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Dr. Helen

Kurt Schlichter at Townhall: “The Royal Baby Is a Rejection of the Family Chaos Liberalism Feeds Upon”:

As Dr. Helen Smith observes in her terrific new book Men on Strike: Why Men Are Boycotting Marriage, Fatherhood, and the American Dream – and Why It Matters, government policy, the legal system and society have conspired to undercut marriage by making it unattractive to men. On the policy side, the welfare system has utterly cut men out of the picture by making their income unnecessary. Fathers are superfluous; for millions of Americans, government is their baby daddy.

Family courts are so tilted against men that when I was taking the Bar Exam, the joke about how to pass the family law question without studying was, “Give the kids to the mother.” Which I did, and I passed the first time.

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When women complain about not finding good men to date, ask them who do they think raised the overgrown boys they see. This is the world the feminists created.
36 weeks ago
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Nice article and I like a lot of Schlichter's stuff, but he's conspicuously ignoring the role of the Right in the decimation of marriage and the pedestaling of women.

The Right has walked in lockstep with the Left on 75% of Feminism's initiatives, from no-fault divorce to child custody to alimony to family courts to Vawa and the IMBRA.

Also, the Right's insistence on continuing to push chivalry has helped female supremacism continue unabated.

Lastly, I know of numerous Right-wing females who basically have the worldview of radical feminists besides abortion.

Schlichter, and other influencers on the Right starting to "get it" still have many, many more bitter pills to swallow before I will believe they genuinely want to be allies of men.
37 weeks ago
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indeed, the right wing will scream loudest about how men need to "man up" and stop playing those childish juvenile video games or throw away their comic books and get some adult responsibilities like a wife and children.

until it comes to the subject of belief in god, of course. childish superstition is perfectly fine for them, but video games crosses the line.
37 weeks ago
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I think Schlichter is on to something.

I posted on another site the thought that, it's a baby; anyone that isn't tickled to see a healthy new baby really needs to take his soul out and give it a good inspection.

Sure enough, at least one commenter promptly told the world that the shoe fits.
37 weeks ago
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