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Ed Driscoll

It’s Deja Socialism All Over Again

July 21st, 2014 - 7:26 pm

Now is the time when we juxtapose, Small Dead Animals-style:

“Elizabeth Warren Would Be the Most Liberal Democratic Nominee Since 1972.”

– Headline, FiveThirtyEight, today.

“Study: Obama most liberal senator last year — A new study suggests Obama had the most liberal voting record in 2007.”

– Headline and lede at CNN, January 31st, 2008.

In both cases, the headline writers spelled Leftist wrong — and in both cases, the far left senators had nightmarish theme songs to kick off what seemed at the time like longshot presidential bids. And in both cases — well, if I was Hillary’s campaign advisor, I’d be more than a little worried right now.

Minor language and sanity warnings apply:

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Lizzy Warren's recent Eleven Commandments translated into actual English:

• We believe that your money doesn't really belong to you, it belongs to us, us being the Left.

• We believe that Wall street is evil incarnate and K Street is clean as the driven snow (as long as they donate only to us) and that Fleet Street is totally in the tank for us.

• We believe that you have to spend the way we tell you to what little money we let you keep for yourself anytime we get a bug up our butt on some idiotic social issue.

• We believe in science -- except when there's math and stuff that prove us wrong. Like global warming. Or nuclear power. Or genetically modified grains. Or vegetarianism.

• We believe that at $15 bucks an hour "living wage", a McDonalds burger flipper should be paid more than a US Army soldier engaged in combat action in Afghanistan.

• We believe that people should retire with dignity -- but not with their 401ks! All that sweet, sweet untapped 401 money belongs to the Government. Here's a (ha!) voucher for what you used to have in the bank.

• We believe that equal means equal -- unless you're one of those knuckledragging teabagging guntoting Biblethumping Kochbrothering chillbillies that don't toe our Thought Control line.

• We believe that when you say "immigration," you only means Hispanics like we do, you racist you.

• We believe that corporations shouldn't be able to spend money on politics unless those corporations are incorporated unions or Non-Profit corporations like Sierra Club, and then the sky's the limit!

• We believe that Hobby Lobby has something to do with Sandra Fluke not getting her $9-a-month birth control pills free. Oh, and Wendy Davis wears sneakers.

• We believe that it's impossible for a woman to get birth control pills unless the government uses the full force of law to make a Christian pay for it against their will.

We believe that it's government's job to prevent you from being ABLE to say "I've got mine!", let alone "I've got mine, the rest of you are on your own." Who do you think you are anyway, you low-born forelock-tugging prole -- A Kennedy? A Clinton? A George Soros?

31 weeks ago
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Liberalism was always a mask for Communism: FDR’s brain trust and closest advisors were either sympathizers, fellow travelers, or spies.
32 weeks ago
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Just in case somebody missed this one (be a bit patient, the fun starts in a moment):

32 weeks ago
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The interesting thing here is Obama was rolled out in the same messianic cultist way, but politically, Axelrod and Jarrett kept him as a cypher to voters as much as possible, because they knew he wouldn't have even beaten Hillary in the primary, let alone McCain in the general election, if he had said what he really believed and not voted 'present' on every controversial issue. In contrast, the left with Warren is so sure they've found the key to winning the presidency -- just take the Obama 'historic first' template and apply it to a woman, Latino, Asian, LBGT on through the middle of the century -- they're not even hiding Warren's political beliefs.

They've come to believe anyone they put up will win as long as they follow The Formula, so why hide who they really are? It's a major show of hubris by people who truly believe Obama's failing only because he hasn't been liberal enough or authoritarian enough against his and their political enemies.
32 weeks ago
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"“Elizabeth Warren Would Be the Most Liberal Democratic Nominee Since 1972.”

Fascist is not spelled l-i-b-e-r-a-l.
32 weeks ago
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Hey look! That's Edward Snowden on the right.
32 weeks ago
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