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Ed Driscoll

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August 7th, 2014 - 6:09 pm

Hi Andrew,

I’m writing because I just can’t deal with my father anymore. He’s a 65-year-old super right-wing conservative who has basically turned into a total asshole intent on ruining our relationship and our planet with his politics. I’m more or less a liberal democrat with very progressive values and I know that people like my dad are going to destroy us all. I don’t have any good times with him anymore. All we do is argue. When I try to spend time with him without talking politics or discussing any current events, there’s still an underlying tension that makes it really uncomfortable. Don’t get me wrong, I love him no matter what, but how do I explain to him that his politics are turning him into a monster, destroying the environment, and pushing away the people who care about him?

Thanks for your help,

Son of A Right-Winger

Dear Son of A Right-Winger,

Go back and read the opening sentences of your letter. Read them again. Then read the rest of your letter. Then read it again. Try to find a single instance where you referred to your dad as a human being, a person, or a man. There isn’t one. You’ve reduced your father — the person who created you — to a set of beliefs and political views and how it relates to you. And you don’t consider your dad a person of his own standing — he’s just “your dad.” You’ve also reduced yourself to a set of opposing views, and reduced your relationship with him to a fight between the two. The humanity has been reduced to nothingness and all that’s left in its place is an argument that can never really be won. And even if one side did win, it probably wouldn’t satisfy the deeper desire to be in a state of inflamed passionate conflict.

“Another Reason to Love Andrew W.K.,” from Lisa De Pasquale at

(And once again, a reminder that Krauthammer’s Law is still the law of the land.)

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"I’m more or less a liberal democrat with very progressive values and I know that people like my dad are going to destroy us all."

He forgot to point out how tolerant he is except in the face of really stupid people who don't understand what a bunch of assholes they are.
28 weeks ago
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It really pops your balloon, as a young idealist who still believes all they were just taught in most colleges, to have your dad point out, on the basis of actual experience, why your big government utopia is doomed to fail, leaving you and your kids worse off if you manage to stay alive at all.

One of the things I like least about being older and wiser is that many of those who might benefit thereby, including those I love most, just don't want to hear it.

Ultimately, I decided the shipwreck likely won't happen until after I'm dead, so why am I worried about its effect on anyone who voted for it?
28 weeks ago
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