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Ed Driscoll

Hi Larry King, I Have Your CNN Bias Right Here

February 13th, 2014 - 10:35 am

“Talk-show legend Larry King says that, despite claims the news media have an agenda and slant their coverage, he has never seen bias in reporting in all his years on television and radio,” Bill Hoffmann writes at Newsmax:

“I worked at CNN for almost 26 years. I worked in Mutual Radio for 20 years. I’ve been in the business 57 years. I have never seen a bias off the air or on,” King told “The Steve Malzberg Show” on Newsmax TV.

“I’ve never seen anyone say, let’s go get this person today, let’s really ram it into him. I’ve never seen it. If a Democrat or Republican commits some horrendous story, the story will run, the networks will cover it.”

“I have never seen anyone at CNN ever say, boy, here’s how we’re going to deal with this today to put this guy down and elevate this guy up. I’ve never seen it,” King said Wednesday.

Really? I have:

Hoffman adds, presumably more than a little incredulously,¬†”That even extends to coverage of political events, King insists:”

“I’ve covered every convention since 1960. I’ve never gone to a convention with a built-in bias . . . It’s the truth. It’s not a feeling. It’s not an opinion . . . It’s my experience.”

You mean like the 2008 Republican convention, about which, one CNN host said on air, “It literally look[ed] like Nazi Germany — it really did.”

Not to mention all of these examples rounded up here, including baking a cake to celebrate on-air the one year anniversary of the fiscal sinkhole known as the “stimulus, and the previous year, inviting a chorale on the air to help usher in the joys to come of Obamacare. And I’ll bet Mitt Romney could name a few examples of bias. Not to mention more than a few guests of Larry King’s successor.

And then there was the admission by King’s former boss that his network looked the other way at Saddam Hussein’s censorship — before going on to claim at Davos that the US military was targeting journalists for assassination.

Recently¬†Hiroo Onoda died, the Japanese soldier who spent almost 30 years hiding out in an island jungle, not realizing that the war had ended. Like Onoda and Imperial Japan, Larry doesn’t realize that the era of the self-described “objective” news media have ended as well, and thanks to the Internet, claims that there’s no bias at a particular network are remarkably easy to bat back.

What are you favorite examples of CNN’s bias? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

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You seem to be suggesting that Larry King is horribly misguided, and needs to be educated.

I suggest instead that perhaps he is simply a liar. If he has not seen bias in the newsroom in his career, then he has been a blindfolded journalist for decades.
50 weeks ago
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Can you say "Candy Crowley" as moderator for the Presidential debates? Generating a list would be burdensome. To go back and profile the coverage/lack of coverage would only point out what we already know. But a few more; lack of coverage on IRS, Benghazi, Fast and furious. Failure to report the increasing black on white crime epidemic, oh we all know and it gets tiresome pointing out how distaff the legacy media has become. I remember when the news more or less resembled the news.
50 weeks ago
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CNN cutting away from Condi Rice's 1992 GOP convention speech to claim the GOP was racially monochromatic.

In fact, they did not broadcast any of the non-white speakers that night (the Vietnamese refugee who fled to the US and worked his way into becoming a successful businessman and US Rep, the GOP Hispanic lady, etc.), all the while -- you guessed it -- complaining from their anchor booth how white the GOP was. Their camera angles were very carefully positioned to make sure not to show the Baghdad Bob-sized lie down on the speaker's rostrum. It wasn't just chance.

Those of us watching the uninterrupted CSPAN feed of the speakers and flipping to CNN for commentary immediately could see what they were up to.
50 weeks ago
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