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Manufacturing Disney Guilt By Association

Two recent news stories attempt to attach the Disney name to antisemitism and crimes against children, though the link to Disney in both cases is merely incidental.

Chris Queen


February 18, 2014 - 7:30 am
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Disney Guilty

No one in the entertainment industry bears the brunt of ire like Disney. For decades, Walt Disney the man and the company he founded have taken hits from critics, reporters, and historians. On far too many occasions Disney has come up against agents of disinformation trying to tarnish its founder, and the company at large finds itself the target of media hatred. From the antics of its former child stars – as if the studio could be responsible for their personal behavior – to the recent attempts to deface Walt Disney that seem to come from out of nowhere, members of the media try to attach any scandal they can to Disney, manufacturing a type of guilt by association.

Two recent stories in the UK’s Daily Mail signal this trend. In one article, a trio of would be child molesters work for Walt Disney World, while in the other, a Disney voice actor displays his anti-Israel hatred for the world to see. Disney has no direct involvement in either case, yet the authors of both pieces go out of their way to make the Disney connection in the headlines and in opening paragraphs.

Disney fired the Arabic voice of Donald Duck after he published an anti-Israel tweet:

Disney has dropped the voice of Donald Duck in the Middle East after he said Israel should be demolished.

Wael Mansour no longer works for the global corporation – whose founder Walt Disney was famously accused of being racist and anti-semitic – after he tweeted: ‘I truly wish #Israel is demolished, I hate Zionism, I have so much hate inside me with every single child they murder or land they seize’.

He insisted his message was ‘anti-Zionist‘, claiming Israelis were just a bunch of Polish / Ethiopian immigrants roughly 70 years old‘.

Note the dig at Walt in the second paragraph there – more on that later. Mansour sent the initial tweet in August of 2013, and he announced his firing earlier this month, also via Twitter.

He told his 5,000 Twitter followers: ‘Disney decided I am no longer the official voice of Donald Duck in it’s middle-east dubbed cartoons because of an anti Zionism tweet. Proud!’

His total has since rocketed to 30,000 followers.

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To be fair, Chris, the article attempting to connect pedophiles to Disney is simply sensationalist journalism. If you can scare people into worrying they might have had their kids right next to a dangerous pedophile, then you'll get them talking about your article.

I have no doubt that Disney Land and Disney World attract pedophiles like a magnet. Any institution that puts adults in close proximity with children is going to have this problem. Hopefully, Disney has a Youth Protection Program for all its workers that's similar to the one the BSA had. The best you can do is train other adults what to watch for, and hope they'll report another adult who seems to fit the picture.
1 year ago
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Walt was one of Hollywood's most pro-American and anti-Communist figures. Unlike rape or fraud, these are truly unforgivable sins.
1 year ago
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