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How Did We Get Here?

July 24th, 2014 - 1:35 pm


Not so long ago, it was decidedly taboo to speak badly about Jews. Today, from tenured professors at major universities to mobs trying to burn down synagogues in Paris, people openly speak and write — sometimes cautiously, sometimes not — about the presumed malevolent power of Jews. Sometimes they carefully denounce “Zionists,” but open Jew-hatred is now commonplace, and the Jew-haters are getting a hearing.

It’s important to understand how we get from there to here, from a near-universal taboo against anti-Jewish remarks to toleration of nasty anti-Jewish incitement. And there’s no one who has provided as good a guide to that grim journey than Ben Cohen. It’s in his recent book, Some of My Best Friends.

Dramatic changes of this sort don’t happen quickly. Cultural paradigms — embodied in standards of “good manners” — change slowly, and it has taken several generations for antisemitic language to slither back into permissible discourse. One of the many great things about Ben Cohen’s book, which is a collection of his essays over the past several years — is his keen eye for the little watersheds along the way. Bit by bit, small event after small event, we got there. Kudos to Mr. Cohen for noticing them and doing the hard and depressing work of chronicling them.

These little events range from British court decisions to parliamentary debates, to administrative decisions at major and minor universities. Mr. Cohen writes with admirable restraint about the now-forgotten case of Ronnie Fraser, “an unassuming lecturer in mathematics at one of London’s further educational colleges,” who brought a court case against advocates of an academic boycott against Israeli academics and their institutions. He lost his case, thereby, as Mr. Cohen says, “(leaving) the definition of what constitutes antisemitism to (often hostile) non-Jews.” He quotes Fraser in a very important post-verdict statement:

For the court to say that, as Jews, we do not have an attachment to Israel is disappointing, considering we have been yearning for Israel for 2000 years and it has been in our prayers all that time.

Mr. Cohen warned at the time (2012) that the British decision would create a dangerous precedent, to whit that whenever Jews say that antisemitism is a major component of anti-Zionism, they are arguing in bad faith.

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I have thought that anyone who twisted logic, facts, and evidence to condemn Israel for protecting herself and her people were ipso facto antisemitic. If you listen to the arguments being made in favor of the 'poor Palestinians" you cannot help but choke on the smell. When a nation is being condemned for not willingly committing suicide then those who condemn are accomplices to wholesale homicide. Having said that..

I also have a visceral hatred for that particular strain of Bolshevism which has been working its way through the body politic in America for decades with the loudest most obnoxious voices coming from American Jews whose religion is secular and is practiced through politics. And I cannot help but notice how it is aimed at eliminating "religion" from all things public. It's a BS cover for eliminating Christianity since Christianity is the dominant religion practiced in America today and has been since the founding. Witness David Silverman whose atheistic group went to court to have the cross removed at the site of the former Twin Towers because he is OFFENDED at the sight of this religious symbol. Really? I am offended that he finds a symbol of my religion OFFENSIVE. He is but the latest example. The other is Mr. Chuck Schumer whose hatred was on display following the Hobby Lobby decision and who now wants to legislate how people's faith interacts with their lives. Too many talking heads and voices doing the bashing are left wing Jews. People aren't blind. They notice that Christianity is under attack in this country. What did you think the reaction would be? There aren't enough Mark Levins to counter the appearance of Christian hatred. So when you say there is a rise in antisemitism I know that if that includes a hatred for Chuckie and his ilk, Christian bashers and bigots, count me is. You cannot expect love when you dish out hate. And people notice. Some of that antisemitism could be a direct result of the Christian bashing that is happening in America.
And finally you are correct when you mention "manners" because years ago they counted for something. We had a polite society and things were not said because it was wrong to say them in public for many reasons the least of which was that a good person does not offend or hurt anyone. But the left did away with those standards too. Just too middle class. Not Bolshie enough. Ironic.

31 weeks ago
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Bigots like to hide in what are seen as anti-oppression movements - it's perfect camouflage. It's the most dangerous form of bigotry because those movements tend to get institutionalized over time and any hate-speech hiding inside will end up being mainstreamed into the public arena as seeming to be reasonable.

When higher education, media and gov't are in effect mainstreaming hate speech, what could be more toxic for a society. Both the problem and the solution lies in legitimate members of anti-oppression narratives calling out the bigots among them, but this seems to rarely happen. Another facet of this is that some anti-oppression movements over time largely achieve their goals and the happy moderates fall away, leaving mostly radical bigots.

This is both a question of perception and in researching people as individuals; bigots rarely take pains to hide their bigotry if you look at enough of their writing.

If you establish a simple definition of what actually constitutes bigotry, namely an ethnic group or sex that is profiled negatively by a person 100% of the time, it is usually easy to separate out the legitimate or naive from the haters.

In reality naivete and a lack of perception make this difficult to do. Anti-oppression narratives tend to have a noble sheen to them that protects all under their umbrella. We have editors and show hosts at The Atlantic and MSNBC who are pretty clearly anti-white racists. But then again... they're not.

The sum effect is that radical man-hating feminists benefit from egalitarian feminism. Jew-haters benefit from anti-Zionism. Anti-white racists benefit from the Civil Rights movement. Supremacist insane gay people benefit from gay rights. Even supremacist Jews and Arabs can benefit from calling up the specter of oppression, with pogroms and Crusades both real and imagined.

Suddenly, demonization theories that in other arenas might be seen as group defamation, are instead seen as noble social science, or even pragmatism. Words like "racism" and "supremacist" suddenly become strictly segregated and frozen in only one ethnic group or sex. The idea of a black racist, woman sexist, and gay supremacist become as unlikely as the idea is equally likely that men and whites have cornered the market on such things.

For reasons I don't understand, Americans seem dazzled by a movement that will stipulate the historic cultural failure of whites as an entire race with as much ease as they forbid the exact same mechanism applied to any other race. That's just plain nuts, and you'd think people doing that would be severely exposed by maintaining such garbage - but it works.

As I said, the answer is simple. Apply strict definitions of bigotry much the way our law or a baseball strike zone works. Tall people can't rob houses and get away while short people are always prosecuted. That defies all the Las Vegas odds ever thought of. So does an umpire calling 100 strikes in a row.

We have to see these things with clear eyes or we are through as a society. That's because if you take a away mechanisms that act the way law does, it is a destroyer of a culture and nation like America. It's pretty clear we are doing that exact thing.
31 weeks ago
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Hideous, isn't it? Saw something similar maybe ten years ago, and I see the head lopping stooges have only upped the ante of indoctrination. And still using the same old stolen bad copy costumes to boot.

I linked to something similar in response to a vicious American Jew hater a few weeks back when this bastard started up with this Veterans Today propaganda of JOOO global banker conspiracy and the like...

...asking him, "Here, justify this __hole."

And his answer?

Something along the lines of "Well, what do you expect these poor, displaced, persecuted,walled in Palestinians in their native land blah blah blah, and that I should be armed with the sound advice by reading Jimmy Carter's books to understand how Christians are also to blame for the terrible mistake in 1948. They were hoping to usher in Armageddon. Yep, that's right. We're all going to die! Thank you, grandma and grandpa.

You do know you and your family are what ails America and the entire universe for that matter, don't you according to Veteran's Today commentary. Mossad bringing down towers, and 9/11 was planned by neo chicken hawks with a willing dupe like George Bush, and and and....

I no longer wonder how an industrialized power like Germany could attempt to decimate an entire people. This world is made up of a great many sheep, perfectly willing to be led to the slaughter while bleating. Indoctrinate enough lemmings, and you've got the mob to follow you to unto death.

And that is exactly why a chill went down my spine watching Barack Obama mouth platitudes of nothingness in 2008 while standing in front of Styrofoam Roman Temples. Caesar Obama hasn't disappointed and in fact, has been even more grossly incompetent and thuggish than I predicted.

But perfects his prefects may have had a bit of introspection after the colossal failure.

Just not John Kerry.
31 weeks ago
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From Revelation Chapter 12:

Now a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a garland of twelve stars. 2 Then being with child, she cried out in labor and in pain to give birth. [The woman is the nation of Israel, as identified elsewhere in Scripture]

3 And another sign appeared in heaven: behold, a great, fiery red dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and seven diadems on his heads. 4 His tail drew a third of the stars of heaven and threw them to the earth. And the dragon stood before the woman who was ready to give birth, to devour her Child as soon as it was born. 5 She bore a male Child who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron. And her Child was caught up to God and His throne. [The child is the Annointed of Israel, the Messiah]

And war broke out in heaven: Michael and his angels fought with the dragon; and the dragon and his angels fought, 8 but they did not prevail, nor was a place found for them in heaven any longer. 9 So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was cast to the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

v. 13 Now when the dragon saw that he had been cast to the earth, he persecuted the woman who gave birth to the male Child. [Hence, the ageless persecution of the tribes of Israel, who gave the world the One who defeated Satan]

The world only makes sense if you read and understand the Bible.

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31 weeks ago
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Because God chose to use the nation as His note to the nations and promised to protect them even as He had them carried into slavery they have always been a special target of Satan's. The MSM, Obama, whomever is involved in any way simply shows who's team they are on by how they treat Israel. If they fear God they respect Israel, if they are Satan's dupes they hate her. In all this God is speaking to any who care to listen, and for those who prefer not to listen but yet know there can be no other rational explanation, there will be no excuse.
31 weeks ago
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I think antisemitism is part of spiritual warfare -- the devil doesn't like the people who carried the Torah. It is a soul-destroying hatred and should be avoided at all costs.

31 weeks ago
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The UN (& Obama/Kerry) are demanding Israel order to prevent the proof that the UN is assisting Hamas in attacking Israel from being presented to the also complicit: "maim" stream press.

If Jews control the press, how come the press...
31 weeks ago
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With all do respect I think you danced all around the root cause...but missed the cause completely...

Who is responsible for the anti-Semitism (dead Palestinian children)? CNN, MSNBC, BBC, ABC, CBS, et al: through wilful blindness and questions whose premise are based on rubbish.

By refusing to tell the truth, the "maim-stream" media creates anti-Semitism! eg:

By refusing to admit Hamas is solely responsible (dead children)..., and suggesting Israel is, those media perpetuate/encourage the behavior!

The 2014 Joseph Goebbels (Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany) Propaganda award goes to: its a tie: CNN, MSNBC, BBC, ABC, CBS, New York Times, Al Jazero, John Kerry and President Obama!

And BTW...If the media is controlled by Zionists, how come so much of the coverage is anti-Israel?
31 weeks ago
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The anti-semitic discourse was a fellow traveller of its predecessors. Without crushing them, anti-semitism will progress.

I’m surprised their aren’t “Zionist Studies” programs at universities modeled on the other illiberal, anti-democratic, anti-Western studies programs.
31 weeks ago
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"Where and How European Jews Are Winning - How Did We Get Here?"

In fact the Jews have suffered a lot, they suffered very terribly. and recently, the extermination of the Jews during the Holocaust was mainly based on "ANTI-SEMITISM" where was a common cultural hatred that was widespread throughout Europe, in particular "Central of East of Europe" and still so pervasive in so many countries in Europe. For example here, in Poland, is a nation still poisoned by anti-Semitism.

In general, the hostility against them in Europe it is an inherited hostility among Europeans since the Middle Ages, since the Jews migrated to Europe. They were always taken as scapegoats. Persecuted them, even they were persecuted lawfully, they were beaten to death, robbed, and burned alive, expelled them and chased them even to the birthplace of their Patriarchs in Jerusalem.
Now in the Middle East, where they originated, they are still the convenient scapegoats. Yet, with all of their painful long-standing history of the repression and suffering, they contribute more to mankind in one year than their potential killers do in a century or centuries. Today we see that Israel is one of the truly Great countries, and American Jews are privileged, wealthy, creative, and influential.
31 weeks ago
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If you want American gentiles to be on your side, Mr. Ledeen, will you at least be on ours?

The immigration crisis is an existential threat to the historical American nation, a nation founded by Europeans and based largely on the culture of Britain. Obviously the displacement of Anglo-Americans from communities and workplaces will ultimately lead to our disempowerment and marginalization. The Democrats support continued mass immigration because it neutralizes Anglo-American votes, and many in the business community support it because they want cheap labor.

Unfortunately, many Jews support mass immigration out of ethnic and racial prejudice -- they regard the white Christian majority as the enemy.

Do you want the support of the Anglo-American majority in the United States? You must give us support in return. If you want us to support the right of a Jewish ethno-state to exist in the Mideast, you must also support the right of an Anglo-American ethnic state in North America and help us put a stop to the ever more massive encroachments by Latin America into Anglo-America.

Quid pro quo. Don't ask us to support you if you're not going to support us.
31 weeks ago
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Dear Sir, there is no doubt about Dr Michael Ledeen's commitment and patriotism to his own nation and homeland, the United States of America. It is not fair and reasonable to doubt his love, ethnicity and loyalty for his own country "the USA". Dr. Ledeen's struggle and position on the Middle East conflict is exactly congruous with his struggle and position on conflicts everywhere else in the world, in places where NEITHER JEWS NOR ISRAEL INTERESTS could be found. For instance, away from Israel and the region, he was also one of the influential players in destruction of Evil Empire (the Soviet Union). So,I think you must address those who are struggling to humiliate that great nation and country, those whom struggle to promoting of the values of communism and socialism on the land of that great country, NOT Dr. Michael Ledeen. You must address and fight those who do not accept the Greatness of America, who want it to be weak not a dominant superpower. But on the other hand, this is normal, because they do not believe in good and evil, and do not want to understand that benevolent military force liberated countless millions from tyranny, slavery, and oppression over the last 238 years.

However, I am not an American, but I entirely agree with you that the immigration from the Third World and Southeast of Europe is an existential threat not only to the great American nation but to the White West and the Western values in general. For example, the United States and Europe and Australia today are overwhelmed by Moslems immigration and culture and NON-Moslems, they indeed are very much eager to live in the West but at the same time they detest the western values. Of course this is because of the clash of values and customs, the majority of immigrants do not want to be mixed with the western communities. They establish an strange and terrible neighborhoods, which in the end will suffer crime, backwardness and dirtiness as in London and Birmingham in UK, Paris and Naples and Rome and in so many cities in the West.
30 weeks ago
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"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

I interpret this to mean that the essence of what it means to be an American transcends ethnic and racial identity. In a sense it is a pact that every individual makes with America--The individual says 'I accept it is up to me to embrace Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, as far or as short as my ambition and industry will take me;' and in return, America says 'As long as you do, I won't hold what you are or where you're from against you, hell, I won't even notice.' This 'pact' holds for every American, whether native born or immigrant. The institution of slavery, the anti-Asian prejudice, the anti-Irish prejudice, all of the darker aspects of our history are examples of fallible human nature manifesting itself, are examples of individual Americans falling short of the true promise of this country. So be it. We try and fail, get back up and keep trying, both individually and as a people. That the whole racialist grievance industry and contemporary Left denies my belief and has institutionalized its rejection of America (because that is what it is) makes me furious. When I encounter even the taint of identity politics from the Right, my anger is doubled, first because of the falseness of the belief in collective guilt and the stupidity of overgeneralizing; second because to participate in the belief is to give a victory to the Left. There are plenty of good reasons to object to illegal immigration but pretending that there is coherent "White" culture that is being "diluted" is not one of them.
31 weeks ago
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Two factors that contributed to this were:

• The international acceptance of the Soviet definition of "genocide" (which was constructed to condemn the Germans while exculpating the USSR for its forced relocations of populations, and mass murders.)

• The Jewish community's acceptance of and valorization of victim status. This produced short term gains, but now drives Hamas' use of human shields.

When the American society accepted the idea of granting "rights" because of "victimization", it constituted abandonment of the critical idea that there are inalienable rights.
31 weeks ago
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I never noticed any Jews valorizing or accepting victim status.
31 weeks ago
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The concept of genocide was made by Raphael Lemkin, a refugee from Poland, I believe.
31 weeks ago
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Jews have a habit of making their own little culture and then sticking to it. Maybe communist Jews were an exception, but even they had a hope of living their Jewish way of life after communism took over.

Utopian schemes, and radical tribalism (such as Islam) can't live with Jewish culture, because it won't conform, and it is self sustainable, so it won't bend over time. Therefore, if Jewish culture is in the way of some scheme or the other, jews must be eliminated. Anti-semitism is "logical" in that sense.

In the end, its the Utopian schemes or Islamic tribe that have a short half-life before they self-destruct. But they can do a lot of damage to Jews in the mean time.
31 weeks ago
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A lot of it is simple envy. Jews behave as one giant family in a lot of respects. This gives them a competitive advantage against others who don't have that group support, in all kinds of businesses and occupations. Jews aren't the only ones who do this (Mormons do as well), but they are the oldest and most prominent extended religious family.
31 weeks ago
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