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9 Essential Paul McCartney Music Videos

Chronicling Macca and music video history.

Susan L.M. Goldberg


May 21, 2014 - 8:00 am
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Paul McCartney has had an affinity for filmmaking since shooting A Hard Day’s Night in 1964. The Beatles were the first band to play around with the idea of music videos. Filming a performance was easier than touring; getting artsy with their films was better yet. Beginning with the BeatlesMcCartney’s career chronicles some of the best, worst, and more bizarre in music video history. In honor of the release of Appreciate, here are 9 picks highlighting McCartney’s most adventurous takes in the world of music videos.

1. “Your Mother Should Know” (1967)

From Magical Mystery Tour, this is Macca’s foray into the 1920s. If the song seems odd, check out John Lennon’s face in the opening sequence. You can almost hear him thinking: “Paul, are you kidding me with this crap?” But, they all toked up and bit the bullet for Paul’s attempt to keep the band unified in the wake of Brian Epstein’s accidental overdose, memorializing for all time the image of four raggy hippie dudes dancing badly in white tails.

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I was hoping that "Pipes of Peace" would make the cut. Not a great song (I don't personally think Paul has had one of those since the Nixon era), but a nice film. I was always taken with the fact that someone cared enough to get all of the uniforms correct for the depiction of the Christmas Truce of 1914. Not many would care, but for me it meant a lot. I will watch the video this Christmas Eve, marking the 100th anniversary of that extraordinary event.
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