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Calling All Comrades

April 21st, 2013 - 3:11 pm

The great genius of “liberation theology” was to repackage atheism in Christian terminology. Through that strategem it was possible for its adherents to convince people that it was really Christian to be atheist. People respond to language in a subliminal way, like cats. If you say something in tones that punch their emotional keys they are not apt to pick apart what it means.

By contrast it is far harder to argue things directly, as if in a foreign language even when the facts are on your side, for as long as the paradigm you invoke is a hostile one. The  Russians found the FBI deaf to suggestions that one of the Tsarnaev brothers was a radical Islamist. That went nowhere even though, as Jake Tapper notes, “intelligence sources tell CNN it is ‘rare’ for Russians to reach out like that, to ask the FBI to look into someone as they did with Tsarnaev.”

The problem for the Russians that such a suggestion ran straight into the teeth of conventional wisdom,  the idee fixe that homegrown Islamic terrorism was a just a boogeyman. Islamic terrorism is something that only the readers of Fox News believe in. But not the  ’reality based community’. Never the ‘reality based community’.  And since unicorns did not exist, Tsarnaev’s Islamism couldn’t. Roger Simon, commenting on Jake Tapper’s article writes about a particular kind of bias amounting to blindness:

Tapper’s right. … The Obama administration and most of those working for it have taken Islamic terrorism about as seriously as I am taking the Memphis Grizzlies/L.A. Clippers game currently on my TV — in other words, at best mildly interested. Not being a fan of either team, I could watch — I could switch to something else.

And when Islamic terrorism does rear its head, as in Benghazi, the administration evinces something worse than disinterest — dishonesty, lies, coverup and prevarication (sometimes aided by Tapper’s CNN cohort Candy Crowley). …

So why would we expect the nation’s police department — the Federal Bureau of Investigation — to take these matters with the requisite seriousness? The message they are getting from the top is …meh.

The Russians would have been far better served employing language the administration politically understood to get their point across. For example the Russians should have warned the FBI that Tamerlan was capable of embarking on a “rage filled rant” against Martin Luther King or that he was capable of “violence against women”, as indeed proved the case when he was arrested in 2009 for beating up his girlfriend.

And if that didn’t work they might have pointed out that the Tsarnaevs, as ethnic Chechens, were from the Caucasus. Therefore they were Caucasians. That would have pushed their buttons.

But don’t laugh. Finding the right frame to situate an issue is an important public policy skill. Despite his numerous crimes Al Capone was ultimately brought down on tax evasion. Richard Nixon fell, not due to any scandal of statesmanship but in the wake of a “third-rate” burglary at the Watergate apartments.

You couldn’t bring them down straight. But find the right angle and … as Archimedes once said ‘bring me a big enough lever and I will move the world.’ Tax evasion was the least of Capone’s offenses but that was the frame that would stick, the lever that would move the world.

Saul Alinksy understood the power of using one side’s language against itself. He always advised beating the establishment to death with its own rulebook. Why would anyone on the Left disapprove of the Boston Marathon Bombers simply because they attacked America or tried to maim and dismember people?  That was how Bill Ayers got his start in life.

But it might have been a hanging offense to point out that Tsarnaev could insult Martin Luther King or beat a women. If someone can find a homophobic utterance by either brother or show they ate  transfat cooked foods or drank softdrinks larger than 16 ounces then it will be all we can do to keep the surviving sibling from being lynched.

It’s not ridiculous. It’s not absurd. That’s how the liberation theology people attacked Christianity. That’s how Gramsci marched through the institutions. It works. Now that the Left is the Establishment what to do but beat them over the heads with their own rulebook?

Now Comrades, will you act? Will you learn the language of the narrative and speak in its terms?

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I am not "prepared to close their mouths" and would not substitute my own tyranny for theirs. I would rather live with men -- even enemy men -- than among slaves. But since they themselves have stopped their ears what remains to win the argument is to survive.

Reading through the history of the Old Testament prophets -- and prophecy is simply to tell the truth -- it is plain that knowing something is not the same as avoiding it. In most cases we already know the truth about our problems. In fact, I am half convinced that most people on the Left "know" they are wrong, just as gamblers know that gambling is ruining them, or obese people know that only eating less will save them.

But they can't bring themselves to do it. And even I were to convince them it would make no difference. Their problem is not entirely one of cognition. It is one of commitment to error. And commitment is an emotional investment.

They have to stop being what they are. And neither I nor any combination of conservatives, or whatever you want to call them, can change them.

But reality can. And if you look through history that's what changes things. Ruin, wreck and regret. The three or four horsemen of the apocalypse. The school of hard knocks. Sad experience.

That's what it will take. Of course one can speed it along with commentary, with engagement, with prophecy if you want to call it that. But in the end no pain, no gain.

A friend of mine once seriously remarked that the only way humanity has survived its folly is through the agency of either God or Space Aliens. I thought he was joking at first. And then I realized he wasn't.

Well maybe he's right.
1 year ago
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Regardless of whether the Watertown Sweep was a success or merely appeared to be a success, the mainstream media is portraying it as a roaring success. It appears that America's ruling class is learning the wrong lessons from the past week.

One does not need to be a conservative to be concerned about the precedent set by the Watertown Sweep. (But it helps.) There are good arguments that the sweep was counterproductive, that the eyes and ears of citizens were more effective than a sweep by uniformed police officers. Yet, even if the sweep were effective, there are constitutional fourth amendment concerns as well as practical questions of whether it is a good idea to shut down an entire city for a massive manhunt against one man – even if he happens to be a terrorist madman.

Back in 2008, there was something about the Obama campaign that just creeped me out. It wasn't just the children singing about Obama. It wasn't just campaign artwork that deified Obama and crowned him with an airbrushed halo. It wasn't just how women would faint at the sight of a man who was supposed to save America. It wasn't just how the Spiderman comic book lionized Barack Obama. It wasn't just the anarchist references in Obama's campaign artwork. And it wasn't just how highly educated people who ought to know better were falling for third rate agitprop in droves. It was the absurd theater of it all, the orchestrated chorus singing the praises of a sleaze bag.

I am seeing something of that orchestration now concerning the bombing of the Boston Marathon and its aftermath. People in Massachusetts may feel “Boston Proud”, but I smell a skunk in our midst. Where do we go from here? Are we going to turn one city after another into a domestic Fallujah every time an al-Qaeda sleeper cell sets off a bomb? Will Salon and equivalent magazines continue a campaign of race libel against rural white Americans – the “bitter clingers” – in the vain hope that can find a pretext to turn America's drones upon those classes of Americans they seek to oppress?

The events of the past week leave a bad taste in my mouth.
1 year ago
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The line of thought from Wretch that I keep going back to when dealing with the left is the "Power of No" argument. It is difficult to deal with a set of people who have become so utterly unhinged, so my response is simply to not get sucked into any of their gambits. I go in with the understanding beforehand that every premise they hold, every single one, is a lie. Take this self-styled notion that they are the "reality based community". Horsepucky. Nothing is farther from the truth. It is they who cannot handle reality, who will not submit to it. It is they who spend all their days in the realm of theory in trying to correct reality and overcome its problems. It is they who endlessly concoct central plans to forever bang round pegs into square holes.

Let's start with sexual differentiation among the human species. When I look at men and women, the differences between the two genders are so startling and profound that it frankly unsettles me. But the left cannot handle it at all. Women must be made interchangeable with men everywhere. Like Legos. If anything gets in the way, say biology for instance, it must altered or compensated for to achieve the social goal. That's the reality they accept. The New Reality, to be made, not the one that actual Is.

You go on down the line from here and into every single endeavor and the result is always the same. The leftist can't take reality. And sadly, you must go down the line into every single endeavor because that's where the leftists today are. They've wormed their way in everywhere. Today filling up my tank at the Army base a bit of propaganda piped in over the speaker from the Army's Environmental Command. Today's Army Earth Day, I found out as I received my daily talking points. You can't run and hide from these guys.

You can look over across the fence at the guy on a tractor sowing his seed, and be sure that everything he does is governed by the leftist (and I'd be amazed if any one of the governors ever brought in a crop). They're embedded into every action the man takes. Sure, the physical things and their use, the fuel, water, chemicals, etc. Even including as of last year, the dust his tractor kicks up. But also the intangibles, ie, crop insurance, farm loans, etc. Every year he's less his own man, and more of an instrument of Agricultural Policy. He simply can't be trusted by the leftist to do what's right on his own. We can't have that, that's too messy. Why it smells like that old nemesis, Reality, from which the leftist must mold one better. That guy's gotta be controlled.

These leftists will wreck everything, meaning our civilization itself, rest assured. Take them at their word it is their aim to wrest it and fashion it anew toward their liking. They will not stand for it as it came. Won't do. They cannot take it.

The only thing you can do is stop them, to tell them no, to not play ball. One cannot reason with them, for the problem is not a rational one. It's one based in fear. Fear of reality.
1 year ago
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Feeling overwhelmed by the vastness of the modernist nonsense? Better to get right with your God than to waste time and energy thinking about how to combat the cancer of leftism.

God has the cure, believe you Him. The vibrations of the unformed vocal chords of dying babies swimming in toilets reaches His ears. He will not be amused by the excuses offered at the visitation. You might want check the marks on your ledger.
1 year ago
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After all, is a Lefty is as intelligent as he claims, or is credentialed then he should be able to respond to an abstract argument.

After decades of submersion in a sea of musical leftists - a 'community' of dedicated, committed, anti-American leftists - I'll bear witness that almost none of them will respond to a reasoned argument. They simply won't engage. Leftism is a religion of true believers.
1 year ago
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Agree. This is for the most part a violent change from thirty years ago. The modern leftist is a leftard and in no way merits the old term "liberal", no matter that the term was already degraded 100 years ago from what it meant in the eighteenth century, from what it *sounds* like it means.

The modern leftist has checked out of reality, all you get from them is the la-la-la. You must talk past them, unless you want to engage in psychotherapy or linguistic analysis, their statements are just word salad, not to be taken at anything like face value.
1 year ago
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I must note that much has been made of Miranda rights -- and Darth Dzhokhar.

They are utterly irrelevant in this case. His prosecution does not turn on anything he now says -- nor on evidence subsequently discovered.

He's on video placing the backpack bomb -- and there are surviving eye witnesses.

It's first degree murder -- open and shut -- before they even picked him up.

Shooting at the BPD and murdering an MIT security officer -- are also of record -- and precede any possible self-incriminating statements.

So, Miranda exclusions are irrelevant. Discussion of which is chaff into the news hole.
1 year ago
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The Miranda talk is just proxy for whether he should be lynched or worse.
1 year ago
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Granting your specific points about the Miranda rights, there is an implicit assumption of good faith and competent actions and intent by the government.

Can he be convicted without depending on his statements under questioning? Yes.

Does the lack of Miranda warning give a opening to a Leftist defense attorney AND a possibly less than enthusiastic Federal prosecutor to collapse the case? Quite possibly so.

Does the lack of Miranda warning possibly give a precedent for the current regime to extend non-standard procedures to those it takes a dislike to? That is ... worrisome.

Given the sequence of what appears to be standardized incompetence by the government, accompanied by less than total candor, in this case; automatic assumptions of good faith are perhaps foolhardy. Until and unless I see signs of them acting in good faith, I will be skeptical.

Subotai Bahadur
1 year ago
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"Does the lack of Miranda warning possibly give a precedent for the current regime to extend non-standard procedures to those it takes a dislike to? That is ... worrisome."

Shucks, they already do that all the time!
1 year ago
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"Does the lack of Miranda warning possibly give a precedent for the current regime to extend non-standard procedures to those it takes a dislike to?"

I've been wondering that, too. What is this "public safety" exclusion?
1 year ago
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The Public Safety Exclusion reportedly refers to a case in which a police officer arrested a man and noted he was wearing an empty shoulder holster. The man had been in a grocery store just before the arrest and the officer - without reading him the Miranda rights - asked him where the gun was. The guy had hidden it in the grocery store and the argument was that the gun had to be recovered right away in order to preserve public safety - lest a 5 year old find it behind a Captain Crunch box and fire it.

I suppose that the Public Safety exclusion argument is that the terrorist may have set other bombs that had yet to go off or were part of a larger terrorist offensive.

It appears that they do not fear the information they gain before Mirandizing him will endanger the case because the information they gain that way will not be used in the prosecution. Note that in addition to the photos at the bomb site, they have the testimony of the owner of the carjacked car - to whom the two confessed their terrorist acts - evidence from the robbery of the 7/11, and the fact that they had bombs with them and used them when when chased by the police. For all we know there may be DNA evidence in the bomb remains and bomb making materials in their apartment. And of course he tweeted theats after the death of his brother. Open and closed case; they got all they need.

But let's face it, folks. They ain't worried about not Mirandizing him because the Obama Admin knows that their pet "Civil Libertarians" - which are nothing of the sort, the ACLU, the Trial Lawyers, 95% of the MSM, and so forth will not desert their cause in any case. And the perp ain't black so the NAACP's race pimps will not care. They have nothing to fear from anything they do to the guy as long as they don't turn him loose. They could hang him from his thumbs from a freeway overpass and question him and no oen would give a rat's rump.

Like usual for this Admin, they are the people they have been waiting for and can get away with anything.

If it was a Bush or Romney Admin The Left would be yelling their heads off already.

1 year ago
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The take away lines..."It’s not ridiculous. It’s not absurd. That’s how the liberation theology people attacked Christianity. That’s how Gramsci marched through the institutions. It works. Now that the Left is the Establishment what to do but beat them over the heads with their own rulebook?

Now Comrades, will you act? Will you learn the language of the narrative and speak in its terms?"

Per ErisGuy "Sounds like complete capitulation to Leftism to me."

How can both be right? In fact they are. Unfortunately EG, your comment is like two lines askew. Your line leads in the correct direction, but never engages their line. W directly engages them but has to follow, for a while, the line to nowhere.

Our efforts must be to move our line to thwart, stop, redirect and ultimately erase theirs, for no other option is left. It is time to release the hard men.

1. Why is there no terrorism against Islam? Our own restraint is why.
2. Why are there no private dollars planning a counter strike? See above.
3. Why do we (and I mean WE, not the MSM or government) not continually attacking Islam, in Arabic etc? (I need an Arabic or Farsi speaker near me)

We, we few (ouch!) can do it, if we dare.


1 year ago
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So the humanistic, religious, and libertarian opponents of Leftist should begin to use race, class, gender analysis, abandoning centuries of their own traditions and analysis, using Fanon, de Beauvoir, and Lenin as their guides instead of Pascal, Augustine, Aurelius, and Mill?

Sounds like complete capitulation to Leftism to me.
1 year ago
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Agreed, if we go that course. The latter have stood the test of time and will continue to do so, if we remain steadfast. With regard to the former, redouble our efforts to consign them to the ash heap of history, throwing Alinsky as well onto the fetid, smoldering pile.

I outlined a possible set of tactics upthread, here is a thumbnail sketch of an overall strategy:

There are correct lines of attack and effective tactics that may be used without sinking to the negligible moral level of the Left. They have played the long game and found at least temporary success. We must dig in and do the same, but in our case holding to that which is true, lasting, and above all good, and which is based on an accurate and unflinching view of human nature.

The Left's hall of mirrors will fall in under its own weight. We must stand ready with the truth and with means at hand to help put the pieces back together when that collapse comes, hopefully sooner and less traumatic than later.
1 year ago
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I wonder what would happen if the first charge brought against the younger brother would be the killing of his older brother. There are witnessses and pictures. You could make the case without charges of islamophobia, and you would put the multi-culti, islamophile sympathizers in the position of having to defend the killer of a "good guy." It won't win any arguments about the evils of the US, but it might just disrupt their narrative.
1 year ago
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But too tricky.

Eye witnesses and video footage place Dzhokhar placing the 2nd bomb.

Murder by explosive is automatically murder in the first degree.

The video footage of the drive-over figures to be poor, if it even exists.

The kid would even be able to claim sympathy for having lost his big brother.

1 year ago
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Some have suggested using Alinsky's tactics against the Left, but this would be to engage them on their own prepared ground. However, another set of options might be available. I've been mulling this over for a while and think it is time to take the wraps off of it--consider the ancient 36 Stratagems:

I wrote this a few months ago but revisiting it tonight, I think that it still holds up. Comments, feedback, and criticism are appreciated.
1 year ago
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John Gielgud as The Grand Inquisitor:

See especially from 18:00 on, and tell me your hair isn't standing up on the back of your neck.
1 year ago
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"Tell me how many you have been able to raise to Your level in all these 1500 years?"

But that is the only challenge worth the candle. And simply to attempt the challenge, even if only to fail is the solitary act of worship. I've often referred to the Story of the Grand Inquisitor both in this blog and in my novel. We want God -- or something like God. The real thing, and not a mud facsimile offered by the Party as a substitute.

Give us freedom if you would call us men.

And even though many of us would fain lay the burden of freedom down, still we repeatedly take it up. That is the impulse which tyrants harness again and again; for we are led to the jail by the chains of our own longing.
1 year ago
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I've long thought the forces of the Left are demonic. The original sin was for Man to try to become "as a god" himself, non? Also, see Evan Sayet on why liberalism not only does, but Must, side with evil, every time: it's built into their thought system.

They are the most dedicated racists out there, too. Working nonstop at demonizing all the persons of pallor in the world.

They despise Christianity not only because it is a rival to their belief system, but because it is the light of truth that exposes their inner darkness. The devil has always hated the Light.

Does this sound over-the-top? Well, just put aside the modern Western discomfort with taking religion and "all that" seriously, and do a thought experiment. Imagine that Christianity is true, that Jesus is the Messiah; that the Ten Commandments of the Jews (including "Thou shalt not covet") are the commandments from God.

Now a group of humans starts to form in the 1800s and explodes in membership in the 1900s whose whole aim is to usurp God's role in the world: because that's exactly what the Left is. THAT is the wellspring of their fanaticism -- their ambition, their colossal vanity, is that they are actually fit for the purpose of taking God's place. Remember, Alinsky openly dedicated Rules for Radicals to Satan.

Satan, if Milton had it right, would rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.

Also, they are very cunning about this thing with language: Orwell gave us the primer on how they bastardize it and call things by their opposite (like the Father of Lies, Satan). They also know, in a level beneath thought, that those who try to cling to truth will honor words and their true meaning -- that's how they deceive the honorable, again and again. The honorable who can never quite believe that anyone would be so knowingly wicked.

And I think they Do know that what they are doing is warring with God. Their anger, the explosive rage when they're called on their lies; the hatred they deny but aim like napalm at those they despise . . . deep down, they know. So they even have to call God and his people by the opposite of the truth, and the greatest lie they tell is to themselves.

Dostoevsky laid it all out in that chapter of The Brothers Karamazov, "The Grand Inquisitor." It's online; go thou and read it.

1 year ago
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True. If the racism, misogynism and homophobia of certain if not all disenfrachised communites could be brought into the open then it would either deprimitivise the offending cultures or force our establishment tyrants to temper their various stances. It is a start.

1 year ago
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