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Dr. Helen

Milt Rosenberg Interviews Me About Men on Strike

April 5th, 2014 - 4:42 am


Social psychologist Milt Rosenberg of and his own Website interviews me about Men on Strike:

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All Comments   (2)
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I've FINALLY realized I am "gender wars" illiterate & Thank God & my GENIUS PARENTS for it. I had an equal # of "boys toys" to "girls toys" growing up & frankly didn't know the difference until other kids pointed it out & it still made no difference. In my ethnic Italian neighborhood cooking was a "family project" & EVERYONE was in the Kitchen working at the same time. As far as I am concerned the only noticeable difference is some of us are born into female bodies (like me) & some of us are born into male bodies (like Hubby). Both my Mom & I struggled with discrimination in the workplace, so we just worked harder & kicked butt on our various jobs, & succeeded through skill & sheer will-power. I also never got a guarantee with my birth certificate, that life would be easy or "fair" (whatever that means)...did I miss out on that "guarantee" as well as the "gender wars"? If so, I'm glad I did. I have never thought of men as anything besides "other human beings" I share this world with. Some I like, some I don't, (just like women), so I am CLUELESS as why men should be victimized any more than women should be. Life is SO MUCH easier if we just "do unto others as you would have them do unto you"...notice how there is NO REFERENCE to gender?
46 weeks ago
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What took them so long.

And why did, do, they need someone else, Some "expert". Some Uncle to "fight their corner" agains Aunt Oprah and clones of the Cult of "Fundamental Trasnformation"?

What happened to what once upon a time essential, according to propaganda, of the American character ? Independence of thought word, opinion and even action?

Gone? In this past half century. With The Wind ? Of Political Correctness and The Pill? Which came first?

Then there is that other leetle statistic that only a Hercules would hve the courage, or recklessness, to notice. About mens' boycotting usual since tme began transactions for propogation of THEIR "selfish genes".

In the "Brave New World" of late 20th and ealrly 21st centuries "progressed" social transactions possible via sperm banks, ITV, and paid fetal carriers WHO needs a real live bossy woman for anything? Never satisfied with what she has but must have more and more. Of what SHE wants.

THE now accepted and desired social model designed by and for the "elite", the wealthy, the privileged, the "nobility". Who can, as they have always done, act on the "Harvard Law of Animal Behaviour".

OR what woman needs a man as actual material partner to process HER selfish genes?

Who would want OR dare to study - research - that OTHER "climate change" phenomenon the strange apparent increase in same sex social transactions across the board?

Could that be construed as one aspect of "strike" against the powers aligned against men, males?

And with that the society as she is known in process engineered for the past half century of "FUNDMENTAL TRANSFORMATION OF THE NATION"? OUTED with the present standard bearer, designed as beyond criticism being Savioiur / Messiah of the political agenda, for the Parties for trnasformation?

Another "teacjomg moment" that for every advantage there are disadvantages. Or there really is No free lunch.
46 weeks ago
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