some strange way, it will guarantee meeting them. For the one riposte of the conservative activists is to evict the institutional Republicans and sit in their place.  There’s a widespread myth that “public service” is for idealists. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s for cynics.  That’s why the Founders hoped that every man would come to Washington and perhaps be president. Once. And then return, banished to their farms sated, never to hold office again.

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"...but there is one counterintuitive response: to redouble the grassroots revolt against the institutional Republican Party, a strategy that is not as crazy as it sounds."

There is another way. IRS and DOJ buildings start dropping like pancakes, and certain vehicles encounter roadside IED's.

The attack of Obama's DOJ and IRS, i.e. law enforcement organizations against conservatives is an attack on free elections and democracy in the United States. They can't have it both ways. They can't expect American's to abide by the Constitution and laws of the United States, while they violate the law, and the rights of innocent Americans willy nilly.

True, Republicans when once again in power, can elect a "junkyard dog" President, and put into the DOJ a hyper partisan AG, US Attorney's, and IRS chiefs with a mandated to flat-out, go after progressive democrats personally, hurt them, hurt their families, their churches or synagogues, and to indict, convict, and imprison anyone who gets in their way, including career DOJ and IRS government servants. They could do that, but then they'd be doing the same thing under color of authority, that rebels would do as indicated above, in directly attacking the property and lives of innocent (or otherwise) Americans. The morality of the actions are one in the same.

The Republic was founded to prevent that. Representative democracy was considered a better alternative than warlords and bloodshed. The Democrats obviously prefer the less peaceful alternative.

If you folks haven't read some of the comments on the NYT or WP websites after articles covering some of these scandals, you should. It is educational. When the progressives are not calling you an inbred idiot, they are in effect proposing the physical dimise of their conservative opponents. Their HATE registers a 10 on the Richter scale of evil.

"They"aren't some unfortunates in a mental institution, "THEY" are the Democrat party, and some of "them" are running this country. "They" are using law enforcement institutions to war against conservative Americans. Well, they will learn, they can't have a one-way war. There will be blood.

Now, I'm constrained by my Christian ethics. My ROE are set by an other worldly power. I can fight a war for my country, but would be hard pressed to lead a guerrilla war involving wanton murder of political opponents. Therefore, DOJ, you have little to fear from Christian conservatives like myself, beyond political opposition. However, there are secular conservatives who may not be so constrained. Most of us took oaths to our country, to preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Unlike progressives, we don't lie and we keep our commitments.

I've seen the Democrat left talking about 1860 version 2, words like "..these inbreds forget how that ended; I'm ready and willing to go kick their but and burn their cities and rape and pillage again ..", when in fact, these thugs have never seen war before. There will be blood, because Obama is leaving no other option. I strongly doubt that the Democrat left has the foggiest understanding of the storm they are brewing, or what it will cost them. They are clueless.

1 year ago
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Live 50 years in Chicago and you understand Gangsta Government the way you understand driving your car in your neighborhood.

You don't look at the signs, the street names, you don't think about pressing the gas pedal or the brake. You get in the car and it all just happens, without thought or purposeful act.

When political opponents are stomped on by One Party Rule, when going to court means facing a Greylord judge who is in the pockets of the bosses who put him there, when the job you want, the contract you want, the permit you controlled with an iron not only know where your bread is know that if you drop will have to eat it whether it landed butter side up...or down.

You will sooner find a Unicorn mating with Bigfoot in Chicago than a Republican conservative in power.

So, the litany of Gangsta Government abuses that are now becoming absolutely totalitarian absolutes...are not new to Chicagoans. You can't fight City Hall. And, they have repaved Pennsylvania Avenue, it is now LaSalle Street.
1 year ago
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Buraq's Choom gang at Justice and other agencies are outright criminals.

I can only dream of the day when the lot of them will be either executed for a criminally treasonous conspiracy to overthrow our
Constitutional Republic or put away to the end of their days in the hoosegow.
1 year ago
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All Comments   (67)
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ChrisP900 -"This is what it has come down to. With Holder in Justice, it's "selective law enforcement" all the way home. A demoncrat bundler for Edwards? A misdemeanor and a slap on the wrist. With D’Souza, a Felony and Million dollar fine."

Want another example? Kurt Mix gets charged with two counts of obstruction of justice with a potential of 40 YEARS in jail and a $500,00 fine for deleting text messages to his sister and two friends.

While Anthony Badalamenti of Halliburton gets one year probation, 100 hours of community service and a $1000 fine for actually ordering the destruction of evidence while it would have made a difference in containing the BP oil spill.

The difference? Mix believed the well could be killed from the top (as it was via the static kill - ) while Halliburton agreed with Obama that it would require a bottom kill by a relief well.

Obama and Big Government were DEAD WRONG. That is Kurt Mix's "crime".

1 year ago
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And to those who shout outrage and indignity at the D'Souza persecution, "How come Corzine isn't in jail? How come Obama got away with foreign campaign contributions in 2008?", I would say that you still don't get it.

None of those things will ever matter to 47% of the people living here. All that matters is voting for the person who is least likely to interrupt the magic government income stream. Period. Until you understand that, you cannot move forward.

In the past two weeks, Priebus has been shaking down the chamber of commerce for lobbying money like it's 1972. Boehner has been shaking down defense contractors for lobbying bucks like it's 1982. Rove has been shaking down politicians for consulting money like it's 1992. Tea partiers have sat around telling themselves that because they've won the war of ideas that this will magically translate into winning elections.

Meanwhile, the Dems have used a traffic jam and car accident to take out a viable candidate for president in 2016, and have used an Indian American political operative (to avoid accusations of prejudice) to take out an activist who is Indian American and by extension (guilt by association) effectively remove another Indian American who was a viable presidential candidate in 2016, with little or no effort and no cost to themselves. Evil? Absolutely. Brilliant? Absolutely. That is the difference, in terms of political tactics and competence, we face.

If the so-cons and fiscal cons cannot get their act together and find enough common ground to defeat Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Hillary, and Fauxcohontas, we are facing the second coming of Bolshevism. We will be facing decades of cultural Marxism, autocratic collectivism, persecution of Christians, and a permanently down economy. It took three generations for the Russians to slough it off. None of us will be alive when it is cast off here, if history repeats itself.
1 year ago
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There also isn't an external actor capable of playing the same role vis a socialized U.S., that we played viz the USSR during the cold war. As Steyn points out, with America gone, there's no where left to run. The USSR didn't slough off communism, it was defeated by external pressure exploring and exploiting internal vulnerabilities.
1 year ago
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The difference between what the administration is doing to D'Souza and sending people to concentration camps is a tenth of a baby step, folks. I have been saying this along with other commenters for years now. That time is here. Wilson did it 100 years ago and we are going to see it again by summertime.

Do not think that ANYONE whose politics are left of center will object. That mild mannered state college professor at the coffee shop, the mousy librarian who lives down the street, the cop or fireman who is the assistant coach your kid's little league team, the guy at your golf club who is a bureaucrat at the local HUD office, the town worker who you see fixing the potholes, your daughter who is pursing her masters and TAing in political science at the local community college and has bought into the left's ideology? All will cheer as they cart you off. Because the people they are carting off committed the greatest sin of all. They injected anxiety about the magic government paychecks into the lives of all those public functionaries. And no punishment is harsh enough for that. Literally.

Because the opposing forces live cheek by jowl, the coming civil war will be more like Beirut than Manassas. Other nations may attempt to take advantage. God help us all.

1 year ago
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It's only fair to point out that the president was going to start 2014 out on the theme of class warfare for two reasons: first, he is facing a string of foreign policy catastrophes and second, Obamacare will implode, buoyed up only by more borrowing or more more taxes or more premiums.

Given the oncoming trains, the pundits predicted he would compensate by waging class war or changing the subject or some combination of the two. Maybe he is doing that now.

The aggressive behavior and harassment may in part be driven by the administration's own weakness, by the need to change the subject. Better to talk about O'Keefe than what O'Keefe exposed.

In examining the correlation of forces one must never lose sight of the fact that the principle ally of liberty, namely God or if you prefer 'reality', or the law of unintended consequences cannot be subpoenaed. Murphy remains at large.

And Murphy is the downfall of every tinpot Boss. Who would have thought Detroit would run out of money. Well where's Detroit? It is because things fall apart that one should never imagine the Chicago boys will rule indefinitely. Sooner or later time will run out and money will run out for them.

Since the role of the Repubican party is to represent the alternative point of view, the obvious step is to cajole or threaten the Republicans with electoral punishment should they not hop to. Why them? Because they're the only ones the conservatives can directly pressure.

The Tea Party, whatever you think of it, can at least act as a spur to get the old gray mare going. Now maybe the gray mare is played out and bound for the glue factory, but at least one can try to get it going one more time.

And if it doesn't work -- then at least one knows where one stands. In sum, there is something to be gained by pressing the Republican representatives to do some representing. Who knows but they may find that the door will swing open for them because the Obama hinges have fallen apart. Any organization that can't launch a website; that gets itself beaten all hollow by guys with head wraps; that gets its ass handed to it by an opthalmologist in Damascus cannot be invincible.

God or Reality or Murphy --- whatever you want to call it -- is on the side of change. The truth is always stronger than it seems and the lie is always weaker than it pretends to be.
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1 year ago
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“And Murphy is the downfall of every tinpot Boss. … It is because things fall apart that one should never imagine the Chicago boys will rule indefinitely.” Yes. “The truth is always stronger than it seems and the lie is always weaker than it pretends to be.” Oh, yes.

Those who know the power of liberty should be confident of it. One free man will outstrip ten serfs or slaves. The ancient Greeks proved that against the Persian Empire two and a half millennia ago, and it’s been proven many times since.

During the Cold War, I was dismayed at how lacking in confidence many of the men of the West were. The Soviet army is ten feet tall, thought the CIA. Whittaker Chambers was sure he had moved from the winning side to the losing when he left the Party. Finally, Reagan, serenely confident of the superiority of the West—“We win; they lose”—swept it all away.

The Left is a lot better at gaining power than holding on to it. Their force is that of insurgency. Their weakness is governing, because their precious theories aren’t true, and thus don’t work.
1 year ago
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Many excellent points raised by previous posters. Many opinions as to our exact location on the goodbye gradient.

IMHO, the numbers are against the institutional Rs. Unless conservatives are prepared to rule as occupiers, something more than the most finely crafted campaign is needed. It is essential to progs nature that they will never accept limits, or any Constitutional restraint.

Most conservative sites are full of wonderful fairytale discussions on how to return to normalcy. Ain't gonna happen. The U S is occupied. The question is how to throw it off, and then how to build ( or maybe rebuild ) a republican society and country.

This will only happen if the underlying culture of dependency/dictatorship is altered, as the classic phrase said, in " the hearts and minds " of those now supporting the nomenlkatura, and the masses of clueless.

Bonhoeffer didn't bomb the third reich into rubble. I don't believe there will be an outside deliverer this time.

There is a precedent for stopping and reversing a big brother takeover. IMHO, playing through the "usual suspect" corrupted institutions isn't enough. Each must ask oneself : " Do I know anyone else in my block who feels as I do ? " If not, why not ? What can and will I do to make that a positive and growing number ?

The popular histories of the colonists successful resistance miss the base building necessary before the crisis.

I would urge familiarity with the principles here :

and the political organizing aspects of :

We are in a vast bowl of loinfo flour. Can we be the "Leaven" for peaceful change before it is too late ?
1 year ago
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The feds loudly announced an investigation against Congressman Curt Weldon weeks before a hotly contested race which he lost to liberal Dem Joe Sestak. Charges were never filed against Weldon. We have to realize that our federal law enforcement has become indisputably corrupt.
1 year ago
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Roughly the same happened to Alaska senator Ted Stevens, if I recall.

Yet more examples of how the GOP cannot or will not defend itself- even its elected officials- from the left.

More failure, in other words.

1 year ago
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Pure opinion here: The corruption of Chicago only worked because most of the remainder of the USA was reasonably honest. That is, although there has been corruption almost everywhere, it seems to be the exception rather than the rule. For most of our country's history the political cheaters, grifters, and swindlers have constituted the minority fringe.

Just as a farmer can still manage a profitable harvest despite a small loss to birds, gophers and bugs; just as retail stores can still show a profit on their sales despite a small but ineradicable pilferage from workers and shoppers; just as the 2,000 pound Eland on an African savannah can tolerate the blood loss of a population of ticks UP TO A POINT --- when the proportion of parasites sucking the lifeblood from a healthy host passes a threshold, the weakened host can crash very abruptly to malnutrition, diseases, and predators it would earlier have been able to fend off.

This is the so-called "Design Margin" or "Tipping Point" people so frequently mention in relation to a flying machine, a ship, a business or a sovereign nation.

So, the corruption of Chicago for more than a century sucked the wealth from the outlying cities, towns, villages, fields and factories of the State of Illinois, and the general wealth of the country. The sweat of tens of millions of honest workers provided for a century the health that has supported legions of corrupt bastards such as the current incumbents and their ass-licking minions.

Now those leprous demons of the Left think they can continue the same parasitical, UNPRODUCTIVE feeding at the scale of a Nation. They do not create any wealth or useful product or service; they only drain the lifeblood of a continent. In their lunacy they imagine that THEY are somehow responsible for the wealth they piss away.

Under their misrule, the country is becoming a vast ulcer - an open, running sore.

The moment is swiftly approaching when the lesions will either be cleansed with germ-killing antiseptic, allowing healing to begin, or the host will succumb, a rotten corpse crawling with maggots.
1 year ago
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There is a right way and a wrong way to go about destroying the current version of the Republican Party. The right way is to do what the anti-slavery people did in 1854; mobilize, create a party, have a platform so clear in its message and moral authority that it cannot be denied, nominate candidates, and get them elected under the name of the Party. In two short years the new as yet unnamed anti-slavery Party was calling itself the Republican Party and in 1856 ran John C. Fremont for president. They lost, but by then most northern Whigs had abandoned the party and went over to the Republicans, and Abraham Lincoln was elected president in 1860, albeit because of a North/South split in the Democrat ticket. The wrong way to destroy the Republican Party is to do so without having an alternative organized and in place, with candidates under the Party name on the ballot. Doing it the right way, the way the anti-slavery people did it in 1854, always assuming the platform message is a clear moral imperative, the Republican Party is either captured by the insurgents or it goes the way of the Whigs. The Democratic Party of 1854-1860 did not have the destruction of the United States as its principal policy; the Democratic Party of 2014 does. Do not destroy the only instrument at least plausibly capable of preventing the Democrats from achieving their goal before you have something better and stronger to offer. The Tea Party is not an organized political party. Make it so. Organize, raise a recognizable and effective national leader and conservatives like me and those here at the Belmont Club will flock to the colors.
1 year ago
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Many people at first blush feel that taking on the Republican party and it's Leadership is a fool's errand because they are just too powerful.

I say nonsense. I see a Party that has been bought and paid for International Corporate elite and their American lackeys like the Chamber of Commerce. I see a Party, that as a consequence takes positions that represent the interests of this largely foreign elite, and that clearly damage the interests of America and it's middle class.

As a result, I see a Party that is clearly vulnerable to wholesale decimation. All of it's established leaders from Boehner, McConnell, McCain, Ryan, and the rest have taken positions that run roughshod over our interests. Once an organized opposition behind a new party is formed, they're toast. They have no defense. They have only Corporate money, which once the truth gets out, will not save them.

1 year ago
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This is just a thought about political mechanics. Some have suggested that more states should join Maine and Nebraska in apportioning electors in Presidential contests by congressional district, instead of having winner-take-all. This would reduce the ability of the left to take a whole state through their machine control of big cities. Would this help in a transition to a third party? The Republican and third party electors would be free to join forces for a single candidate even on the first ballot, I believe.
1 year ago
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" have a platform so clear in its message and moral authority that it cannot be denied"


Once again, I say, this was the inspired tactic of Gingrich's Contract with America. It worked then and it can work now. The only internecine battles that should be fought should be over what the specific terms of the "contract" would be and those battles must be fought BEFORE the election.
1 year ago
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Bingo. I was thinking in terms of the Yishuv and Haganah route, but you've verbalized perfectly, the thinking behind my earlier post about voting GOP until a viable 3rd party is created. Thank you.
1 year ago
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"institutional Republicans are much more likely to hound their friends and protect their opponents."

Who knew? Barack Obama is clearly an Institutional Republican.

Now some may pedantically point out that Obama only hounds the friends of America and befriends America's enemies not his own but if ever there was a "L'État, c'est moi" person in America it is BHO.

Conservatives and especially Republicans are always reluctant to act locally. They seem to think that it is beneath them. We need redoubts and sanctuaries and positions from which to go on the offensive. Disorganized protests, a romantic belief in the masses flocking to the sounds of (even metaphorical) guns, will just add names to the lists for future retribution. We need to capture some governments, and then purge those localities of the totalitarians and their enablers as assiduously as Governor Cuomo seeks to purge NY of conservatives. Once we have the apparatus of District Attorneys and Judges and Law Enforcement in a few locations we can frustrate encroachments and move to challenge open breaches of the law. Such enclaves could grow like ink spots.

The model is self consciously copied from how the communists infiltrated and subverted in Vietnam. If Holder was afraid to set foot in large areas of America, because he feared arrest, then the momentum would shift. Right now we have only Sheriff Joe in Arizona. His exceptionalism is his weakness. He is to visible and vulnerable. We need a score such officeholders.
1 year ago
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I always wondered who got to Diane Ravitch. My money is still on a union.
1 year ago
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