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5 Essential Hacks for Camping with Children

Don't forget these for a happy family adventure.

Bonnie Ramthun


May 10, 2014 - 7:00 am
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Camping season approaches, and spending time in the wilderness with your children is a joy but it can be a challenge too. Here are my five essential hacks for making sure the camping experience is a happy one for your family.

1) Bring Lots of Baby Wipes









If your kids are out of diapers and you don’t think you need baby wipes any more, think again. Baby wipes aren’t just for diaper changes. The cooling, cleansing feel of a baby wipe makes all parts of a camping trip better. We pack three or four containers for each trip. In the morning, use baby wipes to clean faces and hands before breakfast. After breakfast, the tough wipes can clean out pots and pans so the food ends up in your trash bag and not on the ground near your campsite. Swish water in the pans after you’re done and they’re ready for the next meal. During the hot hours of the day, a baby wipe cools and refreshes the skin. At night, baby wipes clean sticky marshmallows off delicate fingers and faces. Which brings me to…

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"1) Bring Lots of Baby Wipes"
A clean, damp structurally sound paper towel and we didn't think of it until recently? I will send my children off to college with these. Cute post.
42 weeks ago
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The SkyGuide app is also totally amazing! When camping my kids and I have so much fun pointing out different constellations, spotting satellites, and learning about the stars!
42 weeks ago
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Baby wipes are AMAZING! So amazing that I believe they were developed from alien technology acquired at the Roswell crash site. The data center techs at my company's data center tried everything to remove an ugly black spot on the floor right in front of the main entrance to no avail. I suggested baby wipes and they looked at me funny. Then two days later one of Techs came up to me a said it came right up! They were amazed!!
42 weeks ago
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42 weeks ago
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Forget the honey. Forget aloe vera.

Coconut oil.

What it does for burns is simply amazing.

Yeah, yeah, I know. "Don't ever put oil on burns!"

Coconut oil is different.

If I ever get rich, I'm going to find a burn specialist who wants to go down in history, and fund some serious medical trials.

42 weeks ago
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