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Freaks or Farce? Glorifying Human Retrogression

May 23rd, 2013 - 11:16 am
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It’s hard to know if this video is a Spinal Tap style farce, or a freakish collection freeloaders glorifying the retrogression of human progress.  They are living as humans in the west lived in the 18th Century, except without the work ethic.

They get free food, produce little, lounge around in tents, pee into hay bales, dumpster dive for food and beg.  We know them here in the United States as hobos, bums and the people under the bridge.

One woman says “it wasn’t really a conscious decision” to live like this – how could it be!?

But they’ve adopted the “Eco” label.  Eco-This, Eco-That, which buys good press for what is otherwise a shameful waste of time and talent.  Their “Eco-village” dispenses with one of the most important human inventions to aid good health: sewage systems.  The village represents an environmentalist crusader’s dream – humanity reduced to low impact animals with minimalists footprints.  A side benefit, according to one Eco-Hobo, is a “peaceful solution to the problem of humanity.”

Sure it is.

h/t to the Man on the Nag.

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If they don't know things like how to dig a proper latrine, quicklime, groundwater contamination, etc., they are going to havenasty stuff like Typhus, Cholera and dysentery creep up on 'em...not to say a lot of other icky stuff.
1 year ago
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I can't get enough of this video. Now I want to find a "free shop" near my house to go buy old plastic soda straws or expired food from.
1 year ago
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