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Dr. Helen

PJ Media’s new Freedom Academy

October 9th, 2013 - 6:21 am

You can see my book recommendations at PJ Media’s Freedom Academy here.

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You should have recommended your own book too Dr. Helen. It's only flaw is that it seeks redress by.appealing to the very institutions that.disenfranchised us. Men do.not supplicate for positions of power they sieze them! A neccessary catharsis to the wrongs to us men is that, alas, there must be killing. It is true that without the shedding of.blood their can be no forgiving.
It is my hope, that in the aftermath of a military defeat, will rise up and extirpate democracy. That standard bearer of mediocrity and mendacity. American men, the compliant slaves.of their women, must close their hearts to pity and claim the power that is rightfully theirs. Wage war against democracy. Not a war for victory but a war of extermination.
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