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Why Would Anyone Want To Permit 100,000 Preventable Deaths Every Day?

Biogerontologist Aubrey de Grey explains why life extension technologies make people uncomfortable on page 188 of Glenn Reynolds' An Army of Davids.

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March 26, 2013 - 10:00 am

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All Comments   (5)
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The entry is short so maybe I'm missing something. Unless de Grey is suggesting that people will never die, those 100,000 will still be dying every day - just on a different day.
1 year ago
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To hell with 'em, Dave. People can't decide what the passage means without expert commentary?

I'm here to help, and i'm NOT from the government.

There is a basic problem with the concept of life extension. If the horizon is 20 to 30 years away, I promise than I'll be dead long before whatever the science and technology could possibly be of benefit to me, B Dubya, the egocentric center of my personal universe and the brightest light in the night sky to my one and only grandchild. (That's OK, by the way. Just part of the entry fee to being alive and I wouldn;t have missed this for anything)

I'm sure Mikey Bloomberg will be heartbroken. Most of what drives him, in relation to hes propensity for playing a nanny on daytime soaps, is the projected fear of dying that owns him. He's scared shitless to die.

Plus, there is this little bit that Mr. De Grey has apparently overlooked. Who does he think will be the beneficiaries of life extension in the age of Obamacare?
The watermellons want you and me dead and there is no way they are going to go along with a program that lets the wrong sort survive. Wealthy Democrats who make heavy cash contributionswould be acceptable, but those inbred redneck crackers (paraphrase of the enlightened Alabama state senator's email) will just have to go!
1 year ago
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