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Snowden’s Run: Hate the Traitor, Love the Treason

June 24th, 2013 - 10:10 am

I feel compelled to revise my earliest comments on the NSA Prism leaker, the man we now know as Edward Snowden.  My first draft on Snowden, before we knew who he was, and more importantly, his travel plans, said:

The whistleblower who blew up PRISM is an American hero who joins others who have kept the republic alive like Joshua Chamberlain and Harold Agerholm — which probably means the corrupt and dastardly attorney general will prosecute them.

That conclusion deserves revision, which I’ll get to in a moment.  But the rest of the original piece still stands, including:

Yesterday we crossed a line. What once seemed kooky is now happening. I figured this would be a fight for a future generation, but it is ours. The frightening future has arrived.  The American government has never done anything as sinister as PRISM.

Prism is invading constitutional liberties and appears to have accomplished next to nothing, except invading our constitutional liberties.  And for revealing this massive institutional invasion of freedom, whether treasonous or not, we are better off.

Loving the sinner and hating the sin is a concept familiar to many.  With Snowden, the reverse is appropriate. We should be thankful we know about Prism, but should pursue the scoundrel to the ends of the Earth.  Unfortunately, that means a journey to countries known more for the oppression that Snowden purports to disdain.

For starters, Snowden’s first destination, Hong Kong, is under the effective control of the Red Chinese, the same gang that kills Catholics and hacks America regularly.

Then he exercises doubly bad judgment by boarding an Aeroflot flight to Moscow for refuge. Putting aside Aeroflot’s safety record, Russia is now a nation more known for oppression of political opponents than transparency.

Of all the foreign intelligence services, is there anyone who would want to “debrief” Snowden more than China and Russia?

Not content to visit only a pair of oppressive regimes, Snowden’s plans also included Cuba, Venezuela and Ecuador.

Simply, Snowdon is a fool.  He professes to care about liberty, then flees to nation which opposes it.  He professes to care about transparency, then flees to nations with active secret police.  Snowden is a traitor to the nation, even if his treason might help save it.

Ultimately, this story is not about Edward Snowden. It is about the government behavior he revealed.





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Another explanation for his travel plans could be that he knows that even this administration would be hesitant to have him killed while in China or Russia. If Snowden had gone to say, the Bahamas or Greece or some such, he would already be dead.
1 year ago
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With all due respect, do we really know whether Snowden even left this country at all? Consider what he did. He knew everything that the NSA could do to find and trace someone, so he knows exactly what NOT to do in order to be found.

The reports of his travels appear to indicate a haphazard and amateurish flight, and this doesn't seem to make any sense. If the intent was to give information to our enemies it is ridiculous to think that he would need to go there in person and then leave. Are the stories just elaborate decoys of some kind?

Something about this just really doesn't make sense at all.
1 year ago
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