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Dr. Helen

Is Discrimination Against Boys Ruining the Economy?

May 2nd, 2014 - 5:08 am

This is an important question, but the more important one is “does the current government care?” “Probably not,” I thought as I read this recent article at the NYT’s entitled “A Link Between Fidgety boys and a Sputtering Economy?”:

By kindergarten, girls are substantially more attentive, better behaved, more sensitive, more persistent, more flexible and more independent than boys, according to a new paper from Third Way, a Washington research group. The gap grows over the course of elementary school and feeds into academic gaps between the sexes. By eighth grade, 48 percent of girls receive a mix of A’s and B’s or better. Only 31 percent of boys do….

By kindergarten, boys already fare much worse on social and behavioral measures than girls. The gender gap is even larger than the class gap and some racial gaps…

And in an economy that rewards knowledge, the academic struggles of boys turn into economic struggles. Men’s wages are stagnating. Men are much more likely to be idle — neither working, looking for work nor caring for family — than they once were and much more likely to be idle than women.

We reported last week that the United States had lost its once-enormous global lead in middle-class pay, based on international income surveys over the last three decades.

The traits that boys have in our current school system are seen as destructive and annoying. Our society does not reward “knowledge” as much as it rewards conformity and feminized traits. Teachers who don’t like the way boys act, particularly female teachers, give boys bad grades.

Add to this discrimination the current administration’s war against college men and you have a recipe for men bailing out of the system, going to the underground economy, or saying “to hell with it” and getting disability payments. Perhaps this is the plan of the current regime.

Boys and men are marginalized (unless they take up with the PC ruling class as many do), the politicians are made to look like they are helping girls and women who turn to them for ever more goods and services and the economy not only sputters but starts to sink. People groan about the poor economy, not realizing that they are the ones contributing to it by their compliance and the circle is complete. Will we break it before it is too late?

What do you think?

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Well, that's interesting. I was debating about this very same subject a couple of days ago.

I'm european, and from I can see here, US is done. Of course, Europe is not much better, but at least we have the advantage of being composed by different countries with different policies, so we're safe from any Obama that could screw the whole continent. And it seems that people is starting to react here: next european elections, this month, can turn everything upside down (hope). Polls say, for example, that in UK the UKIP, a libertarian and politically incorrect party has become the first political force by far, overrunning both Conservatives and Liberals. Some countries here will be done for sure, but I hope that other ones keep the torch up so we still have a chance as a continent.

But US... it seems that politics there is jammed in the current political climate. Traditional WASP (or similar) middle class men are opting out. And those men were the skeleton that made US an industrial leader. US has been destroying their productive male middle class on purpose because they were 'privileged ones'. The problem is: once you don't have a productive male middle class anymore, who's gonna pay the bills?. By now, the problem is hidden with US running on debt to pay those bills. But the world is quickly throwing away dollar as main international currency. It's true that right now US can print dollars to pay back his debt, but time will come when US only will be able to borrow money in foreign currencies. That moment, no more easy debt, no more dollar printing, who's gonna pay the bills? Women? The currently successful women will be then in their 40s, and they won't have their mind in their career or in building enterprises and they won't give a sh*t about their country needing them, because for a woman, her children go first. Ethnic minorities? Are the aspirant rappers gonna compete with the overprepared and extremely competive current Korean or Chinese generation?. No way.
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43 weeks ago
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"Will we break it before it is too late?"

It's already too late. If, instantaneously, all across this country, schools and families were all reformed to correct this problem, it would still be about 20 years before you started to see even the first results in the economy and adult society, when the boys raised under the new conditions started to become adult men. And it would be decades more before all the men raised under the previous conditions aged out of their working and breeding years. There isn't any way you can take an adult man and somehow magically give him a different family, education, childhood, and life history than the one he had, or make him any different a man than he is as a result of those things.

And that would be even if there were some way to quickly fix this problem right now, which there isn't, especially given the fact that functional, well-raised men are both a necessary input into, as well as an output of, the family side of the phenomenon.

The cake is already baked. We're going to be dealing with this problem for a very long time, and there isn't a thing we can do about it except in the very long term.
43 weeks ago
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Girls mature faster and possess different skill sets than boys. That's just a fact of biology. The extent to which the school system denies these essential differences, and does not implement courses designed to teach skills that are specific to each sex, it harms both boys and girls.

For example, when I was in middle and high school, there was a shop for automechanics, a shop for carpentry and woodwork, a shop for electrical engineering, and at the high school there was a gun range on campus for the ROTC students, but was open to anyone. Lots of guys came to school with their hunting rifles on the racks of their pickups and stayed after school for target practice. None of them went berserk and started shooting people. Plus, we had recess and PE, time to play and exercise, lots of running and jumping around, track and field--we had a complete decathalon set, pole vault, discus, shot put, everything--it was strenuous. But dodge ball was the most fun. The coaches would take six PE classes, put three on one side and three on the other side of the gym, that's around 90 boys on each side, then throw out fifty soft red balls, and let the war begin. And it was war, but it was fun. I pity the boy who never got to play dodge ball.

No girls took these courses. Of course, they had their own PE classes, but they didn't play dodgeball. They did track and field, tennis, volleybal, stuff like that. They took courses in home economics, which taught cooking and baking and sewing but also financial management, and courses in typing. They learned skills that would help them run a home or get a job as a secretary--and don't knock secretaries, a good secretary is hard to find; she basically runs the entire office. If you have one, pay her well. I know secretaries that make $40,000/year.

The point being is that some if not most boys are not academically inclined. It's boring to them. Of course they need to learn how to read and write, and if they don't like it, tough. But they're much more inclined to working with their hands, taking things apart, putting things together. If allowed, naturally they would gravitate toward courses like automechanics, carpentry, electrical engineering, courses that will help them develop necessary skills so that they can get a job after graduation. They don't intend to go to college, but a vocational school so that they can become a licensed mechanic, carpenter, electirician, a contractor, even a plumber but we didn't have any courses in that. Two years, 1/4 the cost, and then they can start working, maybe start their own business.

The problem is that vocational courses have been largely removed from most high schools. As has recess and PE and dodgeball. Boys are not allowed to be boys, and are not provided with courses that help them develop employable skills. Instead, they are expected to sit quietly and study boring feminist crap, and if they get bored or restless, they're punished or drugged into oblivion.

So, yeah, this will inevitably lead to economic and social decline. Boys are not allowed to be boys, men are not allowed to be men. It's cultural and it's suicidal. Look at how many TV shows these days are about tough, strong female detectives with guns, who can beat up a man that outweighs them by 100 pounds, solve crimes that male detectives cannot. How does that comport to reality? It doesn't.

This is all part of a pogrom that started over 40 years ago. It's the communist's manifesto to dismantle America. Break up the nuclear family, disenfrachise men, particularly white men, take over the schools and the media, promote no fault divorce, abortion on demand, etc. And they call themselves progressives.

It's all about ruining the American male. When will it stop? I don't know. But it's been over 40 years in the making, so I suspect it will take at least that long to dismantle it.

43 weeks ago
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This disturbs me because all I have to go on is the data. I don't remember this being the case when I was in school, probably because few of the female teachers were feminist-influenced, in my estimation. Many of them grew up less urbanized settings, where their brothers were free to be boys, so they expected us to have a wild side and they knew how to deal with it.

Sadly, the troublesome boys I remember came from broken homes. Of course, that's much more of a "norm" now.

Makes me wonder if the statistics we're looking at control for family status.
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As Jared Diamond mentions in Collapse, as long as the people who are responsible for making decisions are insulated from the consequnces of those decisions, decline is inevitable. The signs of male malaise are there for all to see, but they keep being misattributed to other factors, or simply ignored.

You don't have to run faster than the bear, only your friend. As long as all industrialized societies marginalize men, there's no reason for anyone to notice the source of the problem, and male potential will continue to be squandered.

My deepest fear, and I hope I'm overreacting, is that humanity gradually evolves into the economic, social, and cultural equivalent of the praying mantis. The males live short, unhealthy lives, are decapitated as part of the copulation process, are canabalized by the female, and take no part in the raising of the young. The process continues because it's capable of continuing, not because its causes mantids to live meaningful lives.

How is this different in principal than the current script for men: go to college, get a good job, get married, get divorced, lose everything you've ever worked for, see your kids on weekends if you're lucky. Once this becomes the new normal, the marginalization of men might be irreversible.
43 weeks ago
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Great insights!

Of course, schools have never been very boy friendly. I can recall why I survived my early grades (mid-1950s) despite being bored and frustrated by sitting in a classroom. We had a boyish, anything-goes recess that really was a time away from the control of teachers. Kick ball, dodge ball, Red Rover and all that. That let me burn off enough energy to cope with all that sitting and staring at a blackboard.

I'd add another criticism of our current school system. It rewards passivity and conformity (being like a girl) and punishes boldness and risk taking (being like a boy). Boys are even being medicated so they act like girls. The result isn't going to be healthy for an economy that needs innovation.

That's particularly true when we realize that this isn't 1814. There are many skills that schools can teach that are necessary for success in our technologically complex society. We do need schools to teach boys excellent literacy, the ability to express themselves, and sophisticated math and science. Without that, all their aggression and risk-taking won't accomplish much.

I would suggest a different tactic though. It's never a good idea to depend for success on your opponents coming to agree with you. That's particularly true when those you disagree with occupy an idea-free zone like university ed schools. Fight back by coming up with after school and weekend activities for boys that are really For Boys. Turn that unproductive anger by men away from hating feminists and toward training boys how to be men.

You'll know you're succeeding when feminists go ballistic and launch nasty attacks on what you're doing. Let that inspire you do do still more. Don't whine. Play to win and take criticism as an indication that you are beginning to make an impact.

And while you're at it, encourage boys to read books that affirm what it means to be a boy. Here's one I just discovered and a good place to start.

"This Newbery Honor book is a dramatic, heart-stopping story of a boy who, following a plane crash in the Canadian wilderness, must learn to survive with only a hatchet and his own wits."

Heck, at just $4.22 for the paperback version, men could afford to give copies away to boys they know.

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Yes. This was discussed in "The Misandry Bubble" four years ago.
43 weeks ago
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