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Israel: Leper or Light Unto the Nations? Part 5: Whichever It Is, I’ve Married It

A trip back to the States puts things in perspective.

P. David Hornik


September 1, 2013 - 11:00 am
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Each time I fly, my ability to enjoy plane rides declines a bit further. Yes, there’s still something in me that likes the change, the adventure, being served meals in the sky. On the other hand, you pay over a thousand dollars to sit in a way that, on a bus or train, would be outrageously cramped and unacceptable.

That’s how it was in mid-August as I took a one-week jaunt—via Brussels both ways—to the U.S. and back. Instead of succeeding to sleep on the flights, my contorted attempts to achieve a comfortable position brought back all my ergonomic symptoms—sore shoulder, sore thumb—from the preceding year. In the twelve-hour layover in Brussels for the return trip, I felt so lousy—physically—that I didn’t even bother leaving the airport.

And yet…it was all worth it. Not only to go to my niece’s wedding and see various people again, but because, like all my trips to the States since moving to Israel 29 years ago, it had rich and notable moments.

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"Israel: Leper or Light Unto the Nations?"

This question is easy: Light.

The best living conditions for average Moslems anywhere on earth is in Israel, which settles the comparison between Judaism and Islam. This is especially so given the absence of natural resources in Israel.

There's a reason that companies like Intel, IBM, Microsoft, HP, Applied Materials, Qualcomm, Samsung, Texas Instruments, Eastman Kodak, GE, Deutsche Telekom, SandDisc, Apple and others have located operations in Israel: it people. And I'm talking Jews here, not Bedouin "Palestinians."

Israel has established the place at the forefront of materials science, electrical engineering, agricultural science, software, medical technology and aerospace.

My proposal is that America trade 100 of our Moslems (including Rep. Keith Ellison, D-MN) for every Jew in Israel in an import/export exchange, with the Israeli Jews moving to America before the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei's nuclear missile hits Tel Aviv.

This would be a great deal for everybody. It would finally solve the Mideast Crisis, and we'd get to see how the Moslems fare without Jewish "occupation" as an excuse for all their ills. It would also improve American competitiveness.
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